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At the #minidebconf in Hamburg last month I deliberately didn't bring my laptop and did all my packaging and light coding on the #librem5 using a #nexdock360.

While it did indeed get a bit hot during compilation, I enjoyed using #phosh in docked mode very much 🚀


Everything about ⁨⁩ this rug has been intimidating so far because of the giant scope of the project. For instance it took me almost four hours to wind the warp onto the warp beam. Threading the loom is next and it is equally daunting.

This model on Thingiverse for a Mason jar gumball machine was pretty simple to print and assemble and it works great. thingiverse.com/thing:5396111

Securus buys location data from one data broker (3Cinteractive) who bought it from another broker (LocationSmart) who bought it from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. This abuse of customer data is why we made AweSIM.

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Deputy US Marshal abused Securus phone tracking system to track personal contacts. Requested "all her [victim's] social media data, call history, text messages, and cell phone location data 24/7-365 without any restrictions". vice.com/en/article/k7bqew/us-

Tune in to our new episode! @katherined and @dsearls talk to @kyle of @purism about how to advertise without being creepy.
Visit the following link for full episode - reality2cast.com/114

#adTech #Security #Privacy #Technology #Podcast #newEpisode

This may not look like a rug, but it's the first step. The width and the density of the warp meant I had to measure out 1760 individual threads. The result after 5 1/2 hours was 10 warp chains ready to wind onto my loom. ⁨

TIL that Mutt is already 25 years years old. AAAND: It's got an awwwwwsome birthday picture: mutt.org/

I guess my habit of turning off WiFi/BT on my with the hardware kill switch when I leave the house isn't just good for battery life: gizmodo.com/bluetooth-tracking

My amazing wife gave me my anniversary present early! Check out the lines on this beautiful antique Willcox & Gibbs hand-cranked ⁨⁩ machine! It is in immaculate condition and sews well (and quietly). It is much smaller in person than you'd expect from pictures.

My next ⁨⁩ project is a ~3'x5' Rep weave rug. It will be the widest project I've done and will max out my loom's width. I had to buy more heddles to handle the 880 warp ends. I also had to convert the metric pattern to Imperial, and convert to the 5/2 cotton I'm using. ⁨

It was an phosh machine, it kept my data clean
It was the best Deb smartphone that I ever seen
It had M.2 Redpine, givin' me WiFis
Knockin' it out with a switch on the side
Using all free software, so the code could be shared
I wanted to GNOME, and it was already there
Cause the phone start shaking, suspend was waking
The call was taken, and devs were making it

And you, swiped it all night long
Yeah you, swiped it all night long.

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Someone in chat challenged me to write a parody based on swiping the "all night long". Challenge accepted:

phosh 0.20.0~beta1 is out 🚀📱 :

Couple of days late due to Reunion in HH but here we go:

* swipe gestures on top and bottom bar
* quick settings and top bar on lock screen
* Revamp settings menu
* Lots of detail fixes

It's a beta since we want to put some final touches on gestures and top-bar to not regress (see gitlab.gnome.org/groups/World/).

Check out the full release notes gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/p for details.


There is a saying: "Don't tie a knot when a bow will do." The idea of thinking through a process, and spending some time now to save more time later applies to so many areas of life.

To ship 4.0.4 pre-installed on @purism computers, I modified Anaconda scripts on our Qubes OEM installer to support changing passwords at first boot. It took *way* more effort than I expected to port these changes to Qubes 4.1. puri.sm/posts/qubes-4-1-now-av

Somehow, even after a lot of stirring, and waiting many minutes before eating my oatmeal, I still manage to burn my tongue in some minor way most days.

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