Less hacks when driving an external screen with the : you can see how the monitor picks up the video signal when the yellow led on the external screen turns to blue and the external mouse is detected when the cursor appears on 's lock screen in the upper left corner (and yes, i need better video equipment):

@purism …and here's a quick Quake II demo using the docked via usb-c (audio is from L5's built in speaker) - might be a bit more exciting than running (which also works):

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@purism And here's the connected to a usb-c hub that has a keyboard/mouse connected via usb and driving the external screen via dp-alt-mode. Needs some hacks still but we're getting there:

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Two on-site job postings added today: puri.sm/jobs/ more (including remote work) will get posted in the future.

Investing in Real Convergence


"Real convergence means bringing your desktop computer with you wherever you go."

Learn more about the Librem 5: puri.sm/products/librem-5/

We are continually disappointed by false promises of mobile convergence. My thoughts on why: real convergence means taking your desktop computer with you wherever you go. Fake convergence is the opposite: stretching a phone to fit a larger screen. puri.sm/posts/investing-in-rea

Apple Has No Tolerance For Webcam Covers


"When we designed our Librem 5 phone from scratch, we made sure to add and expand our hardware kill switches to that hardware... you can control your cameras and microphone, WiFi and Bluetooth, and even the cellular modem with kill switches."

A quick hack to wire up the volume buttons in and so music listening becomes more of a breeze on @purism 's :

It still needs a lot of work, but a proof of concept for window thumbnails in appears to work :) @purism

After adding proximity sensor-support to -sensor-proxy (gitlab.freedesktop.org/hadess/) and adding runtime-pm support for the chip used in the (and it's devkit) (lore.kernel.org/linux-iio/cove) we can now wire it up to to fade the screen and prevent keyboard input:

...and haptic feedback in calls when receiving a phone call on the (as yesterday (social.librem.one/@agx/1035611), the audio is important)

@rah @purism

Just posting from a Librem 5 Birch and grabbing a screen shot.

Apple canceled the project to encrypt iCloud backups two years ago due to pressure from the FBI because it "would deny them the most effective means for gaining evidence against iPhone-using suspects"


Just to be sure: the screen goes dark in between to demo

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The devkit driving it's internal panel via DSI and an external screen via HDMI at the same time.

It's happening! I already moved my SIM over so I can treat it as my main phone.

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