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@purism I improved keyboard navigation in a bit so the becomes more fun to use when docked:

There will be another #XMPP #sprint upcoming weekend. The topic is on UX and features.

See more details here:

Starting a phone call from the terminal on a Birch. This call is to the good old "Fröken ur" speaking-clock service telling us the current time in Swedish. Fröken ur apparently existed since 1934 but it was not until 2020 that I learned how to call her from the terminal. 😃 Thanks @dos for the tip that xdg-open could be used in this way. @purism

... and here's the same from yesterday but on a .
For some reason chokes a little compared to the devkit. Patches are all out there now so everyone can build their own encrypted images.

-sdl changes are already merged upstream, thanks @craftyguy

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Based on @craftyguy 's -sdl work i added cryptsetup-initramfs support to the 's image-builder so one can build encrypted images too. There's more work needed for this to hit the factory floor but at least one can build own images with encryption once all is merged. The video shows the devkit since this a bit simpler to debug over serial:

0.6.0 is out 🚀 :

Besides more fixes for docked mode, the most visible change is @exalm 's work to close apps by swiping up. This needs 1.0.2.


I'm looking for help with QA reviews for changes by the #Debian Janitor. If you're interested in helping out, please join this team on salsa:

Librem 5 Laptop Mode

"The Librem 5 can now change from factors easily. Connect it to a powered USB-C dock to enable desktop mode. Or connect it to a laptop dock to turn your phone into a fully working laptop."

@agx @purism aha, ok, now I tried putting amber-phone-staging in my /etc/apt/sources.list file, and it works, now apt gives me phosh 0.5.1. Excellent. Thank you!

0.5.1 is out 🚀 :

This is mostly bugfixes over 0.5.1 plus translations updates but also enables docked mode for tablets thanks (thanks to Arnaud)


Getting on the to work is all over the stack (, , , , kernel, ...). Every piece wants a bit of attention somewhat like

Misc Developer News (#53): Archive rebuilds as a service, A link to other distros; Collaborators needed for derivatives census; crossgrader accepted into unstable; New Debian mailing lists: e-learning, Scheme, AI/ML, Xen; New IRC channel: #debian-ai; Lenovo discounts for Debian Developers

Just made my first mobile payment with my bank app straight from the Librem 5 - via Anbox. The last reason to occasionally boot an Android phone just went poof! :)

@agx @purism Things are moving fast, congratulations on the release 🚀

0.5.0 is out 🚀 :

This adds more keybindings, "docked mode" (for usage with external screen/mouse/keyboard) and more fixes with multiple screens.

You need recent 0.4.4, 1.10.0 and git master (or backported fixes) for this to work.


@purism I improved keyboard navigation in a bit so the becomes more fun to use when docked:

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