McCarthy built such a machine in the `40s and `50s. Started with Communists, then Communist-leaning views, then Socialist views, eventually expanded to include homosexuality. Victims lost their jobs, were blacklisted from their industries.

Black Hat drama this week shows the risks in creating a machine/process w/ the power to censor a group for personal views. Always starts w/ dangerous/unsympathetic views, inevitably expands to censor other groups based on shakier grounds.

My dad died yesterday.

He was 65 and had become a hero to me. A few months back, when we almost lost my wife and newborn son, my dad came and stayed with us. He took care of my kids -- kept them fed and feeling loved -- while I was taking care of things in the hospitals.

He dropped everything for a month... to make sure he was there for me and our kids.

When I needed help more than any other time in my life... he was there. And he was amazing.

I love you, dad.

The skills and talent of the people I work with frequently amazes me. Like how our Design Director uses all free software tools to make our commercial:

@kyle Did this many years ago and have never regretted it. I have basically ruled out the option of flying altogether and now drive everywhere. Love being the master of my own schedule.

After a string of delayed/cancelled flights where I realized I could have gotten home sooner by car, I've made a personal rule that if driving is a real option, I take it. I bypass all the security theater, can pack what I want and am in control of my own departure times.

If only there was a Tech podcast / show that had...

- No Swearing (kid and work friendly)
- No personal attacks ("Be Excellent To Each Other")
- No political attacks (no matter who you vote for, we're friends)
- Lots of nerdy-ness (goofy and serious)

The Intercept is hiring a digital security specialist in NYC, if anyone is interested!

You’ll work directly with journalists on operational security issues related to securing devices, communicating with sources, protecting document sets, and collaborating securely. You'll also develop curriculum for and help run an internal digital security training program.

This is a union job. POC, people with disabilities, women, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

By the way, I know all of this because I've been handing out custom per-use email addresses for years. Makes it easy to find when someone sells you out.

Follow up: in the brief time that my email was in Square's system, they opted me into ads from a local merchant I used the card at a month before Square got my email. So I get to opt out of those now too...

I just wrote a post that talks about user empowerment and how that influences how @purism designs its products, from hardware to software to security to services to social:

In this free Linux Journal ebook, @kylerankin expounds on some of the lessons he's learned through the years that might be obvious to longtime sysadmins but may be news to someone just coming into this position. #devops #FOSS

In honor of another Open Core company moving to the Extinguish phase of Embrace/Extend/Extinguish for their code, here are some of my thoughts on Open Core:

To follow up, *some* Google sites are on the block list, but many more are on the unblock list. The complete list of blocked sites is here: and the list of sites they allow through is here:

Mozilla announced "Enhanced Tracking Protection" to protect people from tracking (, but if you check out the list of trackers, all Google trackers are still allowed through.

A new paper challenges the argument that invasive tracking of readers helps to support the publishing business. Publishers should reset their association with adtech and put their relationship with their readers first.

I paid a contractor w/ a credit card over the phone. I wanted a receipt, gave him an email. He uses Square, they linked that CC and email, now every purchase w/ that CC at a Square kiosk generates an email receipt. I have no account, how do I opt out/unlink?

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