Til the GTK inspector has a env to set the display called GTK_INSPECTOR_DISPLAY.

Switched to (plus some hacks until i have all pakages uploaded) on my . That's way closer and it already works quite well:

0.4.4 is out 🚀 : source.puri.sm/Librem5/phosh/-

Besides lots of new translations and i18n improvements this release switches to libhandy 1.0 and makes the wwan signal strength indicator work for too (contributed by &t). We also expanded the developer docs (honk.sigxcpu.org/projects/phos) and @zbrown made some internal cleanups.


Less hacks when driving an external screen with the : you can see how the monitor picks up the video signal when the yellow led on the external screen turns to blue and the external mouse is detected when the cursor appears on 's lock screen in the upper left corner (and yes, i need better video equipment):

I can do screen recordings again, and now all kinds of DND should work with HdyTabBar, incl. dropping content like text onto tabs.

Heute ist #Warntag - Leider ist die Warnapp #NINA nicht als #FreieSoftware veröffentlicht, wir arbeiten für eine Öffnung.

Bis dahin kann man auf das inoffizielle Freie-Software-Projekt #FediNINA ausweichen:


@purism …and here's a quick Quake II demo using the docked via usb-c (audio is from L5's built in speaker) - might be a bit more exciting than running (which also works):

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Nour E-Din worked on the integration of EteSync with Evolution - GNOME’s suite for managing your emails, contacts, and schedule. EteSync allows you to synchronize Calendars, Contacts & Tasks securely across your devices. See how they did it by reading their final GSoC report!

libhandy 1.0.0 released. 🎉

We released it a bit in advance to let application maintainers update their submodules in time for the GNOME 3.38.0 release. 😀 That being said, we expect distros to ship libhandy as any other regular stable library. 😉


@purism And here's the connected to a usb-c hub that has a keyboard/mouse connected via usb and driving the external screen via dp-alt-mode. Needs some hacks still but we're getting there:

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Librem 5 Emulators and Controllers


"While the Librem 5 does support many actively developed games, it also has an impressive list of emulators that can be used."

With some work, mostly config tweaks and scaling, I got #openRCT2 running on my #librem5. There's still more experience "papercuts" with scrolling and placement, but still really neat that it works.

Big news: NLnet/NGI0 PET will fund the development of two new open hardware processor modules compatible with MNT Reform: An NXP LS1028A module developed in partnership with RBZ Embedded Logics and an FPGA module for prototyping with open CPU designs:

#DebConf20 is upon us: How to attend, Lightning Talks, Impress Improv, and Cheese and Wine at home lists.debian.org/debconf-annou

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