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The newest game I've been working on, ODGŁOS, is finally available to play! A cute owl, the history of electronic music, shapeshifting snakes and intergalactic journeys inside the Polish Radio Experimental Studio - all in a stop-motion interactive story :) You'll need a browser, headphones and 30 minutes to spare. Have fun!

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My name is dos; some call me Sebastian. I made dozens of small silly video and some slightly less small ones too. I'm one half of @holypangolin studio. Sometimes I pretend to be a musician, but don't get fooled. I'm also a living encyclopedia on a Polish rock band "Perfect". Trams are cooler than trains. The more caramel, the better. I've been using GNU/#Linux on phones for ages, which led me to work with @purism on the Librem 5. btw I use Arch, but I ❤️ Debian!

SIGBOVIK (, a real AND VERY PRESTIGIOUS conference about fake computer science, is looking for submissions. Still not too late to squeeze in a good joke for the March 27th submission deadline

During the photoshoot I came up with this idea how to show the thunderstorm. But I'm not sure if it's not too much for photosensitive people. What do you think?

#stopmotion #animation #stopmotionanimation #diorama #scenography #miniature #art #antique #thunderstorm #storm #mastoart

Overall, I really love the Librem. It is a vast improvement over the pinephone/pinephonepro. I liked my pinephones also, but the librem is just a much better phone.
I am starting my third year with a linux phone and I have no plans of going back. Especially now that I have the librem.
This phone is almost to the point that I could recommend it to some people. I am hopeful that by the end of this year, I might actually could start to recommed it.

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Arcance Cache: Review to ODGŁOS by @holypangolin studio: A surreal stop-motion animated game with experimental music based sound design available at itch that opens up a strange and creative world. Done with a huge love to details. Splendid!

#indiegame #review #underground #indiedev #art #adventure #surreal #experimental #opensource #linuxgaming #gaming #music

The little owl is afraid of the storm. It'll certainly bring some surprising events to her life 😮

I finally started the photoshoot and I have two minutes of the trailer already 🔥
Follow me if you like the movie and want to know when it's released ❤️

#mastoart #art #stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #puppet #diorama #animation #owl #owls #film #shorts #movies #storm #cute

Just flashed my phone with an OS image that was created on the same phone a few minutes earlier 😜 It works!

I felt a bit bad since I didn't show 's overview in the above (which was totally broken at that point). So I did a quick stab yesterday to hack the missing bits in. It's usable now (still mostly a hack to get into the design discussion with @purism 's designers):

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I made a new notebook illustrated with 15 of my cat portraits that I gathered over the years (some have never been posted before). It's available now on Amazon :)
Search for:
"Puss in Books: Cattitude Journal"
on your local Amazon 😉❤️

or visit my Author page:

I also prepared the cover design as a printable wall art that you can download on Etsy

#notebook #amazon #print #etsy #art #artist #mastoart #cats #cat #ink #watercolor #journal #books #book

Grabbed my old jailbroken Kindle reader to hack on it a bit, sshed into it, searched the Web for clues on how to use some of its stuff and ended up learning from forum posts made by 10 years younger myself.

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