New phone who dis? It's real!
The #Librem5 is almost like the #PinePhone's big and slightly more specced up sibling - a Linux pocket computerbox bringing desktop covergence to a phone - and @purism has contributed most of the code that allows Gnome/Phosh/Linux on a phone to dynamically resize desktop apps. Happy to finally get mine and support this project! Purism got bodyslammed by supply chain issues during the pandemic and is now catching up on shipping ❤️ See

Thanks to your support and sharing, we just reached 75% of our fundraising goals to get our 2023 budget!

Thank you, it is so heart-warming 💖

There are 10 days left for the remaining 25%, we're confident 🤞!

💜 🧡 🧡 💜

Hear from Todd Weaver (@todd), Purism’s CEO and Founder, featured in CNBC. In 2014 started Purism, a Social Purpose Company with a clear vision to respect freedom, security and privacy. Read how Purism is advancing Made in USA electronics➡️

Join us next Tuesday (15/11) at 8PM UTC for our first #Kdenlive Café of the year. Besides the usual community feedback, we'll be sharing news about the fundraiser, 22.12 release and the roadmap for future versions. See ya! ☕️❤️

🚀📱 I've tagged version 0.0.1 of (a daemon to handle audio, haptic and led feedback on e.g. when using (but not limited to) .

There's still no API guarantees but having releases should make it a bit easier for distros than tracking git snapshots.

Thanks @devrtz for the fixes in this release!

We love freedom 3, the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. Boost this post to share the message with others! Plus watch our latest video about free software:

Weekly-ish recap: usability improvements in @GIMP, bugfix releases in @krita, new Ardour release, new features in Olive.

See here:

Featured #b3d artist Jamie Farrar Goldstein

Reflashing a borked BIOS chip on a @purism Librem 14 using a Librem 5: check.

phosh 0.22.0 is out 🚀📱 :

A bit later than usual but with more style improvements, better battery indicator and more:

Check out the full release notes at



I know I've teased this thing a million times by now, but I have a bit more progress on it. :) As well as a WIP MR (for libadwaita, not epiphany, though ephy changes are pretty small)

We love your artwork so much, we want to see it twice!

The August Inkscape Challenge is live.

Interested? Head over to the challenge page and post your entry. Multiple entries and chitchat are encouraged.

See you there!

#inkscapechallenge #artwithopensource

If you want to see me and some KDE developers discuss the need to get serious about building real platforms, check out this week's Open Tech Will Save Us stream, hosted by @thibaultamartin and @matrix.

Further reading:

Looks like macOS is finally switching to listboxes, but they're really not making things easy for themselves.

For some reason instead of sticking with the much more cohesive layout from the iPad they made everything slightly smaller, lower-contrast, and more convoluted...

Looking at this in comparison really makes me appreciate the work we put into Adwaita last year. Our listboxes are so much clearer and prettier.

Shoutout to @alex_m, @KekunPlazas, and everyone else who helped with that 🙌

Et hier soir @davidrevoy s'est payé le luxe de dessiner (avec #Krita 👌) sur les murs du châteaux.

Et même qu'il a dessiné… du Terry Prachett ! 🐢


We decided to do full-featured frame-by-frame animation for shot 013 of #peppercarrot episode 4. Here you can see how it looks on different stages. We used #Krita for making this #creativecommons #animation

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