I really like the green checkmark system in Mastodon, but when relying on them for trust it's important to keep in mind *what* you are trusting:

* The security of the remote site (hacked site could vouch for an attacker)
* The security of the Mastodon instance (same)
* The integrity of the Mastodon instance (a modified version could let the owner disable the remote check)

This is one reason why I like self-owned instances on the account owner's domain.

@kyle yep!

p.s. why not do the same enumeration for t? and f? should be an interesting excercise methinks.

@tivasyk For any proprietary software or network: you must anchor your trust in that organization and its employees and you are dependent upon their ability to secure their property.

@kyle For $8/mo I'll keep a list of accounts that are for realsies real.

@shawnp0wers If someone had enough trust from the community and there were sufficient demand I could actually see that kind of service where someone performs strong identity verification and vouches for accounts from their site.

@kyle @shawnp0wers Government institutions or employers maybe?

@adam @kyle

The German federal government runs it's own instance for example for German government institutes and also for some local German states:


And it is on their domain.

The same for the European Union:



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