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As of todays -next ( you can run the without any additional patches using the default mainline arm64 . This means distributions can enable it without trouble from 5.12 onwards. The itself needs some more work but it builds a lot on what we have for the devkit.

Geary 43 branched, will be released in one or two weeks:
- Support for auto configuration (like Thunderbird)
- Reworked move/copy popover
- Fix an issue not marking all messages on server
- Fix "running in background" support
- More images loading options
- Fix contacts completion

In this issue we look into the software development of Librem 5 phone and of #Phosh, the popular graphical environment for Linux phones. And booths are back! We are happy to discuss #FreeSoftware in person again.

I finished a 5 part series on how to run an e-mail server in 2022 with all the DKIM/SPF/DMARC stuff working. It's not a simple HOWTO series, but it does explain all the moving parts. So if you're interested to learn a bit about modern e-mail - you're welcome! Starts here:

Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (35/2022): Phosh 0.21.0, postmarketOS 22.06.2 and progress reports on Kaidan and Nemo Mobile

Thanks for all the help with this iteration of this weekly update! :)
#PinePhone #PinePhonePro #Librem5

Calls 43.rc.0 was released 📲 🎉

Mainly bug fixes, but also a slight redesign (thanks to @snwh !) of the call display.

Read all about it @

#calls #librem5 @purism #gnome #mobile #linux #mobilelinux

phosh 0.21.0 is out 🚀📱 :

It was supposed to be bug fixes only but also got improved screen shot support and a (experimental) widget to show
upcoming events on the lock screen.

Check out the full release notes at


Thanks everyone! We had some Samsung Galaxy S3 devices mentioned in the phosh matrix channel recently as well.

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Today I am enjoying the beach!

Thanks to automatic high-contrast mode in #Phosh I can still waste time on the internet 😂

gsettings set sm.puri.phosh automatic-high-contrast true
to enable it, and you can also adjust the

gsettings set sm.puri.phosh automatic-high-contrast-threshold <number>

Thanks @agx for this useful feature!

Tomorrow begins #FrOSCon17
Please consider the COVID Rules:
* Please stay at home if you feel sick
* Please do a COVID Self-Test before
* If you're inside, please wear a mask (if you forgot your mask, we might have some to spare)
* Please get vaccinated, if not done yet.

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Well, finally figured out why #u-boot was not #reprooducible on arm64 and armhf when the build path varied between builds.

The debugging symbols have been embedding build paths since 2022.04~rc4.

Not sure if it was a packaging change, or an upstream change, but passing -ffile-prefix-map instead of -fmacro-prefix-map to the compiler, as well as passing --debug-prefix-map to the "as" generated assembly fixed it!

Time to submit upstream!


It is rainy here, so I can't actually test it yet, but I just updated phosh on my pinephone and set this on it also.
Great work from purism with this new phosh update!!!

Waydroid has never worked with GPU acceleration on the Librem 5 so far... time to change that!

As this came up multiple times: phosh 0.20.0 currently requires GTK animations to be on:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations true

So if you (or your distro) turned it off please enable it before updating as otherwise you won't be able to use the overview.

I know animations are on by default in and so nothing to do there.


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