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PureOS Packaging Developer
PureOS Infrastructure Developer
System Administrator

@purism is hiring Webdev, Technical Writer, App Devs, Firmware Devs

GTK4's GPU-accelerated GL renderer(s) got a major performance boost in the last few days! Previously it struggled to render simple UIs with single digit FPS on the Librem 5; now it can get pretty fancy :)

App Showcase: Tootle

"Social media can be a great way to engage with friends and family. But most of the popular services and apps track their users."

@purism This is just a quick hack so far but we can now use 's future 'docked' mode to only display 'adaptive' apps when undocked and all apps when docked based on their desktop file information: is a look at the 449 page anticompetitive report from the US House of Representatives with comparison to Purism's approach and business model.

Thanks to taking care of Webkit's packaging, Epiphany's GPU acceleration can now work on the ! Before (no acceleration) and after (GPU accelerated):

Desktop and Phone Convergence

"The is more than a phone, it’s a full desktop computer in your pocket designed to be just as mobile as you are."

New Episode! Who controls your phone? Doc Searls, @katherined
@kyle and
Petros Koutoupis talk TikTok, censorship, user sovereignty and more. #podcast #newepisode #security #privacy #technology Episode link:

Librem 5 phone + USB keyboard + USB touchpad + Bluetooth speaker + HDMI screen + Firefox + YouTube video

Less hacks when driving an external screen with the : you can see how the monitor picks up the video signal when the yellow led on the external screen turns to blue and the external mouse is detected when the cursor appears on 's lock screen in the upper left corner (and yes, i need better video equipment):

@purism …and here's a quick Quake II demo using the docked via usb-c (audio is from L5's built in speaker) - might be a bit more exciting than running (which also works):

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@purism And here's the connected to a usb-c hub that has a keyboard/mouse connected via usb and driving the external screen via dp-alt-mode. Needs some hacks still but we're getting there:

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Two on-site job postings added today: more (including remote work) will get posted in the future.

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