The announcement that the DEA was authorized to conduct covert surveillance on protestors got me thinking about how one could protect oneself against that kind of mass surveillance. In this post I give a quick overview of Stingray technology, the implications of its use at a protest, how aerial stingrays (“dirtboxes”) extends its mass-surveillance capabilities, and how the Librem 5’s hardware kill switches give you control over where, when and how you are surveilled.

Only earlier today I was defending DNS against claims that network problems are always DNS's fault, and now Amazon is down apparently due to DNS.

For a good quality Jitsi recording (better than the recording feature):

1. Use a beefy machine
2. Run camera to it
3. Run mic to it
4. Set resolution to 1920x1080 or 1280x720
4. Join Jitsi in *spit* Chrome & stream your video/audio
5. Use OBS to record screen and audio

Then, on a second machine: join Jitsi and run screen sharing on Firefox (far better quality).

Switch between camera and screen sharing either on the first machine or via a third machine.

*phew* :awesome:

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"People only dislike ads when they aren't relevant" is at best a myth, at worst a lie. People dislike *all* ads, but tolerate them. Given a choice between irrelevant ads w/ no tracking or highly relevant ads w/ extensive tracking, most would choose irrelevant ads.

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Even in a battle of wills w/ an 8-year-old, the key to breaking a standoff is to allow the other party to save face when they concede.

Bill aims to ban microtargeting of political ads. I'd argue the same reasoning to ban targeted manipulation for political ads should apply to *all* ads. The Internet (and society) would be much healither w/o microtargeting.

That's how the Librem 5 performs with all the GPU acceleration in place :) @purism

It's fun to be a dad, you get to give your kid the toys you wish you got on your own birthday.

I recently sat down with Brent Gervais for his Brunch with Brent show. We covered topics ranging from my history with @linuxjournal and @purism, safety razors, how ideals shape how I approach , and the current culture clash in the Linux community.

With Twitter and now Facebook legitimizing permanent remote work I suspect we'll see others follow suit with a strong impact on Bay Area economics. So much highly-paid talent only moved here because a tech job required it.

I can't believe it's already been six months since we announced our anti-interdiction services! This service has been full of surprises and in this post I talk about some of the things I've learned while painting laptops with glitter nail polish.

0.3.0 is out:

Notifications can be persistent now thanks to zbrown, screen blanking/locking and haptic feedback are improved as is .


Interesting conflict: some governments and health officials are upset with Google and Apple because they won't share the location data their contract tracing apps collect.

So please be careful out there, whatever your politics.

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Following -19 medical advice is a partisan issue in the US now. The virus is non-partisan, but if one party engages in riskier behavior resulting in more deaths among its members, recent elections have been close enough that it could impact the outcome in November.

@kyle This is one of my favorite things about the Librem 5 and is why I'm so excited to get one! :)

To the best of our knowledge, the is the only smartphone around with a OpenPGP smart card reader. In this post I talk about why that's such a big deal:

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