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Please consider donating to @tarsius , author / maintainer of many #emacs packages, most notably #magit and the transient library.

I learned today that the donations are his primary income, allowing him to work on these packages. Due to a policy change at Github, sponsors via Paypal will no longer be accepted, meaning a sudden drop of income. So especially if you already donated, please check if it's possible to continue your support through other channels, like a creditcard or a platform such as @Liberapay .

Reddit thread:

📱 I've tagged version 0.1.0 of (a daemon to handle audio, haptic and led feedback on e.g. when using (but not limited to) :

Along with that goes feedbackd-device-themes:


@calebccff we do that in a somewhat drastic way in since some time: which is a great help in summer.

Making that more nuanced is on (ever so long TODO) list.

@Alexmitter The source repo has packaging information and the CI files describe how to invoke those. That should be sufficient to build packages (maybe disabling tests for the time being on those WIP branches). Without any command invocations and error messages I can't tell what's going wrong for you when trying to build those.

I felt a bit bad since I didn't show 's overview in the above (which was totally broken at that point). So I did a quick stab yesterday to hack the missing bits in. It's usable now (still mostly a hack to get into the design discussion with @purism 's designers):

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@me did dbus-run-session as mentioned above help you? If so I'd be happy to add that to the invocations.

Glad you like it! You can wrap the phosh start in it's own dbus session (dbus-run-session) to avoid phosh grabbing e.g. the media keys handling. I run phosh nested in phosh and that grabs back the media keys after the nested phosh ends, so should your DE.

A short introduction on how to use your desktop system for development using a nested session (and without having to compile anything):

This is planned to have follow up parts, let's see how this works out.

@Alexmitter @francois So far mostly removing backgrounds from CSS, and adjusting background stretching. The overview will need more work (as this was mostly for checking feasability)

Bit of a an odd mood to today so wanted to check if I can brighten things up a bit by adding some color and transparency to . (Basically just a quick hack to see how the performance is on the and it's quite good). Background image by @francois .

NEW POST: Aino Corry looks at three ways that retrospectives can go wrong, and how to fix them

@linmob I like that photo to social media experiment. What I usually do is:

- take photo in millipixels
- open it (opens eog which can rotate)
- mark the relevant area with gnome-screenshot and copy to clipboard
- paste into nheko / mastodon web client / ... (ctrl-v)

Still way to many steps but works rather quickly and one doesn't need to fiddle with image sizes.

@subins2000 Great! I have split out the varnam code into a separate completer in the meantime and made it use libvarnam (instead of the varnamc script): . (I won't do futher work here, I just wanted you to have a nicer example).

This should be simpler as a base for you to start.

@joshfowler Replacing a runing squeekboard doesn't work yet ( - replacing a running phosh-osk-stub with another phosh-osk-stub does though. To replace (temporarily) replace squeekboard you need to make sure sm.puri.OSK0.desktop invokes phosh-osk-stub, other by editing it, adding one to /usr/local/ or ~/.local/share/applications or (on Debian) by using `update-alternatives`:

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