I needed bindings for an app to interact with to submit feedback. Here's the generated bindings for libfeedback in case someone else needs it too:


I remember how nervous I was when (in early 2020) I went to the post office with my 📱 to drop off a 📦 and present the barcode on the phone. (Having previously scp'ed the pdf to the phone to show it in evince).

Would the 🔋 last? Would it overheat? Would the display stack hold? It worked.

Nowadays I don't spend a thought: Fill in the data on my laptop, save the pdf, have it synced automatically via to 's ticket-box folder and show it at the counter. ✅

I've tagged a new release of mobile-broadband-provider-info:


It has updated providers, support for mms attachment size and we switched the build system to meson.

Laptop died yesterday but thanks to the , the Baseus Dock, an HDMI Screen, a USB keyboard and 's docked mode I have access to most of the things via my phone.

helps a lot as that means I have my ssh keys available by just plugging it in.

Took me about 15min to notice that I didn't even plug a mouse in.

Forgot to add: toggling always-on-top will also get a visual indication in an upcoming release (likely 0.39.0).

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While we try to find a suitable place for the clock in phosh's top bar when notches are present (since 0.29.0) we didn't take rounded corners into account as most of the time the left and right padding would be enough.

With more devices like the and daisy showing up as being used with we need to care about that too:

With a bit of help from the next phosh-osk-stub release can (optionally) hide when a keyboard gets attached.

I have tagged version 0.1.0 of livi

It now supports (thanks to @rmader ) import and uses 's new graphics offload widget which can increase 🔋 life.

( is small video player targeting mobile device - but works on large screens too 😃 📼 📽️)

See gitlab.gnome.org/guidog/livi/-

I kept unlocking the 📱 a lot to check a cars charging status. Using 's launcher-box lockscreen-plugin and the LauncherEntry DBus protocol we can simplify that and have the information easily accessible:

Looks like spring is coming: just turned on automatic high contrast in for the first time this year.

If you're using in docked mode a lot and (like me) play videos while doing other things then upcoming changes in to have apps always-on-top and keybindings to move windows into screen corners might be helpful:

In case you want to support my work on and financially i've added some options to honk.sigxcpu.org/piki/donation

I finally resumed work on the MR that allows for a non solid background in 's overview. There still some lose ends, but it's progressing:

In order to not bore people interested in with my other ramblings/boosts (and the other way around) we've setup a dedicated account @phosh. It made it to >350 follows in not even two days which is great 🚀 thanks a lot for your interest!. 🤩

(I'll keep boosting phosh related things here for a little bit to ease the switch)

I've released version 0.0.6 of livi - the little video player for mobile: gitlab.gnome.org/guidog/livi/-

While this also adds a bunch of new features like language and subtitle selection it mostly moved things closer to the designs. We have a wide mode for docked/desktop mode now and autohiding of panels, etc.

phosh 0.35.1 is out 🚀📱:

This fixes the per-app feedback level selection in mobile settings (thanks to Teemu Ikonen). (No other changes in this point release).

Release notes are at phosh.mobi/releases/rel-0.35.1

Livi (a little video player for ) (but it also has a wide mode for convergent use now) will soon remember stream positions so it's easy to continue watching. Here's how it looks in :

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