are there any GTK4 apps that run on #LinuxMobile (Phosh) that DON'T have some UI bugs? Is it the framework? or?

@calebccff It's been a while since I used my Pinephone but if I remember right the Portfolio file manager was one of the best examples of a mobile GTK4 app. There definitely was that damn file picker which never quite worked but I think the major UI issues rn are issues with the apps not GTK itself.

@gamey hard disagree, apps like Spot look and feel excellent but are also broken in fundamental ways, behaviour in gtk4 apps is inconsistent across reboots, etc.. it's too widespread to just blame on ALL gtk mobile app developers for making buggy software

@calebccff There are some issues, for sure—e.g., not being able to enter text into some dialogs, because they disappear as soon as you type (which e.g. makes using Done ( impossible), IIRC that's a compositor issue on the Phosh side. That aside, I don't find GTK4 apps worse than others in general, but since I am not subscribed to Spotify lately I have no recent experience with Spot.

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