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Obvious Firefox is the answer, but if you need a different engine at times, at least use a Debian-based Chromium...

From the latest upload to sid:
"disable/screen-ai-blob.patch: add patch to not register the ScreenAI component. Previously, if you opened a PDF and clicked "open in reader mode", it would download a binary blob to ~/.config/chromium/screen_ai/, and do OCR stuff (and who knows what else) in that opaque blob without warning you. We, uh, don't want that."

getting impatient for , so I went ahead and installed Trixie on my .

First impressions: it's nice that the Software application ACTUALLY WORKS. And it's Trixie so packages are quite up to date...

A few PureOS niceties are missing, eg the Usage app lacks the Thermals tab. No biggie here. Can't remember anything else off the top of my head.

I also went and tried out Plasma Mobile but it's a lot less polished than Phosh; easy to switch back and forth though!

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commit messages are not only a service to your fellow developers, they're also a service to your future self asking: "Why exactly did I change that back then?" (when the forge or gitlab instance with all the merge requests and discussions might be long gone).

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I never get tired of posting my phone running on the latest stable kernel. Props to @purism for doing all the hard work to maintain the #librem5 kernel and making it easy for @mobian to use it!

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@chiefgyk3d @purism

I've been using my with Purism's USB-C hub, and it's been working seamlessly with my existing office environment. It's been a good portable/inexpensive alternative to the LapDock while they're on backorder.

If anyone is wondering: the pic was not edited; every setting in was on auto except for focus. Not post processing beyond what is done by the default script. And no, not a pics come out this good!!

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That said, you don't need huge powerful but complex tools like or to make your photos look better. Imagine a simple to use app that lets you do basic stuff on the phone, like white balance or contrast correction, which could then take its time exporting at full res with all the heavy noise reduction algos without annoying the user while taking photos.

Does that sound like something you'd like to work on? 😁

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I was just sitting there minding my own business, watching the kids football game IFK Bergshamra - IF Brommapojkarna 6 earlier today, when suddenly this little fellow being landed on my knee.

hello little guy! Thanks for calmly posing and letting me move my within just a few cm!

Hah, indeed:

"You know why people hate the tech industry?

Because they’ve wedged themselves into everything (regardless of how much sense it makes), and made it suck more, in pursuit of glorious advertising profits."

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Rant: I am seriously sick of the "digital transformation" of everything. It's making every service, every form, every registration, WORSE, rather than improving processes that have been honed over decades and were working well up until now.

Can we undo this?!

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@julianfairfax @devrtz @agx @deedend

Flare is a third party client designed to run on

If you want to use on , are passionate about and know :

@schmiddionmobile would surely appreciate code contributions to fix some of the issues mentioned

Have a look at

Thanks to everyone working on the ecosystem (and by extension: a better world 🌈 )

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Librem 5 is now $999 (a $300 Savings)! Due primarily to the overwhelming demand for the Librem 5, we were able to lower our component costs and are now able to pass that savings onto new customers.

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When I read these I ALWAYS assume that the app can track something that the website can't and they WANT you to use the app for that reason.

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J'essaie d'avoir le #roaming avec #Freemobile sur un #librem5

Ma nano sim fonctionne bien en France mais dès que je passe en Suisse où se trouve mon employeur je n'arrive pas à basculer.

Est ce que quelqu'un a testé cela sur une autre zone frontalière avec ce téléphone ou même un autre ?

Reboost apprécié

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People think that "It's OK for people to just want technology to work" (which it is) is like saying "It's OK for people to not know things" (which it is). But to the extent that they're saying it to argue against technologists advocating for open technology, it's humanity-defeating and just a fucking strawman.

The technologists are complaining about abusive designs that manipulate people by making the path of least resistance the one that, for example, destroys the concept of privacy.

When you respond to that with "well not everybody needs to understand everything," What you're actually saying is "It's OK for people to be MANIPULATED into maintaining their ignorance."

These companies have worked very hard to create a culture where computers are magic boxes to most people, so the vast majority of users remain vulnerable. You're not countercultural for thinking that's a good thing. You're a fucking mark.

I liked these quotes:

> It's not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see.

> You invade my privacy, it's nothing. I try to get it back, it's a crime.

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