My local thrift store is a gold mine! I dropped by there on a whim and found another Stahly live Blade with the original box. Last week we found a vintage ad for the razor online that I framed and will hang next to the sink. I bought this razor cheaper than the MSRP in the ad!

I'm not a book nerd because I read The Iliad and Odyssey, and I'm not a book nerd because I'm about to read The Aeneid, and I'm not a book nerd because I picked the same translator (he's really good).

I'm a book nerd because I made sure all three books matched.

I'd like to eat these, but I have to remind myself that I work in technology, where you must always keep currant.

Verdict: more of a mild skirmish than a bloodbath. Similar # of nicks as any time I use a brand new blade and fewer than I normally get when trying a new razor. Close, comfortable shave. Actually pleased with the results and looking forward to the next shave.

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Today's thrift store find: vintage Stahly "Live Blade" vibrating safety razor. After winding the base the razor vibrates for about 3 mins. These were made between the `40s and early `70s. Date code B stamped on head, guessing this is a later model as the head feels like aluminum.

Every year or two around St. Patrick's Day I buy some extra corned beef when it's on sale and then later on I turn it into pastrami. It's a simple process: add a pepper and coriander rub, smoke it like any other brisket, and a few hours later you got pastrami.

It's been two weeks since my second vaccination, so we celebrated our immunity by eating *inside* a restaurant for the first time in a long time. It was weird but also amazing.

I take fiction breaks between volumes of Durant. During my last break I re-read the Iliad (different translation), and read Oresteia, Moby Dick, Old Man and the Sea, Madame Bovary, 170 pgs of Ulysses, and Pale Fire.

It was a nice break, but now let's get back into it!

When butchering spare ribs St. Louis style, you separate the bottom section where the bones are from the top along a natural bend. There's a long, narrow flap of meat between them you remove that cooks hours before the rest and serves as a chef's snack (pictured on the right).

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Breaking in my new "BBQube" temperature controller on a few racks of St. Louis style pork spare ribs.

Testing out a generic 360 degree-style laptop dock, which seems to work pretty well with the Librem 5 out of the box!

Oh you know, just printing from my Librem 5 phone to a printer it automatically detected and configured over the local network. No big deal...

The first picture doesn't really capture the scale of this orange, but how about the fact that it can wear an N95 mask.

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We just picked a massive navel orange from our tree today. Normal-sized meyer lemon and quarter for scale.

The recent opensnitch packages seem to run well and fit on the Librem 5! Good use of scroll bars and other UI elements.

I attached a USB-C hub to my laptop dock using a flattened IKEA bracket and some 3M tape. Now I can easily use it and see both screens from my lap. A bit hacky but it works.

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