One very cool thing about the Librem 5 compared to other phones is that when you run into a problem, all of the standard Linux troubleshooting techniques and tools work just like you'd expect. "This is UNIX. I know this."

My team now has an open position for a DevOps Engineer. If you're in The Netherlands and are interested in helping keep a global network of EV chargers running smoothly click here:

My team now has an open position for a Linux System Administrator. If you're in The Netherlands and are interested in helping keep a global network of EV chargers running smoothly click here:

I disagree with part of the quote. Apple is expanding its business in addition to hardware, not instead of it. They need complete control of hardware to enforce how competitors can use their platforms.

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Ouch: "They [Apple] claim it's about privacy, but it's about profit. ... We are not fooled. This is all part of a transformation of Apple's business away from innovative hardware products to data-driven software and media."

The ancient Greeks had spirits; we have apps:

"What oppressed the pious Greek was the cloud of spirits that surrounded him, ready and able, he believed, to spy upon him, interfere with him, and do him evil." -- Durant

Based on @craftyguy 's -sdl work i added cryptsetup-initramfs support to the 's image-builder so one can build encrypted images too. There's more work needed for this to hit the factory floor but at least one can build own images with encryption once all is merged. The video shows the devkit since this a bit simpler to debug over serial:

@purism ...and here's Kao Challengers played in PSP emulator (PPSSPP) at 3 times the original resolution. All on free software drivers! :)

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SuperTuxKart played on a Librem 5 phone using an external keyboard and a 1080p TV. So this is this "mobile gaming" they keep talking about, huh? :D

The General Purpose Computer In Your Pocket

"What makes the Librem 5 special is that it reclaims the full potential of what phones should have been all along: a general-purpose computer in your pocket under your control."

Learn more:

Update: looks like Apple's notary service doesn't send app hashes, it sends info about the *developer* certificate. So they know who wrote the app, not *necessarily* which app it is. If they block an app it would apply to all apps signed by the same cert.

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It's worth noting that the lawsuit here isn't about the fact that Google collects all this data, but that it does it using metered cellular data.

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"The device, stationary, with all apps closed, transferred data to Google about 16 times an hour, or about 389 times in 24 hours. Assuming even half of that data is outgoing, Google would receive about 4.4MB per day or 130MB per month..."

"Hackers intuitively understand something many computer users don’t--ownership is not about possession, it’s about control...The illusion that Apple users have control over their computers was briefly disturbed this week..."

@lunduke Your three-year-old was the best! But I very much respect your not putting videos of them up, I treat images of my kid the same way.

@ajmartinez Yeah, in the case that you would need a proprietary driver, you could pull it from *Debian* non-free (PureOS doesn't have a non-free repo) but it sounds like you will be fine for your NICs.

I just keep imagining the epic sword battle between Google Reader and Orkut... In the end the life force of all Google products end up feeding Search, the only immortal.

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What if the real Highlanders are Google Product Managers?

@ajmartinez The main challenge may be if those devices have hardware that requires proprietary drivers (wifi or nic in particular) as PureOS only contains free software.

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