@kyle "If you can't fix it, you don't own it!." I applaud Purism for posting this. Moar companies need to do stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!


All week as we were preparing this article all I could think was: "No disassemble! No disassemble Librem 5!"


@lonelymtn Nexdock 2 and Baseus hub. Nexdock Touch works w/o a hub.

Pretty messed up that a mom had to have this conversation w/ their 7-yr-old: "Every time you ride your bike down this block, there are probably 50 cameras that watch you going past. If you make a bad choice, those cameras will catch you." washingtonpost.com/technology/

I replaced my personal laptop with a Librem 5 and laptop dock for a week. Here are my impressions: puri.sm/posts/my-first-week-of

In particular I appreciated the discussion on the responsibility everyone has not just for their own , but the privacy of everyone else they connect with. When you give up your privacy to an app, you are also selling out your friends, family and colleagues.

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I really enjoyed this Radiolab episode on all of the security measures behind the Zcash key signing ceremony. Stick around for the bonus security and privacy dilemma when the reporter covering the event discovers their phone is hacked mid-ceremony: wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radio

This is the jellyfish h264 demo on a using the 's VPU.

Using the CPU we take 300% of CPU time, using the VPU instead we take 10% (and even that can be optimized further). Using the VPU also saves ~1.5W of power. Thanks go to the and kernel folks for making this possible!

If you study the history of the Cold War (or watched the movie Wargames), you know we've had many "close calls" that almost led to nuclear holocaust, only stopped by someone's ethics overriding their orders and training. AI won't be programmed with that "limitation".

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@ajmartinez Reminds me of an old Simpson's quote from the Max Power episode: "There's the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way." "Isn't that the wrong way?" "But faster!"

AI-controlled weapons are coming. For a preview of their "ethics" take all the recent stories of bias in AI, only instead of not hiring a minority candidate or granting them bail, the computer shoots them. washingtonpost.com/magazine/20

@reality2cast @katherined @doc @kyle great episode. Like @kyle I’ve also kept my passwords in a KeePass DB format for a long time. In the last two years I’ve even managed to get my non-tech friends and family to use it as well. I’ve used the following clients with excellent integration to their environments:

Android: KeePass2Android
iOS: Strongbox
Windows & Linux: KeePassXC

All support TOTP natively as well, for management and use of your 2FA credentials.

Take a listen now! @katherined and @doc talk to Shawn Powers and @kyle about protecting yourself online, password and security best practices, and a tragic tale.

#password #identity #2fa #mfa #security #u2f #internet #technology #podcast #newepisode

Dropbox decided to take a one-time $400 million hit to cancel leases and follow other tech companies in the exodus from SF toward remote work: cnbc.com/2021/02/18/dropbox-ta

"me in the morning, right after I turned the switches on"

This may not be the most impressive winter selfie (it's a 8M sensor outputting 0.3M after all), but you got to start somewhere :)

I did nothing but taking the photo (looped in a script with v4l2-ctl and dcraw; then displayed on screen using Eye of GNOME) - all the credit goes to Dorota and Martin, and the work continues there: source.puri.sm/Librem5/linux-n

BREAKING: Through public records requests, EFF has uncovered documented proof that the LAPD requested and received Ring doorbell camera footage of last summer’s Black-led protests against police violence.

eff.org/press/releases/new-eff t.co/7UxDeW62pL

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