Last night I discovered I misinterpreted the pattern for a tartan I'm because it wasn't clear how the pattern repeats. There are 4 additional blue threads including in the warp. The end result will be fine, I doubt anyone will notice, but I'll always know it's wrong.

I put a piece of masking tape on my loom and wrote down the Forbes Tartan thread count so I could keep track. This project will require three complete passes.

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Whoever associated plaid with "ludicrous speed" wasn't a weaver.

Ownership isn't about possession, it's about control. When hackers "own" a computer, they don't physically have it, instead they compromised it so thoroughly that they have full remote control. If you physically have a computer, but someone else has control, they own it.

Omicron? Isn't that the a mobile-friendly fork of anacron that also wakes up the phone for scheduled cron jobs when suspended?

This is one reason why the shift from a trackpoint mouse to a touchpad wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be, even though I used to be as die-hard about it as other Thinkpad users. I just don't use the mouse that much in either case.

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I imagine folks that do everything from a web browser won't understand, but I can't stress how important keyboard-friendly UI is for speed. It's even more important with typing-heavy apps like chat. Every time my hand moves to a mouse it slows everything way down.

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I just discovered that at some point the Element Matrix client added keybindings to let you switch more easily to rooms with recent activity. This is an incredibly important feature to me (I try to avoid using my mouse) that's going to dramatically improve every work day.

I've crossed another milestone: I now have an account on the Scottish Tartans Authority so I can get accurate tartan threadcount information.

Now the scarf is off the loom and I just finished the edges. Now it just needs a hand wash and it will be done.

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Making progress on the scarf. This pattern calls for sparse spacing in the weft (6ppi) with a finer yarn and it's weird seeing these gaps. Apparently it all fills in when off the loom and washed.

This was after I had to undo half my warping work to center it, and tangled the yarn while rewinding it on the original skein. I spent at least an hour untangling and rewinding all 250 yards into a ball so it wouldn't tangle again.

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@purism My spouses #Librem14 just came in! This is one of the nicest laptops I have tried in a while. I am actually a little bit jealous of her now....maybe I need to get one for myself.

Chatty 5.0~beta is out!

This is the first Chatty released with integrated MMS support!

Pretty excited to start this book. I've found the quality of translation really matters and this most recent translation of We is supposed to be the best.

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