@purism And here's the connected to a usb-c hub that has a keyboard/mouse connected via usb and driving the external screen via dp-alt-mode. Needs some hacks still but we're getting there:

@purism …and here's a quick Quake II demo using the docked via usb-c (audio is from L5's built in speaker) - might be a bit more exciting than running (which also works):

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@agx @purism Phosh in desktop mode supports tiling already?!

@kyle @purism It tiles left/right via keyboard shortcuts, the rest is yet to come.

@agx @purism very impressive :) can't to have a phone that's usable as a desktop!

@agx @purism Nice! Next time can we a get a bit more playtime? 😆

@Phaserune @purism I need somebody holding the camera, then i can operate keybod and mouse.

@agx @purism

I have a feeling I'm not that far away, and I'd be happy to help!

@agx @purism killing it, looks like literally and figuratively. The Librem 5 running PureOS (running phosh) as a desktop is going to blow peoples minds...

@agx @purism , That's awesome!

Do you have any idea what will be the max resolution supported by DisplayPort alt-mode on the Librem 5? That question came up on the Purism forum last year.

@amosbatto @purism with an adapter that can use all 4 DP lane pairs we should be able to get up to 4k@60Hz , the 'regular' hubs only uses 2 lane pairs (4k@30Hz) - but my screens have way lower resoluiton so that's not tested yet.

@agx @purism, I checked the i.MX 8M Quad data sheet and it says that it only supports DisplayPort 1.3 with a max resolution of 4K at 30fps. Still nice to know that 4K is theoretically possible. I was only expecting 1080p video, so I will be happy if we can get anything higher than that.

@amosbatto @purism my data sheet says @60Hz so looking forward to try that on a suitable screen.

@agx @purism viewing this on librem social iPhone SE crashes the app, not sure how to extract logs

@agx @purism Since we are taking PureOS; a full-blown desktop OS; and putting it on the Librem 5 phone, we have turned the entire market on its head. Android and iOS have been trying (and failing) to make their mobile OS a productivity desktop OS. This is very exciting to show the future already functioning.

@agx @purism will any usb-c hub work or do I have to take something into account?

@pamaca @purism it needs to do dp-alt-mode over usb-c. I expect there to be a recommended list of hubs/adapters at some point since there's lots of variance (number of supported lane pairs, usb 3.0 or not, ...) - it also depends on the screen you want to connect.

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