I was getting really frustrated with my 3D printer. I had to print very hot (which caused stringing) or else it would jam. Turns out the PTFE tube inside the hot end had partially melted. I replaced it with an all-metal hot end and it's like I have a new printer.

My rug is done! This took about a month to complete on my rigid heddle loom. There are mistakes here and there but I learned a LOT along the way I will be able to apply to the next rug.

I'm proud to announce the release of #Squeekboard 1.16.0 . Squeekboard is part of the #phosh shell originally built for the #Librem5


phosh 0.15.0 is out 🚀 :

More improvements for every day use: Swipe notification frames, initial VPN support (indicator, authentication and quick setting), support for non-numeric password, first parts of a style refresh and more.

Check out the full release notes gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/p for details.

I spent quite a bit of this weekend because I was so close to finishing my first rug. Late last night I reached the end! The green rows are to hold the fringe until I can secure them off the loom. Now I just need to take it off the loom and perform finishing steps.

That wasn't so bad. The sensors were just completely covered in dirt. I gave them a quick cleaning and the Roomba is back in working order.

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I found the cutest little portable mechanical calculator at a thrift store today! This one was designed for adding Imperial length measurements (notice the fraction column and the column that goes to 11).

In Case anyone is curious,

@craftyguy and I successfully sent an encrypted MMS via gpg!

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Of course the yarn for my rug project would arrive the day after I start a different project. I'll have to figure out how I'm going to split my time.

Progress goes surprisingly fast on this loom considering the fine (fingering weight) yarn I'm using, and the fact it's my first time weaving on a floor loom.

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Getting started on my plaid scarf. This floor loom is really fun to use.

The MS/Activision deal makes sense now that universal DRM pieces are in place for Windows 11. Makes MS app store a more attractive platform. Goal is to lock computers down like smartphones w/ app store gateways in the name of security. puri.sm/posts/the-beat-of-a-di

Even with past object lessons like AOL, Yahoo!, Blackberry and MySpace, people still think that whatever tech is dominant now, will be dominant forever.

Inspired by the recent news of Canon bypassing toner DRM and Microsoft's Pluton chip, I wrote a piece that explores how DRM fits into plans to lock general-purpose computers down like printers and smartphones. puri.sm/posts/the-beat-of-a-di

Warping for my first project on my floor loom: a plaid scarf to match the tweed one I made my wife.

With some cleaning and some oiling, I was able to get it fully working.

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We'll see if I can get this working without taking it apart any further.

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