I'm curious to know which other parts of the people are exploring besides Mastodon. Who is using , , or others? I'd love to know more and get recommendations on how to approach.

I feel like I haven't fully embraced the full Fediverse yet.

@katherined I checked out Bookwyrn, but the instance I picked was so slow, and importing from Goodreads was error-prone.

I may try to use it again, but not import any of my old data.

@katherined I’ve been playing with bookwyrm ( https://bookwyrm.social/user/walkah ) and really like the idea… haven’t gotten around to Lemmy or pixelfed but they’re on my list.

I kinda prefer the idea of having all of these under a single identifier, but I don’t know anyone working on that.

@RobLoach @walkah Hopefully? I love the idea of Goodreads, but I sometimes find it a little creepy. 😬 😆

@katherined @RobLoach yeah, I feel like a lot of the Goodreads alternatives haven’t made it very far, but one of the biggest benefits IMO is the social discovery, so an activitypub-enabled version makes so much sense to me.

@katherined @walkah Finding it creepy because people can see all the awkward teen werewolf romance novels you're reading? 😅

@katherined @RobLoach @walkah
What is Lemmy ? cause all i can think about is Lemmy Kilmeister & motorhead please please pleaaaase let there be some abscure service in the name of mr. Kilmeister ace of spades ... its the ace of spades

@mortendk @katherined @RobLoach @walkah #Lemmy is a #Reddit alternative but apart from the main instance it also has a few others as well such as #Beehaw (which claims to be more "friendly").

@katherined@social.librem.one for this account I'm using @dev@microblog.pub which is a single-user microblogging platform. It is very basic, but includes most fediverse features such as user / post lookup, following other users, viewing a stream of followed user posts, dms, etc etc. I also have secondary accounts on a couple of Mastodon instances where I boost posts made on my microblog.

@katherined enjoying my self-hosted pixelfed instance as a chilled instagram experience so to speak

@katherined I use my personal #Friendica instance since 2011. Its more Facebook like.

@katherined I like and used in the past peertube, and it is quite cool because I can follow a peertube channel from mastodon as if was a regular user, because it is a regular user.

It's videos show in my mastodon feed like any other user I follow feed, and I can watch and reply to it, and my replies show up in the comment section of the video.

So no need to make a post on mastodon with the link to the video, You just publish and it is available on the fediverse like a post.


@katherined 2/2

For example this is the video channel for The Linux Experiment.


Just use the link in the search bar, on mastodon and you have the option to follow as a user.

@katherined another example that is castopd, the fedeverse version of a podcast service, you can also follow and comment from mastodon or others:


@katherined I actually tried Pixelfed first, before I knew what the #Fediverse is. Unfortunately, I can't get to my account since I wiped my phone last year and forgot to turn off 2FA. I might just start a new account on another instance since I only posted 2-3 photos on the original account.

@katherined I'm also interested in Bookwyrm. I currently use Story Graph, but I'd like to use #Fediverse services as much as possible and see how well they work.

@katherined I probably - obviously - when I read your examples and other in the thread am not even aware of all of the fediverse! I knew about Pixelfed, have looked at it and have a mental note to one day explore more and possibly also start to share on Pixelfed.

@katherined #BookWyrm is top of my list:
I'm interested in #ActivityPub and #wordpress
I've set up an account on #PixelFed
I'm in the process of setting up an account on #friendica
I'll explore others later

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