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I cannot be reached by direct messages to

is said to be disabled on @purism instance

I'm sorry if you ever tried to write me and I didn't answer. My matrix address is published in my profile

I started a discussion on the about this. Generally I like the way they offer the fediverse to their users (no timelines).

But I see a lot of potential in DMs for users that would like to accept them.

Hey #flohmarktys! Really, I sold the first thing on flohmarkt. It's new owner communicated with me through fediverse DMs.

My flohmarkt is running on a #sbc #Rock64Pro at the moment and my #yunohost exposes the https URL as a reverse-proxy using the app redirect.

This way my yunohost takes care of providing and renewing the Let's encrypt certificate. flohmarkt as an application connected to the #fediverse needs a trusted cert so the other fediverse instances can talk to it.

I'd like to get back my RockPro64 to have it ready for other purposes and started integration of flohmarkt into yunohost to move my flohmarkt onto the yunohost.

If you'd like to help testing your issues on codeberg are very welcome.

Let's make flohmarkt bigger so there'll be a lot more people to offering and looking for whatever information, help, goods someone might care to exchange with their fellow #flohmarktys! 🙃 😘

Need to upgrade. I thought I could wait for the first #yunohost integration of #flohmarkt, but there are still too many rough edges. Anybody wants to help with it (testing is very welcome also)?

yeah! images an inseraten sind in #flohmarkt jetzt auch editierbar. und ganz neu: auch löschbar (das gilt auch für den "neues inserat"-dialog)!

Chili Samen zu verschenken
Verschenke Samen für Chili CA13 Sipka Zitronen, Capsicum annuum. Knallgelbe Chili mit guter Freilandeignung und fruchtig-scharfem Aroma. Ich hatte die Chili letztes Jahr im Garten und es war eine tolle Ernte. Ich habe noch Samen übrig. :: This is a small ad on - Please respond with a direct/private message.


#OpenWRT + #Packetfence:

On an unencrypted registration SSID authorized a client through a portal page.

Then showed the client via dpsk (dynamic pre-shared key) provisioner login data for the encrypted SSID to connect to a network with internet access.

When the client connects to the unencrypted SSID it gets redirected to a portal to enter an email address (and possibly other data). Packetfence sends an email to a pre-configured address (owned by the sponsor) containing a link to approve the request for access.

The client waits on a portal html page for the sponsor to click the link. After the sponsor clicks the link to approve the request the clients web page reloads and shows the name of the encrypted SSID to connect to and a password for the connection.

Next step to accomplish: configure OpenWRT (hostapd) and Packetfence to allow the usage of the PSK to connect to the encrypted SSID.

BTW: Testing this I'm using #deskhop to switch seamlessly between my notebook and my #Librem5 which I use as a test client for the wifi connection to the OpenWRT access point.


Ab jetzt kann man „Männer, die die Welt verbrennen“ kaufen und darin lesen:
- Warum wir zu wenig gegen die #Klimakrise tun
- Wer daran Schuld ist
- Warum diese Leute im Grunde wissen, dass sie verlieren werden.

Ich verlose unter allen, die diesen Post teilen, ein Exemplar mit Widmung nach Wunsch.

When doing the #deskhop to share keyboard/mouse between my #Librem5 and my notebook on the Librem5 still the on-screen keyboard (#osk) keeps popping up and takes away part of the small screen.

This can be disabled through gsettings but doing so each time when I place the phone beside my notebook is tiresome.

So I recovered some old proof of concept I had made, tested it and packaged it:

switch-keyboard installs an #udev rule that triggers when an external keyboard is connected and disables the osk. On disconnect it re-enables the osk and there is an entry for the menu included to just toggle the keyboard on and off just in case you're left without #osk after disconnecting an external keyboard. guessed it already: It's a really cute hardware hack called the #deskhop.

Everything you need to know to build a #deskhop can be found in its repository.

The parts you'll need are easily found and the pcb can be manufactured using the provided files.

Or you could look for a complete set of parts on flohmarkt.

#Librem5 and notebook sharing the same keyboard and mouse.

Moving the mouse over the edge of the screen into the direction of the other device brings the mouse focus to the other device - just like moving the mouse between displays in a dual screen setup.

The keyboard focus follows. It is like a kvm that is controlled by the mouse position.

Let's #deskhop!


A decentral federated small advertisement platform

#flohmarkt provides its own http server that can be used stand-alone to show small ads that registered users may publish.

Registration works through the server itself and can be switched off (to run a server for e.g. only one person or only the persons that had been registered until that moment).

To register it's necessary to provide an email address to which a confirmation link is send.

Registered users can access a simple form to publish there small ads. The small ads can be looked at by anybody who is able to reach the website.

To communicate with someone who published a small ad the server hints to an unregistred user _"To answer this offer please log in or create an account. OR use another fediverse-account".

The small add visited turns out to be a note in the fediverse. It's url can be opened with your favourite fediverse client at the server you're already registered to. You then can boost the small ad like any other note you read.

Or you can use your account to answer the author of the small ad if - and only if - you mark your note as 'private' aka 'direct'. This way you can contact the person.

It's also possible to follow accounts on flohmarkt servers like any other account in the fediverse to get new small ads published by that account in your timeline.…

Looking for a #USBc #hub #OpenHardware design with the following features:

1 usb-c power in for a usb-c pd power supply
1 usb-c connector to connect to a device that consumes pd power (5V / 3A)
that connects to the other ports of the hub

2 usb-a ports powered from the hub to connect keyboard, mouse or a memory stick

If possible (would be extremely nice):

a third usb-c connection to connect some usb-c device like a smartcard reader, simple memory stick, etc. (wouldn't need pd)

Any suggestions?

Just registered an un-official #matrix room for #packetfence.!

Genossenschaften, die in Deutschland Ökostrom anbieten

Wenn ihr euch das irgendwie leisten könnt, dann wechselt bitte alle zu einer Energiegenossenschaft!

Hier pflege ich dazu eine Liste

Gerne nehme ich noch weitere Genossenschaften mit auf.

Nur so können wir als Gesellschaft die Kontrolle über unsere Energieversorgung zurückgewinnen.

Denn aus den Genossenschaften kann kein Kapital abgezogen werden.

Am besten werdet ihr auch gleich noch Genossen, dann könnt ihr sogar mit entscheiden, in welche Anlagen die Gewinne investiert werden.

Einige der Genossenschafte sind sogar schon hier im Fediverse angekommen:

This #PowerSupply just broke. It stopped working one day without smoke or smell.

It has been connected to a 12V lamp which it could dim. Beside being most times switched on and off by a switchable wall socket touching the lamp a short time switched the light also. Holding the lamps case made the lamp dim down, back up, down again and so on.

I'm not an electrical engineer, but I know some very basic of the parts I can find inside the device.

How would I go about trying to figure out why this thing stopped working and maybe repair it by exchanging some of its components?

flohmarkti: a specimen that is willing to install and test a pre-alpha software to run a small ad server that talks to the #fediverse via #activitypub.

Some flohmarktis are able to read #python and/or #javascript and some of those even can adjust existing code or even create new meaningful functions.

Some of them hang out on #flohmarkt* channel on #LiberaChat* where they exchange ideas, discuss code and just have a nice chat.

Most of them try already selling stuff on one of the running deployments.

All of them follow with great pleasure the fast development of #flohmarkt* towards its first release.

Bitcoin Wallet Keystone Essential
Hardware Wallet Keystone Essential für Bitcoin (und andere Kryptowährungen mit entsprechender Firmware). Für den Betrieb werden vier AAA-Akkus oder -Batterien benötigt. * Touchscreen * Kamera für QR-Codes * microSD Kartenleser Wenige Male benutzt :: This is a small ad on - Please respond with a direct/private message.
Bitcoin Wallet Coinkite Coldcard Mark 3 Rev C
Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Coinkite Coldcard Mark 3 Rev C * Mikro-USB-Anschluss * microSD Karteneinschub * Tastenfeld Wenig benutzt. :: This is a small ad on - Please respond with a direct/private message.
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