While we try to find a suitable place for the clock in phosh's top bar when notches are present (since 0.29.0) we didn't take rounded corners into account as most of the time the left and right padding would be enough.

With more devices like the and daisy showing up as being used with we need to care about that too:

With a bit of help from the next phosh-osk-stub release can (optionally) hide when a keyboard gets attached.

I kept unlocking the 📱 a lot to check a cars charging status. Using 's launcher-box lockscreen-plugin and the LauncherEntry DBus protocol we can simplify that and have the information easily accessible:

If you're using in docked mode a lot and (like me) play videos while doing other things then upcoming changes in to have apps always-on-top and keybindings to move windows into screen corners might be helpful:

I finally resumed work on the MR that allows for a non solid background in 's overview. There still some lose ends, but it's progressing:

I've released version 0.0.6 of livi - the little video player for mobile: gitlab.gnome.org/guidog/livi/-

While this also adds a bunch of new features like language and subtitle selection it mostly moved things closer to the designs. We have a wide mode for docked/desktop mode now and autohiding of panels, etc.

Livi (a little video player for ) (but it also has a wide mode for convergent use now) will soon remember stream positions so it's easy to continue watching. Here's how it looks in :

I've released 0.0.5, a little video player mostly targeting mobile: gitlab.gnome.org/guidog/livi

Among other things we make better use of screen estate in landscape even when not fullscreen.

Every now and then people wonder how to replace 's on screen keyboard and what interfaces are needed. Here's some notes on that: phosh.mobi/posts/phosh-osk-int

phosh 0.34.1 is out 🚀📱:

This fixes two user visible regressions that crept into 0.34.0.

Check out the full release notes at phosh.mobi/releases/rel-0.34.1

He look, 🎅 just dropped 0.34.0 🚀 📱 . The bulk of things happened on the Wayland compositor side but the phone shell and other bits also got some improvements and fixes.

Check the detailed release notes at phosh.mobi/releases/rel-0.34.0

It's the small things. @rudraps@mastodon.social is working on a mobile-settings feature that requires touch drag and drop in a GtkFlowBox. That didn't work and as it turns out we need two small fixes in and a small fix in . With that we can also reorder OnScrenKeyboard shortcuts that way:

phosh 0.33.0 is out 🚀📱:

Allows to toggle password visibility on/off in all modal dialogs, new
🔒-screen plugin to launch tasks, improved support for Indic languages ➕ UI and troubleshooting tab improvements in mobile settings.

Check out the full release notes at phosh.mobi/releases/rel-0.33.0

I ever so often close the 🎵- player and when grabbing the 📱 I'd have to unlock it to just start the 🎵 player and then 🔒 the 📱 right away again (as there's controls on the 🔒-screen then anyway).

Hence I wrote a small plugin to add arbitrary "launchers" to the 🔒-screen via a desktop file.
This is very simplistic atm (as we e.g. don't track app-state) but gets the job done initially.

I only used it for that purpose but there's other potential use cases:

phosh 0.32.0 is out 🚀📱:

More fixes in and ➕ allows to reorder lock screen plugins (thanks gauthamx@mastodon.world) ➕ improvements in phosh-osk-stub's virtual-keyboard mode in non US layouts (e.g. for electron apps) and initial support for Malayalam.

Check out the full release notes at phosh.mobi/releases/rel-0.32.0


Had the need to charge an all electric Kia recently and guess what: both the charging stations app and the vendor's app are proprietary so how would I know when charging finished?

Turns out people around figured out the vendor API so I could use that to have a small app to monitor the charging status on my running

I had already disabled automatic HighContrast in but the last days were so ☀️ that I flipped it on again.

Thankfully this doesn't need any `gsettings set sm.puri.phosh automatic-high-contrast true` anymore but can be done conveniently in the mobile-setting's sensor panel added by @devrtz in 0.29.0.

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