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I cannot be reached by direct messages to

is said to be disabled on @purism instance

I'm sorry if you ever tried to write me and I didn't answer. My matrix address is published in my profile

I started a discussion on the about this. Generally I like the way they offer the fediverse to their users (no timelines).

But I see a lot of potential in DMs for users that would like to accept them.

Uh, uh, trouble ahead: ein Computer lernt Videos von der verdeckten -Eingabe am ‍en zu verstehen und mit guter Wahrscheinlichkeit die eingegebenen Ziffern daraus zu erraten.

@ChrisWere It's always interesting that they choose not to compare the ethics of small community projects to those of billion-dollar corporations.

Most FOSS projects Ive used have taken privacy seriously and when Ive sent a change improving privacy, theyve accepted it. Compare this to google's CEO saying you should just have nothing to hide. The fact that a group of volunteers have more integrity than a billion dollar corporation is an indictment of the system.

Ross Anderson on
"Bugs in our pockets?"

"But ‘if you build it, they will come’. If device vendors are compelled to install remote , the demands will start to roll in. Who could possibly be so cold-hearted as to argue against the system being extended to search for missing children? Then President Xi will want to know who has photos of the Dalai Lama, or … copyright lawyers … rights. Our phones, … will be private no more; and we will all be less secure."

@SheDrivesMobility Na super, also ein glatter Anreiz möglichst viel E-Auto zu fahren = mehr Verkehr und Energieverbrauch.

»Zum Start der City-Maut im Jahr 2006 war die Maßnahme in Stockholm extrem unpopulär. Als alle sehen und erleben konnten, was sie bewirkt, änderte sich das.« Später fanden zwei von drei Bürgern die City-Maut gut. Jonas Eliasson - ehemaliger Leiter der Verkehrsbehörde Stockholm


Widerspruch nicht geduldet. So stellt es Bengel3 (2J) fest.

Vorbeifahrt auf dem Tandem an einem Grundstück auf dem Ziegen stehen - manchmal im Stall und manchmal draußen.

"Mäh" = Ziege
"da" = dort, anwensend


Mehr muss man dazu nicht sagen, auch wenn "Ziege" und Dreiwortsätze bereits in den Sprachgebrauch Einzug gehalten haben.

There are few things as satisfying as fixing something you are unfamiliar with by researching how it works and applying basic troubleshooting skills. In other news, the furnace works again (insufficent pilot light flame around the thermocouple).

Linux running on RISC-V on MNT RKX7! A completely* open computer down to the CPU gateware.

* the only wart is that it needs Vivado's synthesize/place+route tools to build the gateware source for Kintex-7

So far: It doesn't look too good.

nitrokey-app works fine on a desktop, but even with scale-to-fit it is not very useful on mobian: to generate an otp the tray icon has to be clicked...

nitrocli is well aged in mobian/debian and doesn't recognize my libremkey.

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Liebe Freund*innen,
ich habe gerade die Petition "Aufforderung an die FDP: Tempolimit 130 km/h akzeptieren" unterzeichnet und würde mich sehr freuen, wenn auch Ihr dieses Anliegen unterstützt. Je mehr Menschen mitmachen, desto größer ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass sie Erfolg hat. Bitte unterzeichnet hier die Petition:

Vielen Dank!

mental note to myself: it is not safe anymore to have my keys in on my . I started to login from the phone to places where I need the OTPs. Login and generating OTP (and thereby the seed of the OTP) should stay on different devices. Gotta look into using the for OTP and how I could use it on the pinephone also.

Ich schneide meine Zahnpastatube auf und kann so den Rest, den ich nicht herausdrücken kann, auch noch verbrauchen.

"Die Schwärmerei für die Natur kommt von der Unbewohnbarkeit der Städte."

(Bertolt Brecht)


@chrichri @dewomser Danke für die Links! Da hat sich jemand viel überlegt, um digital ein weisses Rauschen hinzubekommen.
Warum übrigens kommt mir beim Wort "entropy pool" nur immer "Kinderzimmer" in den Sinn? 🙂

Chicago » Newark » Chicago » Frankfurt » Chicago » Washington » Frankfurt

Two times crossing the atlantic?

Nice write-up about Linux hardware and notebooks, FOSS firmware, coreboot and a lot more by @amosbatto:

…"Only four companies (EmperorLinux, Purism, System76 and TUXEDO Computers) maintain their own custom distro and only two (EmperorLinux and Purism) do any kernel development.

People comparing Linux laptops from different companies often don’t consider these differences, and how they may effect the cost and the amount of time it takes to develop the product."…

@loke Signal is the perfect example of what we should avoid, of the type of “good” that’s an enemy of perfect.

The improvement over FB etc isn’t big enough since we are still beholden to one corporation, and
getting people to switch to Signal will make it harder to get them to switch to something else in the future. You only get so many “you should switch to such-and-such” per lifetime.

We’re painting ourselves into a corner by recommending Signal, Telegram, Discord. It breaks my heart every time I see them recommended.

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