Desktop and Phone Convergence

"The is more than a phone, it’s a full desktop computer in your pocket designed to be just as mobile as you are."

@anirudh @purism @lbry Did not know about #lbry one downside is the Android app use #Google Analylitics * ( see privacy policy )

@purism @genofire Enlightenment would be nice because it needs a a lot less ram than for example gnome for a full "normal" desktop ui... But, surprisingly GNOME Shell for the desktop consumes just a little more than the Android Operative system.

So nowadays RAM is not a problem, even in the smartphone world.

@lorabe if a de uses >700mb (gnome) or around 170mb with 3gb ram installed matters a lot imo. On a desktop system thats not a problem, indeed. But on mobile it is. well as i said earlier, at least my android device consumes 900 mb of RAM and it only has 2 Gb installed. And it works well.

But anyways the Librem 5 uses
#Posh so i assume it uses less RAM.

@lorabe yes, i think too phosh uses less ram. but it seams it's also not "that good" suitable for desktop use... either phosh would get a more "desktop mode" or a other wm should take over on desktop usage :) on a andriod devices apps will go to sleep mode of the free RAM got low. on a normal linux apps just cant be launched, the devices swaps a lot and gets slow or app will just quit.

@purism Revolutionary. Samsung DEx has done similar work, but an actual Linux OS will be a real game-changer.

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