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I met someone else on campus who has a #librem5

I think this qualifies for the highest concentration of L5's/campus.

@martijnbraam I think things are just split a bit differently (e.g. `dpkg --set-selections`, `apt-mark auto`, etc). An upside of apk to me seems that you have *one* interface rather than dpkg, apt, apt-get, aptitude.

@martijnbraam If it's installation speed (and not download speed) and you don't care about integrity on e.g. power outages then `eatmydata apt <whatever>` might help.

@linmob @dos it's contained in l5-devscripts, which is actually tiny with very few dependencies. It *recommends* a lot of things to make developing for the l5 easier but that can be skipped, see apt-get --no-install-recommends ...). This is similar in spirit to Debian's devscripts package.

@linmob @dos Current millipixels main branch can be fetched (and installed) as a debian package using `l5-fetch-next millipixels`

phosh 0.25.2 is out 🚀📱:

This is a bugfix only release to fix a regression on the . is not affected . While at that we backport some fixes in . Thanks QC8086 and airtower for testing!

Check out the full release notes at


Today's new peak in peer review's abusive behavior: "You have been assigned to review a manuscript for [paywalled journal]", without asking. Not even the classic "invitation"/spam letter — direct assignment together with account creation on a review platform. I have the feeling my review is going to be [very] late…

and I can't post that there either since posting that fails to embed the image 😃

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That's a new way of awesome. When I use the regular web-ui ( I can't follow any links there anymore:

What branch namespaces are you using in your git based projects? I usually have

- backup/ with a git alias to create a ref from the currently checked out branch there so I can track progress over time

- debug/ for branches that end up with dbg enabled, additional prints, etc.

- <subproject>/ if work splits up into several branches of related topics

- applied/ to keep a ref of branches exactly as applied upstream when upstream uses mailing lists only workflow

- review/ for reviewing

@sherwood If a sensor is there you toggle between auto rotate and fixed rotation via long press. If no sensor is there fixed rotation is on by default. Nothing should have changed there.

@calebccff I'd say works as advertised if you only freeze the shell process. phosh/phoc/squeekboard should freeze together (but don't let them out in the cold for too long) ❄️ ☃️

@dos @joao @martijnbraam @calebccff ...and that although we're pretty generous regarding the amount of damage we submit and how often we recalc surface positions 🤐

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