Customers are asking us about the recent GRUB2 vulnerability so I wrote a quick post explaining how it works and why @purism hardware isn't affected. For even more details, check out Dan Goodin's excellent Ars Technica article I link in my post.

I just wrote a blog post for @purism to share my thoughts (and excitement) about the Librem 14.

I haven't been that excited for a computer for years! It has almost everything that I am looking for in a laptop. I can't wait!

TikTok offers 3rd parties to audit their code to quiet concerns. Auditability, not just of TikTok w/ hand-picked regulators/experts, is critical for software we rely on. For real privacy and security, you want software w/ a license.

Librem 14 Adds Microphone Kill Switch Enhancements

"I’m pleased to announce another enhancement that will be in the Librem 14: the microphone kill switch will also kill microphones connected through the headphone jack"

We're just a grasshopper nation wondering why we can't have the same outcome as ant nations without putting in the work.

I appreciate this view might seem radical to some. But I prefer people get my consent before posting pictures of me, and I'm extending the same courtesy to my child, recognizing he can't yet consent. I err on the side of not sharing, since you can't unring that bell.

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You don't own your child's persona. You are entrusted with protecting it. Their images belong to them, sharing them w/o consent (age of consent rules apply here) could harm their future when they take ownership of their permanent online record.

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I'm glad to see mainstream pieces on the issues behind sharing kid pics. I treat my child's online persona like a financial trust in his name: I am a trustee charged to manage/protect it until he is old enough to take ownership.

So now car companies will be faced with the choice of harvesting and selling our data, or leaving money on the table and facing shareholder wrath. Does @purism needs to make a car with hardware kill switches?

“But safety is only one attraction of in-cabin monitoring. The systems also hold huge potential for harvesting the kind of behavioral data that Google, Facebook, and other surveillance capitalists have exploited to target ads and influence purchasing habits.”

Apple may say it's doing something because of privacy or security, but it always comes back to control:

I'm excited to announce that our Librem 14 laptop will now feature BIOS and EC flash chip write protection via a dip switch on the motherboard:

I've been using a cheap repeater to boost Wifi in my van, but I just replaced it w/ a USB WiFi card w/ a weatherproof antenna mounted under my cellular booster. Inside it's connected to my RPi media PC and the onboard RPi WiFi is configured as an access point.

I discovered games work great on my as a Gnome Web local app with its own launcher icon. While I already had solitaire and other games, this adds games like cribbage that don't have a native Linux app.

Apple Has No Tolerance For Webcam Covers

"When we designed our Librem 5 phone from scratch, we made sure to add and expand our hardware kill switches to that hardware... you can control your cameras and microphone, WiFi and Bluetooth, and even the cellular modem with kill switches."

I'm moving up in the world: I just got a cold LinkedIn solicitation to start my own pizza franchise. What can I say? I'm just a straight shooter with upper management written all over me.

I finished War and Peace! What a surprise ending!

I did not expect it to end with a philosophical essay on the contrasting forces of necessity and free will and the impact of that conflict on the science of history as compared to harder sciences. This book has it all!

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