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As of todays -next ( you can run the without any additional patches using the default mainline arm64 . This means distributions can enable it without trouble from 5.12 onwards. The itself needs some more work but it builds a lot on what we have for the devkit.

Adaptive version of running on on the . This is still a work in progress, some issues still need to be solved before releasing this. But again; “hey it’s progress” :D.
Credits to @KekunPlazas fr his work on this.

Funding software innovation is a marathon, not a sprint. Read how we develop software in a sustainable way. Read more about how you can support this movement 👉

Spent the morning looking how much work the move of to / will be and it turned out better than expected.

Needed to stub out some dependencies (libcall-ui, gcr, libgnome-desktop) and hack back support for custom wayland surfaces into but with that things start to work and we can go widget by widget:

Thanks to @agx and @tbernard for helping me get seek buttons into #phosh! 🎉

Here's how it looks like from the lockscreen, see Guido's post for how it looks like in unlocked state:

Coming soon to a disto near you. And yes, all distros with Phosh, that's the great thing about upstreaming a feature! 😄

Improvements for those of us who run daily on their :
- the media player allows to skip in songs/podcasts (by @ollieparanoid)
- headphones show a different icon
- music player gets muted on headphone unplug

's CI pipeline can now take screenshots of some parts of the shell in different languages and link to these as parts of a merge request. This hopefully helps translators, designers and develpers to figure out more easily how things look in different languages:

I gave a short talk about on mobile devices at the in Regensburg last weekend ( and I could present the slides using a with HDMI over usb-c connected to the presenter and phom ( as a virtual mouse. Needed some hacks still to e.g. bring up to exit full screen but I think we can make this work out of the box in the future.

can leverage @exalm 's work on theme preferences to at least guess whether the system intends to use dark-mode and color the launch splash accordingly:

phosh 0.13.1 is out 🚀 :

Feedback quick setting cycles through all modes, "Close all" notifications button, improved encrypted media handling and fractional scaling improvements.

The #Debian Janitor now automatically produces updated packages with the latest upstream Git commit for about 8k out of the 30k packages in the archive. Instructions on how to add the apt repo and which packages are included at /

I decided to rework one little project I've worked on previously while I'm on vacation, as it's not a huge priority otherwise.

While it reuses parts of the old demo related to the transition, the grid is all new, sharing internals with AdwTabBar. As a result it has working DnD, even between overviews and tab bars. And no, its not GtkFlowBox nor GtkGridView.

Encrypted USB sticks are now automounted too in , no need to go via nautilus (thanks to GMountOperation):

...and you can swipe it away too in case you thing got stuck:

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Finally took the time to rework the splash screen code from January to get it closer to designs and to mergeable form:

Some folks have asked about making a spam blocker for the #Pinephone . I made one here for #Phosh:

If the contact is not in your contact list (or you added it as "Spam), it will automatically hang up.

Also, it has some user configuration options to allow 1) blocked numbers, 2) a caller through if they call twice within 10 seconds, or 3) A way to look for a subset of a number (e.g. an area code, a number prefix) and let that through.

Let me know what you think of it!

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