A quick hack to wire up the volume buttons in and so music listening becomes more of a breeze on @purism 's :

It still needs a lot of work, but a proof of concept for window thumbnails in appears to work :) @purism

After adding proximity sensor-support to -sensor-proxy (gitlab.freedesktop.org/hadess/) and adding runtime-pm support for the chip used in the (and it's devkit) (lore.kernel.org/linux-iio/cove) we can now wire it up to to fade the screen and prevent keyboard input:

...and haptic feedback in calls when receiving a phone call on the (as yesterday (social.librem.one/@agx/1035611), the audio is important)

@rah @purism

Just posting from a Librem 5 Birch and grabbing a screen shot.

Apple canceled the project to encrypt iCloud backups two years ago due to pressure from the FBI because it "would deny them the most effective means for gaining evidence against iPhone-using suspects"


Just to be sure: the screen goes dark in between to demo

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The devkit driving it's internal panel via DSI and an external screen via HDMI at the same time.

It's happening! I already moved my SIM over so I can treat it as my main phone.

This is exactly the kind of problem we are trying to solve with the Librem 5 on multiple fronts, hardware and software.


A busy week at puri.sm/posts/

- Closed a $2.5m note series
- Announced USA
- Released Librem 5 hardware schematics
- Released 4.11 for all products
- Librem on FSF Ethical Tech Giving Guide
- Posted two jobs puri.sm/jobs/

It's been so difficult to keep quiet about Librem 5 USA! It's a Librem 5 phone with electronics fabricated in the US like our Librem Key and devkit. As I mention in the post, our goal is to shrink our and directly oversee as much of the process as possible.


@lunduke thank you for the time you spent with us Bryan. All the best for you and your family. Looking forward to more Lunduke Show 😀

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