In a huge victory for human rights, the European Parliament calls for a ban on biometric mass surveillance and facial recognition. 😀🥳 Let's keep fighting for privacy! 💪

Congratulations to @PINE64 for the #pinephonepro, the new device has a lot of potential (support GLES 3.2, Vulkan, OpenCL), maybe Linux phone games soon?

It's also mindblowing that they managed to sneak the #pinebookpro SoC into a device.

If you see this when updating your device today (running Arch Linux ARM on @PINE64 #PinePhone / #PineTab):

:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace linux-pine64 with pine64/linux-megi? [Y/n]
:: Replace linux-pine64-headers with pine64/linux-megi-headers? [Y/n]

Allow it to do so, we've renamed our kernel package. Once update is done, you can reboot as normal.

Improvements for those of us who run daily on their :
- the media player allows to skip in songs/podcasts (by @ollieparanoid)
- headphones show a different icon
- music player gets muted on headphone unplug

While Mobian does not directly support running #Android applications, it seems that some users find running them via #waydroid on the #pinephone surprisingly nice. Our wiki has some installation instructions if you want to try it out.

@FreePietje You're looking at the flashback picture of the Pinephone (original) announcement ;)

The team at reviewed our newly launched #Fairphone 4 to uncover exactly what makes the Fairphone different. From tech specs to fair specs – this review covered it all 📱🌿


NEW VIDEO: The Anti-iPhone


Playing with GNOME OS Nightly and some of the core apps already ported to GTK4.

GNOME 42 is going to be so good 🚀

In 2011, Arne (left) and Matthias (right) started working on Tutanota. Today we can offer not just the most secure mailbox, but also a fully encrypted address book and a zero-knowledge calendar. Stay tuned for more! 😀🥳

Find out what changes are in store for in our latest blog post!

Love the light and dark themes/wallpapers provided by Olauncher! One of the best launchers on @fdroidorg. Also @GrapheneOS has given us stellar battery life on the Pixel 4a.

Auditor app version 30 released:

See the linked release notes for an overview of the improvements and a link to the full list of changes.

Most of us are guilty of distro-hopping at some point or another. With that being said, what is that one distro you always come back to? For us it's been Manjaro Gnome. @manjarolinux you've got us all hooked.

Today I wanted to find a way to watch IPTV on my #Pinephone.

After multiple tests, I had the best experience with MPV combined with mpv-iptv (

Gotta admit, we love @Tutanota and their product. Helps us run our blog incredibly well.

People vs Big Tech is gaining momentum. Join our fight together with Amnesty International for a better, a more private Internet! 💪
Check here how you pay for Google and Facebook to be free:

Anki - free and open source, multi-platform software to ease the remembering of data by means of flash cards and interval repetitions

Install: Deb, RPM, Snap and Flatpak packages, EXE (Windows), DMG (macOS), Mobile apps: Android, iOS

I was quite shocked when I recently logged into Discord and it asked me to enter my school email to get connected with different Discord pages tied to the college that I'm attending. How would Discord know I'm in currently enrolled in college, what type of information are they collecting to know that information?

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