Bit of a an odd mood to today so wanted to check if I can brighten things up a bit by adding some color and transparency to . (Basically just a quick hack to see how the performance is on the and it's quite good). Background image by @francois .

I felt a bit bad since I didn't show 's overview in the above (which was totally broken at that point). So I did a quick stab yesterday to hack the missing bits in. It's usable now (still mostly a hack to get into the design discussion with @purism 's designers):

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@agx @francois is this done just with CSS? If so, mind sharing your CSS?

@Alexmitter @francois So far mostly removing backgrounds from CSS, and adjusting background stretching. The overview will need more work (as this was mostly for checking feasability)

@agx Thank you Guido. I also saw the email you send me. Sorry I have to admit I seem to fail to build me a deb, would you mind sending me a deb build against bookworm if it is not too much effort for you?

@Alexmitter The source repo has packaging information and the CI files describe how to invoke those. That should be sufficient to build packages (maybe disabling tests for the time being on those WIP branches). Without any command invocations and error messages I can't tell what's going wrong for you when trying to build those.

@agx @francois Looks like a great start! I think seeing your wallpaper on the app launcher screen would be a great enhancement. It is kinda gloomy right now.

@agx @francois Looks beautiful. Honestly I would love to see this in mainline Phosh. This looks much closer to actual GNOME Shell Mobile and it gives more personality to Phosh (not just a black screen for overview menu and apps).

@agx pretty nice! my crystal ball predicts a new "manjaro phosh - transparency edition" release within the next 2 hours 😆


It looks really cool. My only nitpick is that my personal preference would be for the top and lower bar to remain opaque.

but again it is a personal preference. Awesome work.


@agx @purism Oh I so want a Librem 5! Can't wait until a little later this year!

@agx @francois Never understood why there was a black background for the first place. Thought "oh yea, this is just a prototype, will be fixed soon", well...

Anyway, good job mate!

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