@purism This is just a quick hack so far but we can now use 's future 'docked' mode to only display 'adaptive' apps when undocked and all apps when docked based on their desktop file information:

If this would be Unreal Tournament, I would say "Rampage!!!". One great feature after another. Well done!

@agx @purism
Hey Guido, does the hack also disable the on-screen keyboard while in docked mode?

In the picture it looks like it vanishes and re-appears...

@chrichri @agx @purism It appears in undocked mode, which is fine. In my testing (mostly with Arch Linux ARM) I have not had issues with the keyboard appearing while in docked mode lately.

@linmob @agx @purism

Hm, I guess I got some things mixed up - sorry!

When I asked I wasn't thinking about a situation phosh has been in docked mode: It had an external keyboard connected, but no hdmi output.

That makes the situation even worth: the tiny screen is occupied by the virtual keyboard - even though I'm using an external one.

I guess we'd need more modes then "docked" and "undocked".

There should be a difference handling for attaching external monitors and external keyboards.

@chrichri @agx @purism Depending on how you connect your keyboard, you can hack on /usr/bin/osk-wayland (that's the shell script that calls squeekboard) to disable keyboard while your keyboard is connected. It's defintely possible with USB keyboards, likely with bluetooth, too.

@linmob @chrichri @purism no need to modify any scripts: 'gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-keyboard-enabled false'

@agx @chrichri @purism Wouldn't that permanently disable the virtual keyboard? Or would it be "fine" because the virtual keyboard can be manually triggered after disconnecting the hardware keyboard?

@linmob @agx @purism
My attempt would be to use udev to react to the event of connecting a keyboard to issue the gsettings command...

@chrichri @purism yes,in 's doked mode osk is disabled, close button comes back, windows become moveable/resizeable.

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