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I cannot be reached by direct messages to

is said to be disabled on @purism instance

I'm sorry if you ever tried to write me and I didn't answer. My matrix address is published in my profile

I started a discussion on the about this. Generally I like the way they offer the fediverse to their users (no timelines).

But I see a lot of potential in DMs for users that would like to accept them.

TIL there is a decentralized, federated fleamarket in the making, which I think is pretty cool!

I'm migrating from a #LibremKey to a #Nitrokey 3c. One OTP made it to my new Nitrokey and the rest still sits on the LibremKey. I updated my OS and installed the new #nitropy utility which can't handle the LibremKey.

#NitrokeyAuthenticator is still installed on my #Librem5 and while it is easy to use that way it is even easier from my desktop. Waypipe didn't work, but ssh librem5 NitrokeyAuthenticator -platform vnc opens an unprotected vnc port…

purism@pureos:~$ netstat -pnlt | grep Nitro (Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.) tcp6 0 0 :::5900 :::* LISTEN 2019/NitrokeyAuthen

…which I can connect to to get an otp before migrating it to the new token.


And after disconnecting the ssh session the application keeps running and still can be connected to.


Bye, bye eMMC of my #yunohost. After letting it run a night I removed the eMMC and still found it working.

I will keep the image some time - just in case…

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The #yunohost running this #microblogpub instance runs on a #RockPro64 in a #Pine64 nas case.

I started a year ago by installing it on an eMMC as a yunohost test, added two sata SSDs and now decided to simplify the setup by removing the eMMC boot medium.

Booting of the #SoftwareRaid configured on the SATA SSDs turned out to be less easy then I'd expected and I ended up preparing a #howto about doing this remote via ssh.


"Der Polizeipräsident Berlin, Polizeiliches Einsatz Training"

"Stand: 17.08.05"

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Sexuelle Gewalt 

And that was my story. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. And don't spend your holiday money in Austria, we suck.

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„Nur 5 % der Beschäftigten in Deutschland bekommen vom Arbeitgeber ein Auto gestellt, die allermeisten von ihnen Männer. Die Autos sind überdurchschnittlich motorisiert und stoßen entsprechend viele Abgase aus. Jährliche Kosten für den Steuerzahler: mehr als drei Milliarden Euro.“ Weg mit dem #Dienstwagenprivileg!!! #Verkehrswende

Fahrt ihr in #Göttingen Fahrrad?
Umfrage zur Fahrradfreundlichkeit in Göttingen (im Rahmen einer Bachelorarbeit), Dauer ca. 10 Minuten, Teilnahme wäre sehr nett:
#Fahrrad #Verkehrswende #Radfahren #FahrradBubble #StadtEntwicklung #Mobilitätswende #FahrradAlltag

Serial connection via breakout board to my #Librem5 using a μArt serial-usb adapter.

While waiting for some press-fit headers I'm using poor mans press fit connection with nylon string.


I love the unique warm, almost analog look of the Librem 5 camera!

The image processor is still a work in progress but I would love it to retain that look in a way or another.

I use a somewhat old sports watch (what a joke, it's 10y old and does seem to have stoped support for it). I use it offline by downloading its data to my Linux notebook. While on vacation I could do the same using the same software stack on my mobile phone: a .

Once in a a while I still get this feeling how amazing it is to have a small Linux computer in my pocket - even though it is already since more than a year my only mobile phone.

Letztes Jahr habe ich es nicht geschafft, aber dieses Jahr ist es fertig geworden: Unser #Gründach.

Inzwischen ist schon etwas Sedum über die Angelegenheit gewachsen.

#ShotOnLibrem5, bearbeitet mit #ImagePipe veröffentlicht in #microblogpub in #tangram

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