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Time for an . I've been involved in and since the late `90s. My career started as a sysadmin, pivoting to security. I'm the President of @purism and work on hardware and software to protect , and freedom.

I've written a number of books ( and was a long-time columnist for Linux Journal magazine.

I have many hobbies including , refurbishing mechanical , , , and many other things.

I have finished all of the gifts I had planned to weave for this holiday season, which means the next project is completely up to me!

I think I'm actually going to try out the Brother knitting machine I got for free last month, but have been too busy weaving to set up.

New episode is out!

@dsearls and @katherined talk to @kyle about hardware supply chains, building the only USA-made mobile phone, trust, open standards, and much more. Full episode here:

#opensource #security #trust #openstandards #vendorLockin #podcast #NewEpisode

How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, FINALE 

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How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 17 

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I finished the scarf this weekend! I'm really pleased with how it turned out, to the point that I think I want to make another for myself (this one is a gift).

How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 16 

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You can see the pattern emerge on this fabric very quickly. Here is the first few inches of the scarf. Instead of just repeating the pattern throughout the full width, I extended the pattern on each edge to give it a one inch border on each side to frame the central pattern.

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Technical #weaving talk 

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We have a new homestead on the Fediverse. To borrow an analogy from @kyle, We're trying out our own tiny house. Let's see how this goes over here in our own space thanks to @mastohost #NewDigs

In the warp zone again. This time I'm making a black linen (warp) and black wool (weft) scarf. I'm using a standard "Ms and Ws" point draft twill pattern from Handweaver's Pattern Directory pg 90.

How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 15 

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How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 14 

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Police are showing up at the doors of protestors in China who have demonstrated against the lockdowns there. They tracked them down using their phones and their faces:

The Brewer's Advent calendar from Costco is a personal treat every holiday season. Each day there's a new obscure German beer I can't find locally. 23 more days of this!

My 3D printer has been busy making things small enough to fit in my son's advent calendar. For starters I went with tiny articulated snakes.

@kyle @socallinuxexpo What is the plan to ensure folks are paying attention in your talk for 2023? Gotta surpass this...

Whew, just under the radar but I managed to submit my @socallinuxexpo talks. If you are procrastinating like I did, you only have until TOMORROW to get your talks in!

How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 13 

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I've been trying to re-enable power management for the modem on the #librem5 running #postmarketOS, but was plagued by issues with the modem resetting immediately every time is suspended/resumed.

Once again, the product of hours of git bisecting and testing is a patch that's less than 1 word 😅

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