Imagine if you could file a digital restraining order against tech companies. If a creepy person follows you any time you leave your house, looks through your mail, and watches you from the street whenever you're at home, you can legally make them stop. Why not companies?

"The Federal Trade Commission unanimously voted Wednesday to pursue policies that will make it easier for people to repair their own things."

"Anonymized" location data, isn't. Catholic priest resigns after legally-obtained Grindr app data from a broker correlated location data with his and relatives' homes, his place of work, and gay bars.

I dislike when companies capitalize on incidents, so I usually publish my thoughts months later to avoid even the appearance. But folks asked us how @purism products fare against a Pegasus-like attack so I wrote about our overall spyware defense.

If you want to support an musician, buy their album and go to their shows. If you want to support a writer, buy their book. Speaking from personal experience, subscription services that let you use content w/o buying it (like streaming), rips off creators.

I should make clear that "something you are" factors have a place in authentication and an even bigger place in identification, and over time my opinions on where to use it has gotten more nuanced than can fit well on social media.

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This new razor shaves even better than the other one! I think I might be a convert...

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It's strange that we are solving the problem that people use the same passwords everywhere, by replacing passwords with unrevokable biometrics, that *have* to be the same everywhere to work.

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Biometrics aren't secrets. It seems like "a good quality infrared image of the target's face" is hard to get right now only because the tech isn't ubiquitous yet. Wait until every website the user logs into has a copy.

I haven't been on call in many years but when I was, my alert was the song Le Freak. It just came on inside a store and my sysadmin PTSD came flooding back.

My local thrift store is a gold mine! I dropped by there on a whim and found another Stahly live Blade with the original box. Last week we found a vintage ad for the razor online that I framed and will hang next to the sink. I bought this razor cheaper than the MSRP in the ad!

"Many eyes make bugs shallow" doesn't apply to security bugs. You need the *right* eyes auditing the code. Until then, backdoors like this can hide in plain sight.

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Searching around, I saw that podcast is also hosted at buzzsprout. May be the podcaster doesn't advertise it.

Link to the feed.
Buidl Crypto:

Direct url to the podcast episode.
Buidl Crypto: #12. Purism, privacy first tech that challenges big tech.

Buidl Crypto just published an long-form interview with me where I touch on just about every aspect of @purism. It's a great conversation, check it out here:

There are certain songs that are always dangerous if they come on the radio while you are driving because they make your foot... heavy. Mine's Jerry Was a Race Car Driver by Primus, what's yours?

I'm not a book nerd because I read The Iliad and Odyssey, and I'm not a book nerd because I'm about to read The Aeneid, and I'm not a book nerd because I picked the same translator (he's really good).

I'm a book nerd because I made sure all three books matched.

phoc 0.8.0 has been released, bringing a fix for idle inhibition of gtk4 apps and working mouse/touchpad configuration in gnome-control-center. Grab it from

But even in the US you'd have some measure of RISC.

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