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I'm about to move to a new Mastodon account that's on a server I manage (and can accept DMs), which has been my goal for a while. Yay for portability! If you are following me, you should automatically follow the new account, but it's @katherined just in case!

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Since there are so many new people heading this way in the latest , I thought I’d share my again. I’m an Evangelist for and a nerdy podcaster on @reality2cast and FLOSS Weekly on @twitnews where my interests are expanding more and more into and . I am also a Journal alum and a huge fan of , the open web, user and privacy-respecting and , ceramics, and really good and .

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I can't receive DMs because they are disabled on the instance I'm on, but if you send me one, there is no way for you to know this. SO, I'm NOT ignoring you. I just don't see them. :)

@marcos I see that you successfully moved to a new Mastodon instance from after having issues. What made it finally work? (I'm also running into an error.) Thanks for any pointers!

Except that it doesn't work. lol. I definitely set up the alias. What am I missing here? This should be pretty straightforward, and I have done it before... 🙁

I'm about to move to a new Mastodon account that's on a server I manage (and can accept DMs), which has been my goal for a while. Yay for portability! If you are following me, you should automatically follow the new account, but it's @katherined just in case!

Ok, probably my last push. If you considered retweeting about my book, maybe this one makes sense. B&N has a GREAT deal on pre-orders, including mine. :) (Or signed copies are available, details here:

I host my own email, DNS, website, and many other services, so I figure I should probably host my own mastodon instance as well. Plus as @aral always says, it's good for the Fediverse to have more smaller instances.

So I'm going to attempt the Mastodon server migration now, which means if you follow me, it *should* automatically move you. If not, you can follow me @kyle.

But you know what's NOT poopy? My new book! It's out on Monday, and you can pre-order at B&N for 25% off!

Remember when I drew a comic every day? Well, there were a lot of days of that. And today, a bunch of those @mybigroundworld comics became... A BOOK! (a discounted pre-order book even...)

Details are in my free newsletter: #book #comic

Tune in to our new episode! @katherined and @dsearls talk to prolific tech author, @kyle, about how he recently self-published his latest book, and how that differs from his many experiences with traditional publishers.
Visit the following link for full episode -

#Publishing #Technology #Privacy #Podcast #newEpisode

Thanks to the excellent suggestion from @agx, I have created a sample chapter for the book. A link is available on the product page for each version of the book, or you can check it out directly here:

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Wrote for Linux Journal and it was a gas
Every month, published Hack and /
Wrote for a decade only to find
LJ went bust, posts gone behind

Wrote for Linux Journal and it was divine
I wrote down everything on my mind
A lot of great tips that now you can't find
LJ went bust, posts gone behind

In between, I put the best columns in a book of mine
It is now self-published with hardcover spine
Paperback and ebook too, they all are good
I sell them on Lulu

We're talking about our Kubernetes plug-ins! Want to protect and hide your secrets in k8s? You can do that with Intel(r) Software Guard Extensions. We work with SUSE Rancher to make installing the plugins the work of a few clicks. If you're not able to make it to the Intel booth P13 at KubeCon EU 2023, check out this blog and video. #kubecon #Kubernetes #IAmIntel

(apologies to The Primitives)

Here I go, way too fast
Wrote The Best of Hack and /
It's about Open Source
It's a Linux Admin Crash Course

So click, click that link
And let me know just what you think
I had enough past tips for you
Enough to fill a whole book through

So what type of book (there's three)?
Hardcover's the best to me,
The paperback is not bad too,
The ebook isn't paper bound
With glue

New Open at Intel Podcast is up!
This episode with Intel Researcher and project maintainer, @terri, and Open Source Evangelist, @pixelgeek, explores an software vulnerability scanner called Binary Tool, which scans binaries and component lists in your project and reports back known vulnerabilities.
Listen here or in your favorite podcast player:

The Best of Hack and /: Linux Admin Crash Course is published!

This book doesn't aim to be an exhaustive guide to everything you need to know to be a system administrator. Instead, this book allows me to act as a remote mentor to someone starting out in IT or system administration whether as a full-time job or as a full stack developer.

It's available in premium hardcover, paperback, and ebook forms here:

After five years of helping to build hardware and software that protects people's privacy, security and freedom, at the end of the month I will no longer be at Purism (I'll still be helping out as an advisor).

For the near term, I plan to spend my time promoting my new book (coming very soon), writing yet another book, and thinking about what's next for my career.

If you have any suggestions for what I should do next, email me at (DMs are disabled on this instance).

I’m pretty excited about the episode of @reality2cast I recorded with @kyle and @dsearls today. It should be out next week and will hopefully be fun listening for any authors or aspiring authors.

I was not going to listen to latest @reality2cast because I'm sick of AI discussion. Luckily I did because it's not the same AI is going to destroy us all/ChatGPT is just a stochastic parrot all other conversations seem to be.
Reality 2.0 Episode 143: A Pause on AI?

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