Another Sunday, another beer judging cert class! First up, Pale American Ale (and a smidge of hops for fun).

The Value of Open Source Journalism
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Raspberry Pi 4 is on sale now, starting at $35. This version also comes with different memory options (1GB for $35, 2GB for $45 or 4GB for $55).

Please join us for Linux Journal's upcoming webinar, featuring our friends from Twistlock.
* The keys to #DevSecOps success
* Tangible benefits of DevSecOps
* Steps & tools involved w/building, shipping, & running containers
* How-to deploy higher quality code & avoid security incidents in production

Sign up now to join us live on Jun 12 at 2PM EDT or to receive a link to the recording once completed. Either way, make sure to check it out!

(It's free.)

Last week, a coalition of 100+ groups demanded that @DHSgov stop the targeting of activists, lawyers, and journalists based on their First Amendment-protected activities. Several senators have now joined the cause, calling DHS's behavior "beyond alarming"

I elaborate on some ways to protect the digital supply chain while borrowing metaphors from the food industry in this post:

About to record the next @linuxjournal podcast! Do you have a cool open source story to tell? Let me know!

How DNA Testing at the US-Mexico Border Will Actually Work A pilot project to test the DNA of migrant families raises concerns about the rise of a genetic surveillance state. #Science/Biotech #immigration #Science #privacy #DNA

It's #WorldPasswordDay! What a good time to change any password that you've used more than once into a strong, unique passphrase:

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