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The newest game I've been working on, ODGŁOS, is finally available to play! A cute owl, the history of electronic music, shapeshifting snakes and intergalactic journeys inside the Polish Radio Experimental Studio - all in a stop-motion interactive story :) You'll need a browser, headphones and 30 minutes to spare. Have fun!

Here's a trailer that we just made, for our game that's two years old already. Cute owls, intergalactic travels, weird puzzles with ordinary objects, plus legendary electronic sounds. Check it out :)

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #games #indie #art #stopmotionanimation #animation #crotchet #owl #mastoart

We just made a short trailer for a game that has been out for two years now. Well, better late than never!

phosh 0.20.0 is out 🚀📱 :

After three beta releases we've finally tagged phosh 0.20.0.

Check out the full release notes at . This also links to the release notes of the beta releases which have more details.

And the good news is we already have new merge requests pending for phosh 0.20.1 and 0.30.0.


This time on the podcast, @dos from @purism talks about his Die Hard GNU/Linux User On Phones life. How he's developing lots of great things for Phoc/Phosh, the Librem 5 and how he implemented his personal dream of shrinking windows that he had since the Openmoko days.

Librem 5 USA now finally in stock with 10 day shipping window and new production runs of the regular Librem 5 coming soon with the goal to fulfill all outstanding orders around the end of the year. So glad to see a light at the end of this tunnel! @purism

phoc 0.21.0 has been released, more stable than ever, paving the way for the imminent release of phosh that will bring a lot of goodies in :) Grab it at ➡️ @purism

Improved 's screenshot support a bit so it can also handle screen area selection leveraging slurp ( and gnome-screenshot.


phosh 0.20.0~beta3 is out 🚀📱 :

It fixes many bugs on our road to 0.20.0.

Check out the full release notes at for details.


A wonderful write-up about tar file format and why computational complexity matters even in cases you wouldn't think it does!

In February I took part in GDevelop GameJam #1 and made a game using an illustration of Physalis #fruit, that I made a couple of years ago and kept in a drawer until the jam!
It took part in a story about helping Yesh the Hedgehog build a house of leaves for winter!

I've just made some fixes & added sounds of Yesh!! Check it out at :)

#gamedev #indiedev #game #itchio #indie #watercolor #handmade #illustration #art #mastoart #hedgehog #autumn #leaves #fediart #music #nature

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