git-buildpackage 0.9.31 is out:

If you use --upstream-vcs-tag and have projects with repacked tarballs then this release should make this use case simpler (thanks to a patch by Richard Laager). There's some bugfixes as well.

I was shocked to find out that cl2vcs (a tool to map changelog entries to git commit) still uses 2 so I updated it to , fixed some things along the way and released version 0.0.5:

Here's how it longs like for multipath-tools:

git-buildpackage 0.9.29 is out

and landed in Debian and on . Changes are mostly to fix build issues in sid due to changes in dependencies but there's also some simplification for tracking upstream git and configuring pbuilder.

As this came up multiple times: phosh 0.20.0 currently requires GTK animations to be on:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations true

So if you (or your distro) turned it off please enable it before updating as otherwise you won't be able to use the overview.

I know animations are on by default in and so nothing to do there.


phosh 0.20.0~beta1 is out 🚀📱 :

Couple of days late due to Reunion in HH but here we go:

* swipe gestures on top and bottom bar
* quick settings and top bar on lock screen
* Revamp settings menu
* Lots of detail fixes

It's a beta since we want to put some final touches on gestures and top-bar to not regress (see

Check out the full release notes for details.


Heads up: phosh-osk-stub moved out of 's repo and to: as it acquired more and more cruft while debugging some (now fixed) touch input related issues in 4.

Mostly mentioning it here since some distros (such as ) used it in the past on architectures that had trouble building to fulfill session dependencies (which is not an issue anymore nowadays) so it can safely be dropped.

I gave a short talk about on mobile devices at the in Regensburg last weekend ( and I could present the slides using a with HDMI over usb-c connected to the presenter and phom ( as a virtual mouse. Needed some hacks still to e.g. bring up to exit full screen but I think we can make this work out of the box in the future.

I've tagged version 0.9.23 of git-buildpackage (a tool to maintain packages in repositories):

The release improves git-attributes handling and support.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release!

docked preparations: Get a encryted image for Byzantium:

- Get osk-sdl into . Sync with 's packaging and forward the fixes:
- Notice SDL2 is broken on mxsfb (, check current SDL2 hg works and use an older version for now that also works.

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Switched to (plus some hacks until i have all pakages uploaded) on my . That's way closer and it already works quite well:

's -runner package ( is just awesome. It builds it's own (matching) management container and can use Debian's packaged docker. No fiddling with 3rd party repos. Setup in 1 minute. 🚀

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