New book! I'm reading Poisoner in Chief, about the `50s CIA MK-ULTRA mind-control program. It references a manual CIA commissioned Mulholland, a Houdini protégé, to write. It documented slight of hand techniques to deliver poisons, etc. All copies were thought destroyed until one surfaced a decade ago.

Step 1: Get in da choppah
Step 2: Get over da volcano
There is no step 3!

The very rare Goth sea turtle only visits beaches as black as its soul.

Today's antique store find: an Addiator Duplex mechanical computer!

They were made in Germany from 1920 to the 1980s (obsoleted by electronic calculators). This one is from the '50s or later, due to "West Germany" reference in the instructions.

My son successfully navigated my "MacGuyver obstacle course" featuring a lockpick set high out of reach, bomb-diffusing clues inside a padlocked bag, and a snap circuits "bomb" behind a locked bathroom door.

My copy of the Snowden memoir, Permanent Record arrived! Can't wait to dig into this tonight!

Look what arrived! Excited to read this book. While today fascism and the far right is the existential threat that justifies any means to eradicate, it wasn't always this way. 18 yrs ago today it was radical (and non-radical) Islam and in the 1950s it was communism and the far left. This book documents CIA studies into mind control to counter the communist threat that resulted in torture of US citizens, death, and countless other atrocities.

Marshmallow technique is important. Crisp, toasted (not burnt) outside, melted inside.

Check out my new pocket computer! Ok not exactly new, it's a Tasco Pocket Arithometer from the '40s.

My roots must run deep, because I just bought a corded jigsaw to avoid the vendor lock-in from the incompatible lithium ion battery systems in modern power tools.

Looking forward to in a few minutes. Green Music Center is always such a nice venue. It's like being inside of a classical guitar.

And we're back in California. What a difference a few states makes.

There's nothing like a road trip to show just how much we overpay for gasoline in California.

Today's office is brought to you by a lake outside of Lansing.

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