A short introduction on how to use your desktop system for development using a nested session (and without having to compile anything):


This is planned to have follow up parts, let's see how this works out.

Followed this exciting tutorial and found that #phosh showed the control for #shortwave on my notebook playing a station.

Amazing how simple it is to adjust aspects of the appearance!

Side effect: after closing phoc and phosh the media keys on my keyboard didn't work anymore to mute/unmute or stop/start shortwave.

Thanks @agx@social.librem.one for that nice tutorial - looking forward to the next part!


Glad you like it! You can wrap the phosh start in it's own dbus session (dbus-run-session) to avoid phosh grabbing e.g. the media keys handling. I run phosh nested in phosh and that grabs back the media keys after the nested phosh ends, so should your DE.

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