More than ever, it is important to choose your tools wisely. Do not fall for gratis offers and what "everyone" is using. Check whether the applications and services actually empower or rather restrict you!
#freesoftware #ChooseWisely

Mainline support for the and the devkit is progressing:

There's more queued up in -next already for 5.7


The past weekend some members of the XMPP community gathered in Düsseldorf to work on the next iteration of the OMEMO End to End Encryption Specification. All of us agree that the result - version 0.4 of XEP-0384 - is a huge step forward and better than ever!

I really wanted to skip through songs easily on my when carrying it around, so i hacked up a simplistic media player widget for using the protocol (wip code, don't try this at home yet)

My patches for iio-sensor-proxy to support proximity sensors just got merged upstream: - thanks hadess !

The (mostly identical) code is already live on the with 0.2.0 making use of it.

@agx @dukethereal @purism Good to know it's already being worked on. Thanks a lot!

wlr-output-power-management finally made it into wlr-protocols: 🚀

Thanks @emersion
for finishing up the wlroots side.

This will allow to notice screen blanks and trigger them. Compositor part side already done:

0.2.0 got released:

featuring first quick settings (for battery, rotation and feedback), proximity sensor support and more ground work for better notifications and translation updates.


@agx @okias We plan to ditch gsound and just play the sounds using gstreamer. We can indeed have libfeedback upstream for GNOME 3.38 (it's a bit late for this cycle)

The next merge request will make cross the 1000 commit boundary:

$ git log --pretty=oneline | wc -l

Hello, World! The #fsfe wishes a happy "I love Free Software" Day to all #FreeSoftware users, developers, contributors and everyone else!

You are the ones who give us meaning and empower us day by day ❤️

Join us today and show your love on #IloveFS:

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