Pleased to report that all USB-C features offered by the Librem 14 work even when using Qubes OS.


I have way too much fun comparing hardware and software supply chain security to food supply chain security:

Why should you be excited about Librem 5 USA? The recipe for a Librem 5 calls for over 140 unique ingredients. And our Certified Hardware Electronics Fabrication Specialists (CHEFS) make sure that the supply chain for it is 100% transparent and secure. Learn more ➡️

Signal is one of the last things I use my old Android phone for. I've been trying out the latest axolotl Signal client on my and while it isn't feature complete and it's an Electron app, it's functional enough for the basic chatting I do that I don't need to go back.

org.Gtk.MountOperationHandler support coming to so you can open encrypted volumes with swipeable, modal dialogs


The key to making good coffee is consistency. Perform the same steps in the same order the same way every time. Not for flavor, but so you can make coffee before you've had coffee.

"We believe your phone should be your castle and that you should be in control of your own computer, not us and not any other vendor."

Librem 5 USA is shipping! "The smart phone retains the software security and privacy features of the Librem 5 while adding a transparent, secure supply chain with manufacturing in the USA.”

Huge news out of Washington state. King County, which includes Seattle and is home to Amazon and Microsoft, has voted to ban government use of face surveillance.

Before and during WW1 nations attempted to ban weapons that were too frightening or that gave one side an advantage, including dropping bombs from planes/blimps, firing from subs while underwater, and chemical weapons. Didn't work.

That scene in The Dark Knight where Batman turns everyone's cellphones into a massive surveillance network, was supposed to be a cautionary tale, not a project roadmap.

Every year or two around St. Patrick's Day I buy some extra corned beef when it's on sale and then later on I turn it into pastrami. It's a simple process: add a pepper and coriander rub, smoke it like any other brisket, and a few hours later you got pastrami.

It's been two weeks since my second vaccination, so we celebrated our immunity by eating *inside* a restaurant for the first time in a long time. It was weird but also amazing.

Something about this Epic lawsuit is causing some Apple users to notice the pot of water they are bathing in is getting hot.

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Couldn't have said it better myself: "Apple says it's protecting our security and privacy, but it has become clear that locking down our iPhones is also about controlling us so Apple can make more money."

Guest Blogger @ajmartinez has written up a great technical guide on how to use Qubes's advanced isolation features on his Librem 14 to manage and store GPG keys securely on a pair of Librem Keys.

As promised yesterday, here's a walkthrough on using Qubes OS disposable VMs, opensc, hybrid encryption, and USB security tokens (Librem Key) on my Librem 14 to create redundant hardware tokens from the encrypted backup of my GPG keyring:

None of this is groundbreaking, but these steps do not seem to exist in any one document that I could find so I wrote one.

You sometimes hear people say Linux (and by extension Open Source) "won" because of how ubiquitous it is in Android phones and IoT devices.

Yet today's release of Google's new OS Fuchsia on Nest devices points to a future where Linux is left behind. This is a future where the dominant OSes on devices are Fuchsia, iOS, and Windows.

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I remember when it seemed like the open chat standard XMPP "won" 15 years ago when Google Talk adopted it. It seemed like maybe the bad old days of proprietary chat protocols were over.

Google of course abandoned XMPP and later 5 or so other chat protocols. Today the messaging world is a mess of proprietary protocols and networks all reinventing the same wheels.

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