0.4.0 is out 🚀 :

window preview thumbnails (@dos), more quicksettings (@jspaerber@mastadon.social) and fixes in several areas. Check the changelog!


0.3.1 is out: source.puri.sm/Librem5/phosh/-

media-player widget, more haptic feedback, bug fixes, connectivity state indicator, development documentation usable via , more i18n. Thanks everyone who contributed to this release!


A quick hack to wire up the volume buttons in and so music listening becomes more of a breeze on @purism 's :

Our car radio does not do so after fixing up headphone detection in device tree and finishing 's mpris MediaPlayer2 interface i can now feed sound via a 3.5mm audio cable from my l5 to the car radio via and . Will show up on a near you soon.

libhandy 0.81.0 released, it is the second alpha to libhandy 1, and the 1st version to be available on GNOME's tarball repository: download.gnome.org/sources/lib

It offers many tiny improvements over 0.80.0.

Reminder, we now follow the GNOME 3.38 dev schedule: wiki.gnome.org/Schedule.

Missed call notifications coming to on the . With the persistent notifications in can use that to inform about missed calls:

🎉️ libhandy 0.80.0 is out!


This 1st alpha to the upcoming libhandy 1 offers free-form windows, swipeable decks, a cleaner and simpler API, vastly improved styling, and more!

See the migration documentation: honk.sigxcpu.org/projects/libh

As an alpha, it is not suitable for distribution, use it if you want to start porting your app to libhandy 1, but be aware its API and ABI *will* change before the 1st beta release.

0.3.0 is out: source.puri.sm/Librem5/phosh/-

Notifications can be persistent now thanks to zbrown, screen blanking/locking and haptic feedback are improved as is .


Since i got this question recently: how can i help advancing and related projects *financially* (without buying a right away)? Simplest is to get a paid librem.one subscription (librem.one/) atm.

's -runner package (packages.debian.org/bullseye/g) is just awesome. It builds it's own (matching) management container and can use Debian's packaged docker. No fiddling with 3rd party repos. Setup in 1 minute. 🚀

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