New blog post: Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (21/2024): Jolla Announcements and a release of Framebufferphone

Want to configure which hardware buttons unblank the screen of your 📱 with #phosh? Here's how (and submitting your changes upstream will fix it for others too):

#libinput #phoc #hwdb #udev

@AlexxandroiD Did you switch away from tinydm? tinydm's log are at ~/.local/state}/tinydm.log (see but no idea where gdm logs are on pmOS (no `journalctl`). Finding and inspectiong the log will likely tell more why the session fails.

@argv_minus_one I guess besides being lucky and getting a cheap used (or maybe never used because it didn't meet expectations) device there's little options atm. I hope prices go down as adoption grows.

Whenever I have to deal with on devices that formerly ran android I realize how super simple things like flashing and debugging are on the compared to that.

No odd partition schemes, no super sensitive boot loader that gives up on the first glitch. Just and if all else fails .

@paoloredaelli @luana @pavel 😃

Waydroid does run apk but I assume you need access to a smart card reader? Haven't tried that.

@paoloredaelli @luana @pavel At least for the L5 I can say there's lots of potential for improvements (leveraging the M4 core, suspend more, freeze background processes, …). There's limitations compared to the heavily mobile optimized SoCs of today but it should be possible to get into an o.k. state "out of the box".

Regarding CIE (e.g. cie-middleware) so looks like yet another a project for someone to pick up.

@debacle @luana @pavel Having organicMaps will be nice! 👍 There's also puremaps with osm scout server. Both are available as flatpaks (not as debs yet).

@luana @pavel Battery live is either short or (with suspend) the phone won't yet wake up on e.g. incoming Matrix/XMPP messages (but wakes up fine on e.g. incoming calls / SMS).

We have lots of things to make the user experience nicer on the phosh side and some gaps like e.g. Android Auto, Cellbroadcast support or nice BT integration but things make steady progress.

2️⃣ /2️⃣

@luana Using a 5 with (on based distros) since several years. All the common bits (phone calls, SMS, mobile data, GPS positioning, proximity and orientations sensors, leds, haptic feedback, cameras, …) etc work.

The app ecosystem (as mentioned in this thread) is growing and has nice options already. Camera usage has some quirks (userspace / app limitations) but there's 3A (thanks @pavel) so "point and shoot".

1️⃣ /2️⃣

@purism Nice you like the release but wouldn't it be better to boost rather than copy the message verbatim?

phosh 0.39.0 is out 🚀📱:

Some highlights:

- #phosh: folder support, night light quick setting
- #phoc: wakeup-key handling (to prevent accidental unblank)
- #squeekboard: New layout, lots of layout improvements
- mobile-settings: Allow to manage custom quick settings, allow to toggle whether to ignore hw keyboards, many new translations

Check out the full release notes at

#phosh #librem5 #pinephone #gtk #wlroots #gnome #linux #mobile #LinuxMobile

I needed bindings for an app to interact with to submit feedback. Here's the generated bindings for libfeedback in case someone else needs it too:

"Mobile-zombie-free zone" sign spotted at a playground in in recently.

Ironically that made me pick up my own phone to take this photo, acting like another of those infamous zombies. In my defense I did not actually enter the playground, so strictly speaking I did not violate the sanctity of the mobile-zombie-free zone. Also, the phone ( yay!) was back in pocket directly without further zombie-like behaviour. 🙂

#gmobile 0.2.0 is out 🚀 . This version adds the udev rules and first hwdb entries to mark keys and buttons as not unblanking the screen on press (like volume rockers or menu/back capacitive buttons).

phoc 0.39.0 will make use of this. We moved things into a library rather than phoc itself so other compositors can make use of it too.

#phosh #gnomemobile #udev #LinuxMobile

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