New ⁨⁩ hack: instead of buying drinking water for trips, using a Lifestraw Flex to filter water from van's fresh water tank into a gallon bottle. Tank is probably fine to drink, but this gives me extra peace of mind, and a way to get drinking water in an emergency too.

I've been using a cheap repeater to boost Wifi in my van, but I just replaced it w/ a USB WiFi card w/ a weatherproof antenna mounted under my cellular booster. Inside it's connected to my RPi media PC and the onboard RPi WiFi is configured as an access point.

I've joked about printing in Linux for 20 years, but I just got a portable printer for (Canon Pixma iP110) and it was literally plug and play. I connected printer USB to my laptop, it auto-detected/configured it, and prompted to print a test page which worked perfectly.

If there were any doubt my van is the ultimate survival vehicle, look what I just found in there!

Sure, Spot is creepy, but on the plus side I'd be one step closer to owning my own "Rat Thing" and turning my van into Ng's "wheelchair" from Snow Crash!

The insult "ten miles of bad road" is much more devastating now that I've just driven ten miles of bad road.

at means arriving/leaving when I want and avoiding invasive airport and hotel searches. Last year my DEFCON vanlife experiment was a failure. This year I'm hopefully learning from my mistakes:

1. New AC to replace original that 110F Vegas heat killed last year.

2. Camping on strip, so no 30-min commute from camp to venue.

3. Leaving van plugged in, AC on, taking cabs to venues, so no more parking unplugged in direct sun all day (limited high-clearance parking in garages).

Whenever I cross the continental divide it's a watershed moment.

Today's office is brought to you by a lake outside of Lansing.

After a string of delayed/cancelled flights where I realized I could have gotten home sooner by car, I've made a personal rule that if driving is a real option, I take it. I bypass all the security theater, can pack what I want and am in control of my own departure times.

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