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Over a year ago I got this antique porcelin shaving mug, but only recently started using it (I had to use up my other soap first). Most mugs I've seen have a single bowl you put soap in and lather from.

What is pretty unique about this mug is that it has a lower bowl you can fill with hot water and soak your brush, and an upper bowl for your shaving soap. Before this, I had been soaking my brush in a separate container.

How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 5 

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We are all aware that many surnames are derived from professions (Smith, Cooper, Weaver). In the course of my research into the history of weaving I didn't realize how many others derived from cloth production:

* Fuller - someone who fulls woolen cloth (works cloth in water to shrink/fluff it)
* Walker - derived from Waulker, someone who Waulks, or fulls, fabric
* Shearer - shears sheep, or removes excess nap from cloth
* Draper - weaver/seller of cloth
* Dyer - dyes cloth

How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 4 

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How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 3 

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Here's something you couldnt do on twitter:

file a bug report, and have people actually fix the bug.

mastodon is kinda neat :D

I took another look at updating phosh-antispam to gtk-4 and libadwaita. It took a bit of time, but it looks to be finished!

I updated phosh-antispam to 3.0~beta. Feel free to test and let me know how it works!

@kyle II picked the Most Active / followed People / TOP50 on this Instance in a List, thats somehow working quite well for me.

While following people's boosts and hashtags is enough for me, I understand why some people new to chronological timelines are fearful they will miss out on popular posts.

It might be interesting if each instance had a "trending" account you could follow that routinely boosted the latest popular posts. That would be opt-in and it doesn't mask the rest of your timeline.

See our good friend and frequent guest, @kyle, discuss supply chain security in this CNBC piece on manufacturing consumer electronics in the USA. We're excited to see @purism in the news!

#security #supplyChain #infosec #manufacturing #electronics #hardware #phones #teamKyle

#NewReporting: Major tax filing companies—including TaxAct, TaxSlayer, and H&R Block—have been sending users' information to Facebook as they file their taxes online.

The penalties for disclosing data without consent could be steep.

#Data #Privacy #Facebook #Meta

How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody, part 2 

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How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody. Long serial thread, updated daily. 

I was interviewed about supply chain security (around 15 min mark) in a longer CNBC feature about manufacturing phones in the USA. In short, it's less about trust concerns with any particular country/govt., and more about reducing the links in the supply chain to reduce the opportunities to tamper with hardware.

Our Made-in-USA-electronics Librem 5 USA phone also got a number of shout-outs. Pretty neat!

I think everyone recognizes just how bad algorithms can be at predicting your interests. Relying on algorithms so you don't miss out on something means you do miss out on a lot of posts from people you do follow. I always wondered just how many posts on Twitter my followers actually saw.

Ultimately, the only one who knows what I want to see on my own timeline is me, and even then my tastes/interests change. My timeline is an information garden I tend to, weeding, pruning, and planting.

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I've been on a chronological timeline both here and on Twitter for a few years. Here is how I manage it:

I don't follow lightly. Following means I want to see all your posts. I read each post.

I filter. When ppl fill up my whole timeline with streams of posts too often, I either filter boosts or unfollow. It's nothing personal.

What about trending? Easy to tell what's trending because people w/ shared interests who I follow post/boost about the topic. If not, I follow someone new who does.

Now that I'm really cranking through this project, I had the fleeting thought "wow maybe it *would* be profitable to sell these" until I did the math. It will take 8 hours to weave the fabric and another 12 to finish it (tying fringe, washing, ironing) and sew it into a tote. I realized if I sold them for $350 I'd cover material costs and pay myself a $15/hr minimum wage.

So if you are wondering why I'm not opening up an Etsy store or something, that's why.

While I didn't get to weave as much as I wanted this weekend, I was still able to get halfway through the fabric for the new tote. Here's the progress after 4 hours.

There's just been an update for my #Librem5. The new #phosh version offers an experimental plugin called phosh-ticket-box.

It allows the user to show PDFs from the lockscreen without unlocking the phone.

Show the QR for the parcel you want to send without unlocking.
Show your train ticket without unlocking
Show whatever PDF you like without unlocking.

It can be enabled in phosh-mobile-settings in the Lockscreen menu.

gsettings get sm.puri.phosh.plugins.ticket-box folder shows the path inside the home directory the plugin looks for PDFs in. The default is /home/purism/phosh-ticket-box.

Make the directory, put a PDF inside, enable the plugin and lock the phone. Enable the screen, swipe from the left border of the screen towards the right, select by swiping left and right the Tickets pane (if you have enabled more then one plugin) and click on the PDF to show.

Resizing and scrolling works with the known gestures.

Thanks !

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