After five years of helping to build hardware and software that protects people's privacy, security and freedom, at the end of the month I will no longer be at Purism (I'll still be helping out as an advisor).

For the near term, I plan to spend my time promoting my new book (coming very soon), writing yet another book, and thinking about what's next for my career.

If you have any suggestions for what I should do next, email me at (DMs are disabled on this instance).

That is a tremendous loss to Purism. They have a lot of good people, so I am sure that they will survive, but I also know that you did a lot of good work there.

@jlcrawf @kyle sorry but have to ditto that, as the President you set the right tone and direction of the company, good job :)

@kyle As a Purism customer, I'm sorry to see you leave, but glad to see you're still going to advise.

@kyle Sorry to hear that! But I'm glad you're staying as an advisor. Good luck with the book. When it is out I want a copy, it sounds interesting and like it could be very helpful to me!

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