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Introducing: Librem AweSIM

Unlimited cellular plan that works with the

- as a service
- A new phone number registered in Purism's name
- Unlimited talk / text / data
- No contracts, cancel anytime

All for just $99/month

Learn more:

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@xethos @devrtz thats why i keep my subscription. No wasted electronics, a steady payment and less a guilt feeling of 'donating' for a service.

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@julianfairfax @agx @deedend @devrtz @purism
okay, this might come as a shock, but electron is a f*** chrome-browser.

Had a project lately, where the developing party did not allow to use the dev-mode inside the electron based client.
well, QA as we are, we know packetsniffers and found the base-url.
From there it was just open chromium and use dev-tools...
so when people say the develop in, they mean they develop for google-chrome.

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@devrtz Honestly, this right here (your work included) is why I'm still considering picking up a Librem 5.

They're ex*pensive*, I absolutely do not need more electronics, and the L5 processor is slower than my PPP - which is already (to me) a viable daily carry.

But the only reason I can get away with using the PPP as my only phone is because of the work by Purism. So I should at some point pick one up.

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@devrtz Purism is doing the right thing by pricing their hardware to support software developers. With Red Hat beginning to pull support from the Linux desktop, we need another company that can fill the gap. @purism is our best hope today.

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@julianfairfax @deedend @devrtz @purism

Linux wasn't a "desktop" platform to begin with either so that argument doesn't make sense.

Linux is what we make out of it by contributing to the solution. The Linux kernel has the capability to run well on mobile. We have mobile shells and adaptive toolkits and devices that can run them well. We need to continue to grow the app ecosystem and work on infrastructure bits sure but this very thread proves that this is happening at a nice pace.

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@devrtz @julianfairfax @agx @deedend @purism @tbernard well we certainly extend our warmest invitation to anyone wishing to package Flare, Pipeline, or Railway for Debian, or any another distribution!

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@devrtz @agx @deedend @purism @schmiddionmobile the biggest thing you (or anyone else) can do for Flare, is to get more developers to take a look it.

I'm sure the issues with Flare and with presage (these two being the biggest) can be fixed, but both have few developers with limited time.

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@deedend @devrtz @purism Australia is big but I know there's folks there with Librem 5s so maybe a meetup style thing is possible at one point.

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@agx @deedend @devrtz @purism
I have been daily driving mine since February of this year. Before that, I daily drove the PPP for a year and before that I daily drove the PP for a year.
The was a major step up in quality and usability from day one. I loved my pinephones, but I don't think that I could go back to them.

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@deedend @devrtz @purism I encourage everyone to try PureOS on the Librem 5 to judge daily usability of the Librem 5 and if it's "the time yet".

One shouldn't draw that conclusion by looking at other devices (running other distros).

A single missing one line line patch or broken driver can considerably mess up daily usability.

Save up to $300 on the secure Liberty Phone by Purism when bundled with private cellular service by AweSIM.

Secure, Private, plus No Surveillance and Data Mining by Big Tech.

Manufactured with Made in the U.S. Electonics!

Secure and Private PureOS Supports Smartphones, Tablet PCs, Laptops, and Servers Manufactured by Purism!

Looking to break free of Big Tech's predatory surveillance business practices?

If so, check out The Librem 5 and Liberty Smartphones by Purism:

The Librem 11 Tablet PC Featuring Security, Privacy, And No Surveillance Or Data Mining From Big Tech, The Way Computing Should Be!

Watch this video featuring the Librem 11 tablet PC supported by PureOS designed to support security and privacy.

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@purism @agx It runs so well on this! It never misses a frame! Whoever made the rendering of the top and bottom drawers, let them know they did a great job. Literally all other apps have choppy irregular low FPS, but the #Phosh UI is super smooth.

I always thought it would be too heavy, but nope. Not at all.

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So my spouses iPhone has stopped receiving calls, and is seems that when she calls folks, it goes straight to voicemail. So naturally, I joined Apple's community Matrix channel and their devs helped to fix the problem.

No wait sorry, that's what I do with @purism when my #librem5 has issues (which for the record, it makes and receives calls/SMS/MMS just fine).

What will likely happen is a perfectly good phone goes in the trash because of some software bug.

The Librem 5 Smartphone from Purism- Private, Secure, And No Surveillance From Big Tech, The Way Telecommunications And Computing Should Be!

Now you can save up to $400 dollars on the secure Librem 5 smartphone when bundled with AweSIM private voice and data service!

By purchasing a Librem 5 smartphone, you can take back your privacy, plus your personal and business information, which by the way, is your valuable property to begin with.

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Breaking the phone you plan to demo with is always fun.

Fixing it, even more so!
Just need a keyboard and run 1 command.

2 hours to go

I'm a bit concerned about the frequent power losses at the hotel though :D

I'll add image descriptions later, need to work on my slides :P
and need to go for a swim!

#DebConf23 #Debian #MobileLinux #phosh #gnome

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Doing my initial tinkering of the @purism Librem 5 phone and WOW. I am impressed it’s truly full #Linux I just installed @element using apt out the box. Their official instructions! Taking the phone apart as well and thoroughly impressed
#cellphone #infosec #cybersecurity #review #privacy

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