The new @reality2cast is out! I talked to @dsearls @shawnp0wers and @kyle about the ups, downs, and how-tos of using Mastodon amid Twitter's recent instability.
The full episode “Mastodon Lifeboats for Twitter Users” is at or you can find it in your podcast app.


sweet gonna try to get it into my podcast app but its not syndicated or ?

@mortendk it is. You should be able to find Reality 2.0 in any app.

@katherined im officially an idiot (tm)
i searched for reality2cast ;)

grapped it gonna be good to hear some nerd talk in my ears when i walk the bulldog

@mortendk I particularly enjoyed the part where @shawnp0wers reminded me and @kyle that we are HUGE nerds. 🤣

@kyle @katherined @mortendk It did spark my last video showing how to verify even if you’re “just a Wordpress user” ;)

@shawnp0wers @kyle @katherined gotta admit i hammered my validation in directly on github pushed that fucker to netlify and waited for that green check !
take that elon and your 8 usd

@katherined @mortendk @shawnp0wers I mean let's just take a snapshot of yesterday:

* Swapped out WiFi cards in my mobile phone
* 3D printed a single-print toaster model with working levers and bread
* Tied fringe on handwoven cloth
* Played chess while listening to Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier
* Read a vintage 1930 book on the history of French weaving by the light of an oil lamp

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