6 cores, 12 threads, 2* M.2 drives + all the privacy and security features of a Librem laptop in such a great form factor...


I love the ! And making the visuals to promote it was like expressing my own excitement :)

Thanks @purism ! I am so proud to be part of this project.

Discover the Librem 15

- Fast Memory Galore: 8GB, up to 32GB, DDR4
- 15.6" 4K Matte Display
- Privacy Protected Chip By Chip
- Purism Kill Switches

Learn more: puri.sm/products/librem-15/

6 hours 7 minutes of idle time with modem on and fully reachable on Birch! That'd be about 10h for Dogwood's battery!

The only caveat: SD card reader needs to be disabled (for now). Power management comes together pretty nicely on the Librem 5! :)

That's how the Librem 5 performs with all the GPU acceleration in place :) @purism

A comic panel of the episode I'm working on (part.2 of the battlefield story arc), grayscale step and work-in-progress.
#krita #peppercarrot #webcomic #oc #creativecommons

Since i got this question recently: how can i help advancing and related projects *financially* (without buying a right away)? Simplest is to get a paid librem.one subscription (librem.one/) atm.

Just discovered Flatseal on Flathub: flathub.org/apps/details/com.g

Along with other gems like Lollipop, Fragments, Icon Library, Colour Palette, Bustle, I'm really enjoying the renaissance in GNOME app development that Flatpak and Flathub have ushered in.

#GNOME #Flatpak

I was fed up with getting email notifications from twitter because of logging in from Linux. After some researches to find out how to disable those notifications, I finally found a solution! I stopped using twitter :)

I am pretty proud I posted that link from Librem Social on my Librem 5 😊

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@gbryant thank you so much for the nice words about the videos I made for @purism. I am very flattered. There is another one in the series of real life usage that we released today.

Shortwave is a client to listen to internet radios, with a database over 25k radios. It is about to ship its first stable version!

How does it look like on mobile? Gorgeous already. Thanks a lot for the app @haeckerfelix!


I've collected some hacks from our kernel team and tested the idle time on battery on my Librem 5 Birch - got almost exactly 6 hours while staying at 38°C the whole time. Not that long ago it struggled to reach 3h and stay under 60°C - and they're not done yet! :D

The latest changes to hit the staging repo have dramatically increased my quality of life. First, Chatty now can use the haptic motor so I get vibration notifications w/ messages. Second, the top menu bar now features quick access to more settings.

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