Their two-factor implementation is a face palm.

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This whole write-up is great, but the Hackers-inspired video demoing the exploit just clinches it. Gold.

running on a . Credits go to the devs who have been working on enabling the cameras on the

How can you leave IMAP standing
Alone on a net that's so cold?
Maybe Evo's too demanding
Maybe it's just like Mozilla Tbird
Maybe you're just like UW
It's never what I've tried
Why do connections stay open?
This is what it sounds like
When dovecot cries.

OpenSnitch update: I've re-enabled it by default. After chatting with one of the developers I realized I was weighting its load way too much because I measured it while the screen was off and RAM was clocked way down. The latest version doesn't seem to cause a significant load.

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When butchering spare ribs St. Louis style, you separate the bottom section where the bones are from the top along a natural bend. There's a long, narrow flap of meat between them you remove that cooks hours before the rest and serves as a chef's snack (pictured on the right).

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Breaking in my new "BBQube" temperature controller on a few racks of St. Louis style pork spare ribs.

Tune in to our new episode! @katherined chats with Petros Koutoupis and @kyle about FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), the benefits of contributing to the projects you use, and why you should be a FOSS fan as well.
Click the following link for full episode -

#FOSS #openSource #internet #technology #podcast #newEpisode

In the process of setting up monitoring of various services my team is responsible for, I found myself back at references @kyle shared many years ago that hold up today. Here's a quick one on `sar` -

I have Raspberry Pis scattered around my house wired to my network performing various tasks (like controlling 3D printers). Since they are always on anyway, I'm turning some of them into WiFi APs to extend WiFi coverage where there is weak signal.

Since that article was written there's been additional research on using other sensors (ambient light, gyroscope, etc) for tracking, which is why we implemented lockdown mode in the Librem 5 so you have an option to turn it all off.

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This guide from Grugq is a great overview for phone privacy and applies even if you have a phone with hardware kill switches for the modem, or a user-swappable modem like in the Librem 5. While those things might make certain steps easier, you still have to keep all the correlation in mind.

Social media's stranglehold comes from lock-in, not network effects (network effects can be reversed with #interoperability. The important thing about a walled garden is the height of the walls, not the number of people locked inside them:

OpenSnitch update: I disabled it on my Librem 5 because it kept a CPU pretty busy at all times, even when idle. I'll keep checking new releases as they come out for improvements. Until then I'll enable it opportunistically whenever I need to increase defenses.

In case anyone wants to try out receiving MMS messages on their I just wrote down the steps needed for that here, still unofficial and hacky but it does work:

I just learned VLC in Linux can stream videos to a Chromecast. One more task my Librem 5 can take over from my old Android phone.

Keyboard purists: "Having a slightly smaller shift key on a laptop keyboard is a dealbreaker."

Also keyboard purists: "I remapped my caps lock to esc, and switched to modified dvorak in a week."

His lack of faith's disturbing me (and I)
I used the Force so he can't breathe (he can't breathe)
When he told you that I killed your dad, Obi Wan lied
I'm your father, join Dark Side.

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