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#fosdem weeeeee

Looking forward to meeting all the bautiful people coming to the mobile devroom today.

Also: I will be giving a talk :)

Fixed an index corruption bug in Debian Code Search 😱

The impact was that some queries might have lacked results within a fraction of packages (estimate: ≈2000 out of ≈35342).

If you are relying on any Debian Code Search queries for an important analysis since November 2022, you should re-run them just to be sure!


@purism Instead of having multiple posts for the different components I aggregated things into a single document. Let me know if this makes sense.

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Shoot out to @agx and #librem5 on #phosh I am daily driving a #pinephone and it is a joy to use, especially ticket box when travelling or picking up QR/bar code stuff 👏

Reminder: Next week, there is an exciting devroom "FOSS on Mobile" happening early Saturday at #FOSDEM. See the schedule at and meet us there or at the cross-distro mobile Linux stand in building H level 1.

@xtaran awesome!
I am so happy to contribute to lintian on this version, the previous one and the next one too!

I've tagged an initial version 0.0.1 of gmobile, a small supporting library used by , and soon for notches/cutouts, timers and the like:

This is in early stages but maybe there's some stuff useful for other projects.

The #KDEConnect protocol is slick. Just sent a tel: link via #GConnect on desktop, to #Valent on #phosh and over to Gnome Calls.

As the last component of the 0.23.0 release set 0.23.0 is out, fixing the pixman renderer to help testing, running in and platforms that can't or don't want to use GLES2. If you don't need any of these it's safe to wait for 0.24.0.

Release notes at:

MRs are linked here:

Next steps (after cleaning up a bit and getting it merged) is allowing phosh to make better use of that information (e.g. to shift ui elements to the side instead of down) and providing the information to wayland clients so e.g. video players can make use of it in fullscreen mode.

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phosh using that information to push the top panel down because there's a (simulated) notch:
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phoc rendering cutouts in nexted mode to simulate cutouts and rounded edges:

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Some progress to handle notches / cutouts of phones better in : I have a small lib that gets panel cutout / notch information as paths and can calculate a bounding box . can use it to render cutouts for debugging and can use it for layout (so far only to shift the panel down). (see follow up posts for more pictures).
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Wir suchen bei der #FSFE ein/e Büro-Koordinator*in als Verstärkung unseres Teams. Ideal wäre Erfahrung als Büroverwalter*in, Sekretär*in, Veranstaltungsorganisator*in oder in einer anderen relevanten Verwaltungsfunktion.

Bitte helft uns und teilt das.

I somewhat revived 's --search-assistant for library documentation generated using gi-docgen (which thankfully more and more projects around switch to). This allows me to have quick doc access in again where I was only looking at an empty window before:

If you are using mobile linux with T-mobile/a T-mobile MVNO, you may have noticed that sending MMSes stopped working recently.

I figured out the issue and released a new version of mmsd-tng to fix it: .

1.x uses libsoup2 and 2.x uses libsoup3, there shouldn't be any differences between the versions besides that.

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