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I'm getting faster! With this new project I really got into a nice rhythm. As a result after two hours of work (30 mins of that to tie the warp back on) I went from a loose warp to about 7 inches of fabric.

Now that the 2nd tote is finished, what's next? I have other gifts I need to weave for the holidays, but I can't start them yet! It took almost 9 hours to measure warp and dress the loom for this project, so to save time overall I put enough warp on to weave at least 3 totes back-to-back.

The problem is, I can't use the loom for other holiday projects until I weave another tote! Fortunately this next tote has already been commissioned by my local yarn store! Busy time around here.

To all mastodon admins:

Hi! I’m Evan Phoenix, the primary author of puma, the ruby webserver that powers mastodon!

Please reply or DM me if you need tuning help! I’ve got no officiation with the mastodon, just want to see you succeed!

(Quick Tip: set WEB_CONCURRENCY to core count * 1.5 and then tune MAX_THREADS. High thread values will see diminishing returns!)

My handwoven tote bag is done! I wasn't sure whether my plan for the tweed background and purple krokbragd pattern stripe would work but I'm really happy how it turned out.

This time I used raw leather strips for the handles which meant an extra hour punching holes in leather. Like my previous tote this is lined and has interfacing so it can stand up on its own.

I'm curious to know which other parts of the people are exploring besides Mastodon. Who is using , , or others? I'd love to know more and get recommendations on how to approach.

I feel like I haven't fully embraced the full Fediverse yet.

My thread here yesterday about this cycle between open and closed protocols inspired me to write a longer-form piece on the subject:

🌱 My Neighbor Mastodon

Just want to say thanks for the 15K followers. It's amazing how calming it can be for me as an artist to know that my biggest audience is on the Fediverse right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who contributed to this.

#MastoArt #krita

After people get used to tech without lock-in, companies will need new tech that allows them to rewrite the rules. I suspect VR/AR will be the the technology that will allow companies to lock folks back in. It is the next evolution to make a computer that is even more personal than a smartphone.

This is clearly why Meta is all in on this tech and why Apple is exploring the space as well. Whoever controls this tech controls the portal into the virtual and real world. We will need to be vigilant.

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Why bring this up now? Because it feels like the pendulum is swinging back toward open standards much like after the first dotcom bust. People (some for the first time) are getting a taste of the benefits of open standards. I think we will see a similar era of open standards and tech on the Internet, at least for awhile. But there will be similar attempts to find ways to embrace and extend these standards and lock people back into portals.

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So why did it change? There are a few causes, and this pendulum between open and closed tech is always swinging, but to me the single most important cause was the advent of the smartphone.

Smartphones allowed tech companies to rewrite the rules around standards, software, lock-in and as Big Tech companies all sought to control the new personal computer with rules people would have rejected on their laptops. The rush to control SMS and news portals killed XMPP and RSS, respectively.

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After the dotcom bust 20 years ago, there was a shift away from attempts to turn the Internet into a portal owned by a single company (AOL, Yahoo, etc) using incompatible and proprietary tech, in favor of open standards.

This spawned a heydey for things like self-hosted blogs, RSS and XMPP powered by Linux. People rejected lock-in and embraced the benefits and freedom open standards brought. Even Big Tech embraced these standards.

The new @reality2cast is out! I talked to @dsearls @shawnp0wers and @kyle about the ups, downs, and how-tos of using Mastodon amid Twitter's recent instability.
The full episode “Mastodon Lifeboats for Twitter Users” is at or you can find it in your podcast app.

Deleted and reposting because I neglected to mention a major part of our team, @cirriustech and that needs to be set right.


Hi all. I want to spend a moment expressing my deep appreciation for the moderation team: @dnsprincess @apiratemoo @ScottMortimer @reg @jett @ClevVenger @SecureOwl @paco @cirriustech

I pulled this team together exactly a week ago, and in that week, they've made a world of difference in that short time. The respect, diligence, and professionalism they show in executing their moderation responsibilities is impressive. Not everyone is going to like every decision we make but know that it comes from a place of compassion and with the best interest of the community in mind.

I would also like to shout out to @dreadpir8robots, who has done a stellar job of organizing and transforming our wiki site.

In the coming days and weeks, we'll be adding additional people to the volunteer team for helping to reorganize the server infrastructure, provide ongoing infrastructure support, handle technical issues from the community, and so on.

I am taking some time off from work next week, and my focus will be filing paperwork to establish a non-profit to assume responsibility for the site, as I previously committed to do.

I'm very humbled by the community that's built up here so rapidly and I appreciate the patience you've shown as we scaled up fast and made mistakes along the way.

As people who have been here for a while understand, the fediverse is a much larger community than just While I have been running for over 5 years, when it became clear that Twitter was likely to implode, I wanted to provide a reliable landing spot for people looking for a new site to connect with others in the industry and beyond.

While I hope to be deeply involved in for at least another 5 years, it's important to understand that it's ok, and expected, that people who came in through the front door to diffuse into the larger fediverse. I don't have revenue targets or account growth KPIs for There are no investors or advertisers to please. The only thing I am measuring myself against is that I created something useful for all of you.

But this ain't Twitter, and many people have let me know that, so some of you will conclude this isn't the platform for you for $reason, and that's ok. It's not for everyone.

Speaking of that, I think it's obvious that runs on open-source software called Mastodon. That software is always looking for help - both in the form of code contributions and also financial support (see https:.// for more info). I took some of the donations I've collected and used it to help support the Mastodon project.

I wish all of you peace and love.


Here is the fabric off the loom. The brown portion in the center will be the bottom of the tote and the tweed-like pattern will be the background along the sides with the purple pattern forming a band around the center. It will be easier to visualize when it is sewn together.

I really like the green checkmark system in Mastodon, but when relying on them for trust it's important to keep in mind *what* you are trusting:

* The security of the remote site (hacked site could vouch for an attacker)
* The security of the Mastodon instance (same)
* The integrity of the Mastodon instance (a modified version could let the owner disable the remote check)

This is one reason why I like self-owned instances on the account owner's domain.

I finished my tote! At the end I only had to weave a single color and the lack of shuttle changes let me settle into a nice steady rhythm.

I’ll say it again, because I broke my own rule and I’m reaping what I sowed:

Do not automate what you don’t know how to do manually.

Do. Not. Automate, what you don’t know how to do manually.

I installed a mantel over the fireplace today so we celebrated with the first fire of the season.

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