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I cannot be reached by direct messages to

is said to be disabled on @purism instance

I'm sorry if you ever tried to write me and I didn't answer. My matrix address is published in my profile

I started a discussion on the about this. Generally I like the way they offer the fediverse to their users (no timelines).

But I see a lot of potential in DMs for users that would like to accept them.

This is really a helpful life hack I read about somewhere: for temporary connections use nylon string to hold the pins to the holes in the pcb...

phosh 0.28.0 is out 🚀📱:

There's quality of life and visual improvements both in phone and docked mode.

Check the release notes for details:

@purism Now, 13 month later, the matte protection foil on my #Librem5 had to be replaced, because it started to come off in one corner.

This time I opted for the "Matte Lite" version of the ViaScreens screen protector. Installation went as smooth as the first time.

First impression: I like the "Matte Lite" version better, because it lets the screen appear brighter while still softening reflections.

Attached some pictures to give an impression of the difference.

Milo hat einen äußerst seltenen Gendefekt, das Angelman-Syndrom. Insbesondere geistig entwickelt er sich langsam.
Seine Eltern brauchen Geduld für viele kleine Schritte. Gleichzeitig haben sie Dauerstress – jahrelang. #37Grad

#Summer! 🙃 #TShirtTime.

I'm looking for nice shirts:

buying the shirt should ideally support a nice project
#fairtrade and #ecological
good cut - no ill-fitting sacks
#stylish - just #geeky doesn't do
#colorful - don't need more black&white


yellow shirt with bee
red shirt with repair slogan


💬 OK @tagesschau,

da Ihr nun hier im Fediverse seid, kann ich Euch eine alte Frage stellen, die ich vor Ewigkeiten per E-Mail gesendet habe und nur eine automatische Antwort bekam, dass Ihr nicht alle E-Mails beantworten könnt

Warum nutzt ihr bei der #tagesschau nicht die Karten von #OpenStreetMap?

Guten Morgen meine Damen und Herren, wir begrüßen Sie zur tagesschau!

Croatia through Librem 5's eye - photos taken on automatic settings, with interactive comparison between images straight out of Millipixels and those processed in darktable afterwards.

@nitrokey @chrichri @martijnbraam The problem is, your phone has the same binaries for izat as everyone with a qualcomm from Alcatel to ZTE. And it's OK,this is all part of Qcom SDK and unless you RE'ng all of it you must keep it in place so the phone works as a phone.But accusing others with something that their ODM provides when you are using the same stuff seems unethical.

These snaps are from the vendor partition in grapheneOS for the Sunfish (Pixel 4a)

@nitrokey @chrichri @martijnbraam And even if grapheneOS has them bundled but doesn't actually use them (which wouldn't make much sense but I don't have the hw),the point still stands.Complain about Qualcomm not being transparent enough, but don't talk shit about other phone makers when it's someone else who wrote that piece of software, just to scrap some sales, I'm sure you can find better ways to show your phone is better for privacy than others without resorting to articles written like that

A short #teaser of what I've been playing with lately. It's a screen recording of my #PureOS #Gnome desktop running on my #Librem14.

Sitting in front of my Librem14 is my #Librem5 pointing its camera at the notebooks screen...

Completely forget: I've tagged version 0.0.3 of μPlayer (a small video player using and targeting fullscreen landscape playback on mobile phones) the other day:

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