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Since there are so many new people heading this way in the latest , I thought I’d share my again. I’m an Evangelist for and a nerdy podcaster on @reality2cast and FLOSS Weekly on @twitnews where my interests are expanding more and more into and . I am also a Journal alum and a huge fan of , the open web, user and privacy-respecting and , ceramics, and really good and .

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I can't receive DMs because they are disabled on the instance I'm on, but if you send me one, there is no way for you to know this. SO, I'm NOT ignoring you. I just don't see them. :)

I've published a full write-up of the inspiration, design, assembly, and installation of my @hackaday inspired knitting clock: Tempus Nectit!

I had to learn quite a few new skills to complete this project from controlling stepper motors with electronics to 3D modeling. I tried to document everything I could so that someone else could follow step-by-step and make one of their own.

What is confidential computing? I talked to Dan Middleton and Dave Thaler recently on the Open at Intel to take a deep dive into technologies and their work with the Confidential Computing Consortium, a The Linux Foundation project.

I believe these data protection technologies will be critical to building the more secure world we want going forward.

"Security at Every Step: Why Software Supply Chains Are Critical" Read an excerpt from the Open at Intel podcast covering supply chain security and the project:

Subscribe to Open at Intel wherever you get

I really miss writing a column for Linux Journal and would like an outlet for this pent-up writing energy that compensates me for my time. I have many book ideas that topically fall outside the risks tech publishers are willing to take.

For instance, I have a lot of still-relevant LJ articles that I have already curated into a book w/ topical chapters.

Is Amazon really the only game in town for self-publishing w/ print on demand and good distribution? I'd rather avoid self-hosting a store.

Hey wanna talk about podcasting, be on one of my podcasts, or get a neato sticker? Find me. I’m the one with @shawnp0wers ‘s !

Last day of #scale20x - otherwise known as the “day of all the caffeine”.

Hardware is electric
Software is eclectic
And the firmware is moving
To semi-firm gluing
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

And the man in the back frees firmware in his stack
So he's going to the Ballroom B
And the girl in the corner is learning about firmware
So 3pm at the Ballroom B
Ballroom B

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Hey everyone! My friend @kyle is going to give a presentation at @socallinuxexpo in 30 minutes (3PM PST) -- you can watch live!

Hey wanna talk about podcasting, be on one of my podcasts, or get a neato sticker? Find me. I’m the one with @shawnp0wers ‘s !

@jorge oh hi, we were just talking about what an awesome podcast guest you’d make. 😄

@dmarti Pretty sure I spotted you, but then you disappeared. 😂 Say hi if you spot me. I’m the one with @shawnp0wers ’s

Software supply chain security is a critical conversation for the community. I spoke with Marcela Melara and Bruno Domingues on the Open at Intel podcast about just that!

If you’re at
@socallinuxexpo #scale20x this week, and see my #BigNerdHead, please take a picture and post it with that hashtag!

I’m not there in person this year, but I have awesome friends who “brought me along.” (Thanks
@katherined ,
@Wildbill , &
@kyle !!!)

I just saw this political ad where Joe Biden says we need to hold social media companies accountable for collecting personal data on our kids. I agree, but why does it have to be “kids” and not end at “personal data” as if it’s somehow no longer a problem when you turn 18?

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