I host my own email, DNS, website, and many other services, so I figure I should probably host my own mastodon instance as well. Plus as @aral always says, it's good for the Fediverse to have more smaller instances.

So I'm going to attempt the Mastodon server migration now, which means if you follow me, it *should* automatically move you. If not, you can follow me @kyle.

@kyle@librem.one @aral @kyle@kylerank.in It did automatically migrate!

And congrats. I even had a few server-configuration-related crashes, and recovery wasn't too bad at all. Mastodon is pretty solid and hands-off to manage a small instance.

@shawnp0wers @kyle@librem.one @aral It was pretty straightforward really, just followed the docs. The only complication on my side was due to wanting a different webhost, but that was a one-line change, as was switching from single-user mode to multi-user.

@kyle @aral @kyle still on my todo, i find mastodon (as a software) a bit overbloated so was looking to other alternatives. ATM am stuck at writing an auth module for my fork of gotosocial

@kyle@librem.one @aral @kyle@kylerank.in Super cool. I love seeing the single user instances. Would be interesting to see a front end theme that dropped the miscellaneous server info to better highlight the author. Maybe the more “publisher” style site would encourage more single use instances. Thoughts?

@kyle@librem.one @aral @kyle@kylerank.in

Small servers that have exclusively unpopular on them like mine are cheaper and easier to run than email by miles.

Welcome to the club :)

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