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New Episode!
Doc Searls and @katherined talk to
Dr. Augustine Fou about his privacy analysis app, Page X-Ray. Read an overview of Page X-Ray at and listen to the episode here: #privacy #adtech #technology #surveillance #Marketing #podcast

New Episode! Who controls your phone? Doc Searls, @katherined
@kyle and
Petros Koutoupis talk TikTok, censorship, user sovereignty and more. #podcast #newepisode #security #privacy #technology Episode link:

Excellent analysis from the EFF.

"...hidden behind the false equivalencies and privacy gaslighting are a set of real technical proposals. Some are genuinely good ideas. Others could be unmitigated privacy disasters. This post will look at the specific proposals under Google’s new “Privacy Sandbox” umbrella and talk about what they would mean for the future of the web."

Forbes’ Linux Laptop Buyer's Guide 2019 “If you want to embrace a company that is decidedly privacy-conscious and strictly embraces open source software, Purism's Librem 13 and Librem 15 laptops are worth considering. They feature hardware kill switches for webcam, Wireless and microphone.”

New Reality 2.0 is out today! I talked with Doc Searls, Petros Koutoupis, and Chris Davis of about his Arduino-based Altair 8800 replica kits and retro computing.

Another Sunday, another beer judging cert class! First up, Pale American Ale (and a smidge of hops for fun).

The Value of Open Source Journalism
Subscribe and support our coverage for technology's biggest thinkers – with up to 52% savings.

#magazine #Linux #FOSS #opensource

Raspberry Pi 4 is on sale now, starting at $35. This version also comes with different memory options (1GB for $35, 2GB for $45 or 4GB for $55).

Please join us for Linux Journal's upcoming webinar, featuring our friends from Twistlock.
* The keys to #DevSecOps success
* Tangible benefits of DevSecOps
* Steps & tools involved w/building, shipping, & running containers
* How-to deploy higher quality code & avoid security incidents in production

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