@fribbledom I used Makergeeks but now that they closed shop I'm searching too. Right now using Hatchbox to get by.

I wrote a piece on the @purism blog on why consent is critical for , the tech industry's failure to get consent, and as a result how "Privacy has become the tattoo removal of the information age". puri.sm/posts/consent-matters-

at means arriving/leaving when I want and avoiding invasive airport and hotel searches. Last year my DEFCON vanlife experiment was a failure. This year I'm hopefully learning from my mistakes:

1. New AC to replace original that 110F Vegas heat killed last year.

2. Camping on strip, so no 30-min commute from camp to venue.

3. Leaving van plugged in, AC on, taking cabs to venues, so no more parking unplugged in direct sun all day (limited high-clearance parking in garages).

“@DuckDuckGo is a poster child for a future in which companies stand with their users and still make money...They counter the assumption that we’ve all been socialized to accept: that it is normal to hand over all your information." - EFF's @jenuhhveev nytimes.com/2019/07/15/technol

@palinuro I lit the post-it over my fireplace and once I felt like it wouldn't go out after I tossed it in, I tried to and discovered it was stuck to my finger! Fortunately I was able to get it unstuck before I burned my hand.

Good: burning post-it notes containing secrets after use.
Bad: holding the post-it by the sticky side as you light it.

Whoever named this needs a lesson in modern malware branding. "eCh0raix" really? NASty NAP is the obvious choice: zdnet.com/article/this-new-ran

@dallin It's the silent, non-interactive part, combined with the fact that it's a 3rd party app the user installed independently, that make it creepy. Prompting the user to update/patch would make it less creepy.

I imagine many in will conclude the ends justify the means, and I imagine most Apple users won't care, but I still think silently pushing non-interactive 3rd-party app updates to consumer devices is creepy: techcrunch.com/2019/07/10/appl

“If people saw a cop sitting in front of their church or their oncologist writing down license plates, people would be concerned."

But law enforcement are using automated license plate readers to effectively do just that, says EFF's @maassive slate.com/technology/2019/07/a

I'm on Mastodon again... Via Librem.one :D

This sounds cool. I tried setting it up, but I can't reach the git repo (might be my corporate firewall having a good time with me). Has anybody else done this and what did you think? Thanks for the article @kyle!

"What Really IRCs Me: Mastodon | Linux Journal"


@mike @ndegruchy I think of social media like a giant, busy IRC channel I moderate where I can +v any particular person I want to talk to (by following them).

@survivor303 @linuxjournal If your IRC client supports that then yes, I imagine it would be possible. I'm using irssi here.

@survivor303 @linuxjournal It posts a full URL to the media, hosted on the mastodon server, for you to open in a web browser.

What Really IRCs Me: Mastodon
By @kyle
Learn how to use the Mastodon social network platform from the comfort of your regular #IRC client. linuxjournal.com/content/what-

@jameshjacksonjr @cybette Good read indeed. Certainly true for more affluent urban/suburban areas, but not sure how true it is in rural areas where community, family and human contact were already the top priority.

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