I host my own email, DNS, website, and many other services, so I figure I should probably host my own mastodon instance as well. Plus as @aral always says, it's good for the Fediverse to have more smaller instances.

So I'm going to attempt the Mastodon server migration now, which means if you follow me, it *should* automatically move you. If not, you can follow me @kyle.

@kyle Quick hosting question, do you self-host at home, or use cloud/hosting service. If hosting service, which do you use and why? I'm planning to migrate some of my locally hosted services at some point, but the abundance of choice is daunting.

@Jeff @kyle I'm also interested! Was looking at #DigitalOcean but @chad recently ran into some cost issues with respect to the database (or maybe it was with the hosted CDN?) @ mstdn.ca, so still evaluating right now.

@kyle@librem.one @aral @kyle@kylerank.in It did automatically migrate!

And congrats. I even had a few server-configuration-related crashes, and recovery wasn't too bad at all. Mastodon is pretty solid and hands-off to manage a small instance.

@shawnp0wers @kyle@librem.one @aral It was pretty straightforward really, just followed the docs. The only complication on my side was due to wanting a different webhost, but that was a one-line change, as was switching from single-user mode to multi-user.

@kyle @aral @kyle still on my todo, i find mastodon (as a software) a bit overbloated so was looking to other alternatives. ATM am stuck at writing an auth module for my fork of gotosocial

@kyle@librem.one @aral @kyle@kylerank.in Super cool. I love seeing the single user instances. Would be interesting to see a front end theme that dropped the miscellaneous server info to better highlight the author. Maybe the more “publisher” style site would encourage more single use instances. Thoughts?

@kyle@librem.one @aral @kyle@kylerank.in

Small servers that have exclusively unpopular on them like mine are cheaper and easier to run than email by miles.

Welcome to the club :)

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