Just because you ordered an introductory book on horology, it does *not* mean you are taking up clock repair as a hobby... he tells himself...

I've almost completed half of the fabric for the tote. This picture shows all three stripes and gives a decent idea of what the tote will look like from the side. It will be narrower as I will make pattern-matched shoulder straps from each side. ⁨

After two false starts from trying out a temple for the first time, I'm making progress on fabric I'm going to sew into a tote. ⁨

Just installed -plugins on the : really cool!

After enabling it through the phosh-mobile-settings app I now can from the left edge of the screen to the right to get a calendar or a an overview of my upcoming events.

This has been common practice in some markets for a long time. My author copy of Ubuntu Hacks for the Indian market (English version) is much thinner than the original due to using cheaper paper to make the overall book less expensive for customers there. economist.com/britain/2022/09/

In this issue we look into the software development of Librem 5 phone and of #Phosh, the popular graphical environment for Linux phones. And booths are back! We are happy to discuss #FreeSoftware in person again.


This is a nice idea, but if you want to increase phone longevity and reduce e-waste, mandate software security updates for however long you mandate hardware repair. Otherwise anyone who cares about security will still throw away their 3-year-old phone. arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/0

“I think people are going to have to make a decision on whether we want [free technology and apps],” he said. “But we can’t have that and at the same time say, ‘I’m a private person, so you can’t look at any of that.’ That just seems crazy.”

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A very telling part of this story about police using Fog to access cell location data w/o a warrant is the prosecutor's assessment that giving up your is the trade-off for getting free apps. Aligns w/ Big Tech's view. apnews.com/article/technology-

Federal regulations require me to warn you that Waydroid on Librem 5... is looking pretty good!

Truck spills 150000 tomatoes on freeway, leaving a lot of catch-up for motorists and highway patrol. bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada

Fortunately I was able to save the food using the fridges in my camper van, which doubles as a general-purpose disaster response tool.

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Woke up to a room temp fridge, proper temp freezer. Had to empty everything and thaw out freezer as I suspected frost was stopping condensor fan. Sure enough a few hours of thawing fixed it.

I just purchased the 10 mAH from @purism and I thought it would be useful to show it's size compared to the #librem5 and #pinephone / #pinephonepro .

MUCH smaller than the one I have been carrying around!

Curiously, there is a microUSB port on the side, but it seems to charge from the front USB-C port just fine too.

If you collect and use vintage ⁨⁩ I recommend adding a Stahly live blade to your collection. Using a hand-cranked, clockwork vibrating razor seems weird at first, but each time mine come up in my rotation I get excellent shaves

I understand the security reasoning for the feature. I just also understand that cooling the secondary market with uncertainty about used phones is likely a stronger motivator for the feature than reducing theft.

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I tried to repurpose my deceased father's old phone into an audiobook player. I discovered Android's Factory Reset Protection in the process. How do you Android users put up with this? (I know how, you just buy a new phone.) Another phone going into e-waste...

Today I am enjoying the beach!

Thanks to automatic high-contrast mode in #Phosh I can still waste time on the internet 😂

gsettings set sm.puri.phosh automatic-high-contrast true
to enable it, and you can also adjust the

gsettings set sm.puri.phosh automatic-high-contrast-threshold <number>

Thanks @agx for this useful feature!

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