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Since there are so many new people heading this way in the latest , I thought I’d share my again. I’m an Evangelist for and a nerdy podcaster on @reality2cast and FLOSS Weekly on @twitnews where my interests are expanding more and more into and . I am also a Journal alum and a huge fan of , the open web, user and privacy-respecting and , ceramics, and really good and .

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I can't receive DMs because they are disabled on the instance I'm on, but if you send me one, there is no way for you to know this. SO, I'm NOT ignoring you. I just don't see them. :)

“26% of hiring managers say they are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants; [the top reason for negative bias is belief Jews have too much power and control […] Respondents also wrote in a number of derogatory comments regarding how they identify an individual as Jewish. These write-in responses included: “voice,” “mannerisms,” and “they are very frugal.”” Horrifying. #Business

Heading to Vegas next week for my first
AWS re:Invent. if you will be there as well, and want to chat about all things #OpenSource #developer #community, let’s connect! :) #reInvent #awsreinvent

Did a little tidying and found one of my travel stashes of emergency tea hidden away in a tote bag. 🤣 Anyone else carry around tea bags just in case?

How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody. Long serial thread, updated daily. 

Hey, look what's on the eBPF blog! 🐝 Hint: a link to something I wrote. 😁

If you can, donate to keep this instance up! If enough of us pay for what we use, maybe advertisers will eventually fuck off and die. 😈

@katherined To me interoperability is almost always a good thing. It can become a bad thing when "embrace" moves to "extend" and "extinguish."

For instance, it was great when Slack was interoperable with IRC. It allowed it to attract all sorts of community rooms to move from IRC. The downside was when they extended the protocol beyond IRC and ultimately extinguished their IRC support, closing the door behind them after everyone walked through.

I think Tumblr supporting ActivityPub is a very good thing. Your thoughts? (Linking to that other site for citation)

I was interviewed about supply chain security (around 15 min mark) in a longer CNBC feature about manufacturing phones in the USA. In short, it's less about trust concerns with any particular country/govt., and more about reducing the links in the supply chain to reduce the opportunities to tamper with hardware.

Our Made-in-USA-electronics Librem 5 USA phone also got a number of shout-outs. Pretty neat!

#introduction Hi!

I'm Jim, known on neclimdul on socials and open source projects. I'm a nerd interested in software and computing as well as games, star wars, star trek, MCU and various other media. Also love a good rocket launch.

I'm an avid advocate for FLOSS and a long time #drupal contributor so you may find me on bug trackers around the internet. Feel free to hit me up for a review trade!

Most post random things from my FLOSS journey, occasional rants, and anything I find interesting.

@reality2cast @mastohost I’m thinking I’ll try installing on @linode shortly and see how it goes. Wish me luck. 😂 It’s not even so much the technical issues. I don’t think I’ll have a problem there, but the challenge of setting it up *well* and in a way that won’t cost me down the road in either 💸 or mental wellness. 🤓

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Debating self-hosting vs. finding another server for @reality2cast since I heard that server is on block lists. Since @mastohost is still overwhelmed, and I would like to make my life easier, I would love any and all feedback and suggestions.

Almost 180k new users joined #mastodon yesterday, a new record. This third #twitterMigration wave happened after Musk's Twitter 2.0 ultimatum to #Twitter workers. Each wave is stronger than the previous one. Here is my updated plot showing the three consecutive waves.

Is there an app or an easy way to harvest, download, etc your Twitter DMs? I'm downloading my Twitter data but I'm realising there are conversations etc with people going back to 2008 in Twitter DMs I'd love to be able to access if the site goes away. When you download Twitter Data it gives you your DMs... but with no information on who you were talking to. It looks like this, and is thus a very special kind of useless:

It's again! As many of you know, I joined earlier this year, and these are some of the interesting people I get to work with on EVERY DAY! 🤩 @pixelgeek @eze_lanza @deirdres @nmar @shirley @sgold


I found this diagram online. I think it can be useful for folks new to #mastodon. I know I forget it all the time.

(Originally found in

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