6. I would use my smart watch timer app for my coffee, so I replaced it with a kitchen timer clipped to my French Press.

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My big fat Greek reading list. (Actually almost finished with Durant, and this will be my second time reading The Iliad, but first time with Fagles translation.)

I took a nice break over the summer and did some light reading, but it's time to dive in to Volume II.

Check out the Halloween surprise I found underneath my sawhorse!

"1984 was a typo. 255-91-1755. That's me. I've been reduced to a series of digits. My Social Security number is in thousands of computers that buy and sell my life story."

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If you (like me) are watching for the 25th anniversary, you should check out the novelization! So amazing and with subtle differences from the film.

I can't overstate how influential Penny's computer book was on my ideals for computers: portable, always with you, flexible, extensible, easy to reconfigure/reprogram. It's why my first laptop was a Libretto and why my next personal computer will be a Librem 5 w/ a laptop dock.

I discovered cardgames.io games work great on my as a Gnome Web local app with its own launcher icon. While I already had solitaire and other games, this adds games like cribbage that don't have a native Linux app.

A post-tax-filing whiskey is a tradition around here. It works when it's a refund year but especially when it's not.

I'm digging the new boot splash screen that made it in the Dogwood PureOS release. I especially like the graphical feedback during system updates.

I'm testing a Librem Mini and comparing it to my SBC home servers (RPi4 and Odroid XU4). All have gig interfaces, but downloading an iso over my gigabit Internet shows massive differences: Mini (~107MByte/s), the others (25MByte/s).

It's fun to be a dad, you get to give your kid the toys you wish you got on your own birthday.

I transferred some of the Altbier to a 6L keg that fits inside my kitchen fridge and is pressurized using a CO2 canister. Three weeks from grain to glass.

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