The Librem 5 team have been working extra hard over the past weeks - polishing the UI and app stability - the results speak for themselves. Read the update blog post to get the details

I wrote a piece on the @purism blog on why consent is critical for , the tech industry's failure to get consent, and as a result how "Privacy has become the tattoo removal of the information age".

In court, Facebook blames users for destroying their own right to privacy by @samfbiddle

Librem 5 Smartphone -- July Update.

So much amazing stuff going on. Including Calls, Messages, Web, Contacts, Settings, and more.

I'm on Mastodon again... Via :D

In ruling that Trump can't block people on Twitter, the 2nd Circuit said the First Amendment stands for the concept that "the best response to disfavored speech on matters of public concern is more speech, not less." We agree!

Runs on the Librem 5 Smartphone – Week 2.

Collecting all the videos of software running on the Librem 5 over the last week (including Emacs, Podcasts, Torrents, Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe, and more).

The California legislature should reject the attempts to weaken the California Consumer Privacy Act, say tech CEOs Todd Weaver of @Puri_sm and @BrendanEich of @brave:

Today's piece in the Mercury News:

Headline: New generation of tech firms urges stronger privacy laws

Reject Big Tech efforts to weaken California law and regulate us. Seriously.

By Purism CEO, @todd and Brave CEO, @BrendanEich

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