This year #Kdenlive is participating in Season of KDE with two projects. Check out the progress of the students:

Implementing Multi-format Rendering:

Enabling editing of keyframe curves and advanced keyframe types:

#kde #sok #videoediting


With a bit of help from the next phosh-osk-stub release can (optionally) hide when a keyboard gets attached.

I've released 0.0.5, a little video player mostly targeting mobile:

Among other things we make better use of screen estate in landscape even when not fullscreen.

He look, 🎅 just dropped 0.34.0 🚀 📱 . The bulk of things happened on the Wayland compositor side but the phone shell and other bits also got some improvements and fixes.

Check the detailed release notes at

Here is the final video! It was entirely made with a Librem14 and some accessories featuring in the video (screens + tablet).

I used Free Software only: , and . 🎬

An old one, that I made some time ago for the with (3D + Animations) and (Editing + VFX)

A snapshot of the video that I am working on. This is just the first few seconds of the shot.

It was made with for the scene and for the TV effect.

The video will be out very soon! 🎬

Showing off my ad artwork ( of course 😉 )

And promoting the fact that there is a big sale on the Librem 5 until Dec 15th!

If you plan to buy a , use the coupon code!

Note that this particular image has not been color graded yet. I will have through the process of color grading the shot that is showing the color grading process 😜

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Working on a video to promote the by @purism. We have put together that setup to showcase some professional features of the laptop.

Yes, that is running on 3 screens! The perfect setup for VFX and color grading work! I love that software and I love that laptop! Both my daily drivers... and now with the big screens 😉

This video does a really good job answering a lot of the common questions by showing the various boot up screens and other common parts of the OS, great job with the video but also the device -- I'm liking mine a lot.

Meet the splash screen for the upcoming Blender 4.0!

🎨 Featuring artwork by Gaku Tada

#b3d #GreasePencil #DevFund

🚨 Breaking News 🚨

Thanks to the amazing work of MLT framework devs, next release of #kdenlive will come with new keyframe types (smooth natural and smooth tight) and easing modes:

phosh 0.32.0 is out 🚀📱:

More fixes in and ➕ allows to reorder lock screen plugins (thanks ➕ improvements in phosh-osk-stub's virtual-keyboard mode in non US layouts (e.g. for electron apps) and initial support for Malayalam.

Check out the full release notes at


Im impressed with the quality of the USBC charger and cable OOB, this is going to be an interesting few days.
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