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My thanks to @purism @agx and all the other developers that worked so hard this last year to really push the Librem5 further. I know it has been a struggle, but after using the L5 as my daily driver for the last month I've seen it progress so much and can't wait to see the improvements coming in 2023! Happy New Year! 🎉

Along with that goes

phosh-mobile-settings 0.23.0 to show the plugin prefs:

phosh-osk-stub 0.23.0~rc2 with initial completion support, short-cut bars and more:

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phosh 0.23.0 is out 🚀📱 :

There's a new lockscreen plugin to show emergency information by @kop316 , Plugins can now have preferences, we switched documentation to gi-docgen and there's more.

Check out the full release notes at


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#GNOME infrastructure just hiccuped for a second, and then came right back up.

I don't think our sysadmins get enough credit for their awesome work. Maybe leave some milk & cookies at the end of your pipelines this year 😉

Here's a good example of how much work that is, in case you missed it:

Ich hab mal beim @bsi zu den technischen Details zur Prüfung der Sicherheitseigenschaften von #iPhone und #iPad angefragt. Antwort: "Eine Veröffentlichung oder Herausgabe der Informationen zu IT-Sicherheitsprodukten, die dem Schutz von Verschlusssachen dienen und sich im aktiven Betrieb befinden, kann Vorhaben Dritter zur Kompromittierung des Produktes erleichtern und kann deshalb nicht erfolgen."

« This is a stark reminder that centralized platforms can impose arbitrary and unfair limits on what you can and can’t say while holding your social graph hostage. » by

The bird site has suspended Mastodon’s official account.

Someone’s getting twitchy…

Version 2 of the UI!

Note that if you choose not to fill out one of the sections, it will not appear, so you can have as little or as much on the GUI as you want. All entries are strings, so you can customize it to your liking.

Same goes for the contacts, you can add as many as you want!

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📱 I've tagged version 0.0.2 of (a daemon to handle audio, haptic and led feedback on e.g. when using (but not limited to)

Along with that goes feedbackd-device-themes:

Themes can now be way smaller as they can chain up to the default theme allowing users to override individual events.


I often use the same key combos in the terminal so I added a (configurable) shortcut bar on top of osk-stub's (pretty basic) terminal layout. Let' see how this works out.

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Since #phosh made lockscreen widgets a plugin, I actually found it is prettty easy to make one yourself! I have been playing around with one that displays emergency info and emergency contacts.

Is there anything obvious I am missing from it? I got these from Android. Note that a user can add/remove/edit Emergency Contacts as they wish. (My hope is to merge this back into Phosh proper).

📱 Device maintainers and users (hopefully) rejoice: will soon support merging themes so you can e.g. chain up to the default theme and just replace the feedback for events you want to change. There's also a validator to check your changes (which is also used in CI).

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A lot of Mastodon instance admins are either getting their first hosting bill or getting a very increased bill from extreme growth and usage. Some may be experiencing bill shock.

Please make sure your paying/supporting them!

Twitter was free because you were the product. Mastodon doesn't work this way.

Many instances list a patreon or donation links on their about page.

There can't be enough emojis 😎 :😃 😹 so I added a new widget (based on 's emoji chooser) to 's osk-stub:

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I've been trying to re-enable power management for the modem on the #librem5 running #postmarketOS, but was plagued by issues with the modem resetting immediately every time is suspended/resumed.

Once again, the product of hours of git bisecting and testing is a patch that's less than 1 word 😅

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