That's a new way of awesome. When I use the regular web-ui ( I can't follow any links there anymore:

I felt a bit bad since I didn't show 's overview in the above (which was totally broken at that point). So I did a quick stab yesterday to hack the missing bits in. It's usable now (still mostly a hack to get into the design discussion with @purism 's designers):

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Bit of a an odd mood to today so wanted to check if I can brighten things up a bit by adding some color and transparency to . (Basically just a quick hack to see how the performance is on the and it's quite good). Background image by @francois .

phosh using that information to push the top panel down because there's a (simulated) notch:
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phoc rendering cutouts in nexted mode to simulate cutouts and rounded edges:

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Some progress to handle notches / cutouts of phones better in : I have a small lib that gets panel cutout / notch information as paths and can calculate a bounding box . can use it to render cutouts for debugging and can use it for layout (so far only to shift the panel down). (see follow up posts for more pictures).
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I somewhat revived 's --search-assistant for library documentation generated using gi-docgen (which thankfully more and more projects around switch to). This allows me to have quick doc access in again where I was only looking at an empty window before:

phosh 0.23.0 is out 🚀📱 :

There's a new lockscreen plugin to show emergency information by @kop316 , Plugins can now have preferences, we switched documentation to gi-docgen and there's more.

Check out the full release notes at


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I often use the same key combos in the terminal so I added a (configurable) shortcut bar on top of osk-stub's (pretty basic) terminal layout. Let' see how this works out.

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📱 Device maintainers and users (hopefully) rejoice: will soon support merging themes so you can e.g. chain up to the default theme and just replace the feedback for events you want to change. There's also a validator to check your changes (which is also used in CI).

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There can't be enough emojis 😎 :😃 😹 so I added a new widget (based on 's emoji chooser) to 's osk-stub:

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phosh-osk-stub will soon be able to turn on completion opportunistically: When the text-input has the "completion" hint set it's turned on, otherwise it defaults to off. E.g. it's disabled in 's search field but automatically switched on in the chat view :


This is osk-stub reusing the (not yet merged) completion code to talk to -anthy to input bits of . I mostly did that to see if the interface is flexible enough but it would be great to make this actually usable:


🚀📱 I've tagged version 0.0.1 of (a daemon to handle audio, haptic and led feedback on e.g. when using (but not limited to) .

There's still no API guarantees but having releases should make it a bit easier for distros than tracking git snapshots.

Thanks @devrtz for the fixes in this release!

I'm really good at making typos so I revisited the text-completion support in 's osk-stub and added a completer based on the library and trained it with a German text from @gutenberg_org and was surprised how well that works. 1/2

One can also set the "website" URL in twitters preferences to ones mastodon URL which then allows people to follow here easily by clicking on the link:

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Awesome to see lots of people move to .

Suggestion: Add the mammoth emoji (🦣) to your twitter name so people can see at a glance that you prefer over birdsite.

This allows people to join us here and unfollow on twitter to avoid seeing duplicate content.

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