Maybe I'm oversimplifying, but to me if you only care whether something hurts you/yours, then admit it and move on, there's nothing to debate. If you *do* care whether you hurt others, then listen when they say they are hurt and try not to hurt them.

The conclusion that's stuck w/ me years after reading this piece on rich preppers isn't the excess, but the selfish, short-sightedness. If those people would invest the same resources into *improving* their society, they needn't worry about its collapse.

One of our hens has become rather progressive lately. Instead of standard hen clucking, she now crows like a rooster before laying an egg.

After 900 or so pages of building to this moment, I'm at the section in War and Peace where Moscow is evacuating and preparing to burn before Napoleon's arrival. It's a fascinating scene in history and equally interesting to read a fictionalized account. Great book.

In honor of the @purism launch I wrote a personal post to share my perspective as someone who backed the original Librem 13 crowdfunding campaign and still use it daily:

@kyle Congrats on the Librem 14 pre-release! Is it too early to buy Christmas presents for yourself? I think not.

Announcing the all-new Librem 14

A powerful 14" laptop in a 13" footprint

- Core i7-10710U (Comet Lake) Processor, 6 cores & 12 threads
- Up to 32GB DDR4 memory
- Output 4K Video to two displays

More about the Librem 14:

Am I the only one that's been using each country's (and in the US, also each state's) public health, economic, and social response to COVID-19 as a model to judge their overall competence and culture?

I finally put up our house numbers yesterday. But I chipped the paint behind them and noticed sun-cracked paint all along the front. So today I scraped and repainted the front of the house.

A data broker used protestors' cell phone information without their knowledge to release demographic estimates of recent protests against police violence. This is a huge invasion of privacy and yet another reason why we need robust data protection laws.

Many people either don't know how masks work, or don't care. I observe so many masks below noses or even hanging from chins. Unless this makes it mandatory to wear masks *correctly* I don't know if it will have the hoped-for impact.

I'm testing a Librem Mini and comparing it to my SBC home servers (RPi4 and Odroid XU4). All have gig interfaces, but downloading an iso over my gigabit Internet shows massive differences: Mini (~107MByte/s), the others (25MByte/s).

Much respect to hairdressers. After studying an hour or two of tutorials I spent about two hours cutting my son's hair only to end up with a Dumb-and-Dumber-esque bowl cut.

If you're a protester, consider taking actions like switching your phone to airplane mode or leaving it home altogether.

Protesters and journalists covering protests have different threat models. The good news is we have advice for both. First, if you're a reporter on the ground, here are some tech tips.

Last week I was a guest on FLOSSWeekly where I talked about @purism, balancing security with freedom, the Librem 5, and culture clashes in . Check it out:

I've joked about printing in Linux for 20 years, but I just got a portable printer for (Canon Pixma iP110) and it was literally plug and play. I connected printer USB to my laptop, it auto-detected/configured it, and prompted to print a test page which worked perfectly.

The announcement that the DEA was authorized to conduct covert surveillance on protestors got me thinking about how one could protect oneself against that kind of mass surveillance. In this post I give a quick overview of Stingray technology, the implications of its use at a protest, how aerial stingrays (“dirtboxes”) extends its mass-surveillance capabilities, and how the Librem 5’s hardware kill switches give you control over where, when and how you are surveilled.

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