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Librem 14 laptops are now shipping within 10 days of your order. Kudos to our global teams, who have worked hard to smoothen the delivery times for Librem 14 and our other products down to a few days! Buy yours now 🎉

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Introducing: Fund Your App

Vote for the mobile phone apps you desire to see working on the phone!

"Fund Your App is a great way to show how far we have come with the Librem 5 and PureOS, it also allows people to vote on what is our app development priority."

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Introducing: Librem AweSIM

Unlimited cellular plan that works with the

- as a service
- A new phone number registered in Purism's name
- Unlimited talk / text / data
- No contracts, cancel anytime

All for just $99/month

Learn more:

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A Wildly Powerful, Privacy-Focused Linux Laptop Appears…

"Suffice to say it's a beast based around a six-core Intel Core i7-10710U (1.10 GHz, 4.70 GHz turbo boost) processor."


Learn more about the all-new Librem 14:

We project now that we will hit shipping parity (that point where a new order is fulfilled within our standard 10-business-day lead time) some time in June, and as a result we’ve reduced the lead time for new Librem 5 USA orders. Get the details⬇️

Our best seasonal sale on Librem 14 laptops is here. Use code L14SUMMER using this link and check out to get $100 off. Offer valid till June 15. We are shipping standard orders within 10 days. HURRY!

Did you know that outside of the app store, on idle devices, researchers have found both Android and iOS share plenty of private data with Google and Apple respectively, on average every 4.5 minutes? You don't have to choose between the "lesser evil". Read more about alternatives to Big Tech's privacy washing.

Reminder: L14 Summer Sale is on. Apply code L14SUMMER with the link below and check out your Librem 14 laptop order. Shipping standard orders within 10 days. And yes, we ship world wide (except to countries that are subject of trade sanctions imposed by USA)

No matter what OS or hardware you use, or how easy it is to use, you are going to need help with it at some point. This support is critical to the success of free software. Here is why it’s so important that we at Purism offer full support for free software on our hardware–it’s critical to free software succeeding and it’s been a critical part of how we approach our mission. Kudos to our support teams🙌 🎉

Librem 14 runs professional-grade animation software such as Krita and Blender to produce top quality animations. Take a look at this new creation by @francois inspired by @davidrevoy

🎉 HAPPY MONDAY! 🎉 If you have been planning to buy ultra-portable and secure laptop, you can save $100 during this summer sale. Use coupon L14SUMMER with this link

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Did you hear? The summer sale on Librem 14 is on. Share the promotion code L14SUMMER (to be used at checkout) and this link with your friends who are waiting to order their laptop, right now:

The last few decades have seen a dramatic increase in the depth and breadth of privacy invasions from Big Tech companies. If you care about your privacy, what should you do, right now?

SUMMER SALE on Librem 14! The laptop is built for those who want security or control and ownership of their hardware. With its ultra-portable and light form factor, the specifications are made for resource heavy workloads like running virtual machines, software development, gaming, video editing and animation. Plus the laptop is modularly made for upgradeability. The right choice for those who want a robust machine, with security-first principles. Get all the details ⬇️

Welcome summer!😎 The best time to order your Librem 14 laptop starts now, till June 15. The Summer Sale is here. Get $100 off when you check out with code L14SUMMER with this special link:

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have overcome a number supply chain and manufacturing challenges for the Librem 5 USA and have been steadily shipping through orders this Spring. It’s been really gratifying to hear all of the positive feedback from Librem 5 USA customers. We will continue to strive to improve the lead times!

The Librem 14 is our most secure laptop to date. We aim to make the Librem 14 as secure as possible out of the box for the widest range of customers. We also have a number of customers who face more extreme threats and are willing to trade some convenience for extra security. Those customers have sometimes asked us about which combination of options would make their Librem 14 order the most secure. Here is guidance from @kyle

AweSIM is cellular service that protects your privacy.
We offer 2 plans:

📌 AweSIM with unlimited talk, text, and data for $99/month.

📌 Librem SIMple: provides the same privacy protections, with a 1GB monthly data limit for $39/month

Both services are for the US, with roaming included within the US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. Works well with Librem 5 and Librem 5 USA. You can also use AweSIM or SIMple on other unlocked phones in the US.

Here is a look at the first 14” laptop designed to protect your digital life!
Ultra-portable workstation laptop that was designed chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect your rights to privacy, security, and freedom. Learn more:

Here is our experience creating a plug-and-play camera support on phones. Read the full post by Dorota Czaplejewicz

Upstreaming mainline support for the Librem 5: Sharing our report for Linux 5.17 summarizing the progress on phone and its development kit during the 5.18 development cycle.

9 differentiators we offer
1) social purpose corporation
2) transparency: we publish our code + schematics
3) security: you possess the keys for your personal information.
4) the deepest level of device security possible
5) PureOS for real convergence
6) support to the free software movement and the development of Linux by contributing the code we develop upstream
7) respect: user’s rights to customize+repair
8) durability and modular design
9) alternatives to big tech

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