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Librem 14 laptops are now shipping within 10 days of your order. Kudos to our global teams, who have worked hard to smoothen the delivery times for Librem 14 and our other products down to a few days! Buy yours now 🎉

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Introducing: Fund Your App

Vote for the mobile phone apps you desire to see working on the phone!

"Fund Your App is a great way to show how far we have come with the Librem 5 and PureOS, it also allows people to vote on what is our app development priority."

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Introducing: Librem AweSIM

Unlimited cellular plan that works with the

- as a service
- A new phone number registered in Purism's name
- Unlimited talk / text / data
- No contracts, cancel anytime

All for just $99/month

Learn more:

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A Wildly Powerful, Privacy-Focused Linux Laptop Appears…

"Suffice to say it's a beast based around a six-core Intel Core i7-10710U (1.10 GHz, 4.70 GHz turbo boost) processor."


Learn more about the all-new Librem 14:

🎁 Score $100 off this holiday season on your order for Librem 5 USA. With the holiday season in full swing, this is a great gift for any one in your family concerned about secure supply chain or online privacy. Offer valid till 5 Dec 2022, so hurry!

Standard orders ship within 10 business days. 🚀

We are most thankful for you, our customers and supporters. It’s all our customers who support us to continue our Social Purpose. Each purchase allows us to fund not just the hardware and the team that prepares and ships it, but a more significant amount of that purchase goes directly to fund free software development🎉

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Imagine you could install any software on any device. The devices you own that don't receive updates anymore, or where you found out that the software is full of ads/tracking. You could replace it, maybe with a Linux distro like postmarketOS running mainline. These devices wouldn't need to be electronic waste. We signed @fsfe's #openletter to the EU to make this happen.

You can sign it, too!

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair #EWWR #FreeSoftware #LinuxMobile #UpcyclingAndroid

Hear from Todd Weaver (@todd), Purism’s CEO and Founder, featured in CNBC. In 2014 started Purism, a Social Purpose Company with a clear vision to respect freedom, security and privacy. Read how Purism is advancing Made in USA electronics➡️

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See our good friend and frequent guest, @kyle, discuss supply chain security in this CNBC piece on manufacturing consumer electronics in the USA. We're excited to see @purism in the news!

#security #supplyChain #infosec #manufacturing #electronics #hardware #phones #teamKyle

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I was interviewed about supply chain security (around 15 min mark) in a longer CNBC feature about manufacturing phones in the USA. In short, it's less about trust concerns with any particular country/govt., and more about reducing the links in the supply chain to reduce the opportunities to tamper with hardware.

Our Made-in-USA-electronics Librem 5 USA phone also got a number of shout-outs. Pretty neat!

"Purism is one American company that has been able to do what many are calling the impossible" CNBC's new video feature showing why Librem 5 USA- our Made in USA electronics phones really matter to USA and the world. The full video is up at

Over the past few weeks we have seen a massive shift away from a centralized, proprietary social media platform (Twitter) onto a decentralized, federated, open one (Mastodon) that along with a few other indicators points to the pendulum starting to swing back toward an interest in open protocols, networks, and technologies beyond social media.

Read this latest post by @kyle, President, Purism.

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After the dotcom bust 20 years ago, there was a shift away from attempts to turn the Internet into a portal owned by a single company (AOL, Yahoo, etc) using incompatible and proprietary tech, in favor of open standards.

This spawned a heydey for things like self-hosted blogs, RSS and XMPP powered by Linux. People rejected lock-in and embraced the benefits and freedom open standards brought. Even Big Tech embraced these standards.

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Tune in to our new episode! @katherined, @dsearls, @shawnp0wers, and @kyle discuss the ups, downs, and how-tos of using Mastodon amid Twitter's recent instability.
Visit the following link for full episode -

#Mastodon #socialMedia #Technology #Privacy #Podcast #newEpisode

Here is a wonderful offer for you and your friends, just in time for the holiday season ahead🎁

Use the coupon L14SALE22 when you check out to avail $200 off on your order Librem 14 laptop.

Usual fulfilment time is 10 business days, but if you can also request for Priority Orders for standard orders.

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Librem-EC 1.11 for the Librem 14 laptop includes several improvements targeting device stability and reliability.

Here is an update on what's improved ➡️

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We love freedom 3, the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. Boost this post to share the message with others! Plus watch our latest video about free software:

38 is looking at providing image For mobile devices.

The Phosh (Phone Shell) has been started by Purism.

We're happy to see broader adoption of the on 🚀

Lock in your year-end savings ➡️ $200 off on Librem 14 laptop.

And if you desire🎉 get your laptop shipped on priority by choosing the add-on.

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phosh 0.22.0 is out 🚀📱 :

A bit later than usual but with more style improvements, better battery indicator and more:

Check out the full release notes at



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I haven’t seen so many people so excited about a social network since the early days of Twitter.

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Just got #Mastodon setup on my @purism Librem14 with #QubesOS. I am liking #Whalebird as the local client personally. Yes this is basically my daily driver when I don’t use the Pop!_OS desktop and also what a bit more security. now to back it all up. #cybersecurity #linux

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