Bit of a an odd mood to today so wanted to check if I can brighten things up a bit by adding some color and transparency to . (Basically just a quick hack to see how the performance is on the and it's quite good). Background image by @francois .


I felt a bit bad since I didn't show 's overview in the above (which was totally broken at that point). So I did a quick stab yesterday to hack the missing bits in. It's usable now (still mostly a hack to get into the design discussion with @purism 's designers):

@agx pretty nice! my crystal ball predicts a new "manjaro phosh - transparency edition" release within the next 2 hours 😆


It looks really cool. My only nitpick is that my personal preference would be for the top and lower bar to remain opaque.

but again it is a personal preference. Awesome work.


@agx @purism Oh I so want a Librem 5! Can't wait until a little later this year!

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