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I've gotten some questions about Packagekit and why we don't provide interactive signing during package updates. I talk at length about some of the challenges with that approach here:

I wrote an article about best practices (including travel tips) for PureBoot, @purism 's tamper-evident boot firmware that allows the user to control all of the keys and secrets used for the signing process. Check it out here:

Kyle Rankin, 's Chief Security Officer, overviews - our cutting-edge secured boot process - and shares his PureBoot and best practice. Great advice for anyone who travels with their laptop.

Hey! Hackers disrespecting me?
Take 'em out.
You gotta keep 'em separated.
Hey! Pager's calling after me?
Prod is out.
You gotta keep 'em separated.
Hey, they don't pay no mind,
If they're not on a pager won't be working overtime.
Hey, come out and play.

By the time you hear the pager,
It's already too late,
Some untested code pushed to Ruby on Rails,
One server's wasted and your uptime's a waste.
It goes down the same as the thousands before,
No one is getting smarter,
No one's learning the score.
The neverending spree of hacks and simple mistakes
Is gonna tie your own rope tie your own rope tie your own.

Hey! Pager's calling after me?
Prod is out.
You gotta keep 'em separated.
Hey! Hackers disrespecting me?
Take 'em out.
You gotta keep 'em separated.
Hey, they don't pay no mind,
If they're from a different country won't be doing any time.
Hey, come out and play.

Like the latest fashion,
Like a spreading disease,
Devs will login all the way to production,
Getting root shells with the greatest of ease.

Pentests staked out your whole network locale,
And if they pop your Jenkins then it's all over pal.
If one dev exploit gets a shell in Linux,
They're gonna bash it up, slash it up, hack it up, prod's not up.

Inspector Gadget is a cautionary tale about a tech-obsessed gadget geek dealing with the consequences of buggy voice recognition software.

That said, if I ever do use a voice assistant, I'm changing the trigger phrase to "Go Go Gadget."

Translation: PG&E has neglected maintenance and upgrades for so long that even with the spotlight on them it's going to take a *decade* to catch up.
"California Can Expect Blackouts For A Decade, Says PG&E CEO"

@kyle I was surprised to find out the number of middle schoolers at my son's school who are using VPNs to get access to Instagram. Priorities.

Holy smokes.

LibreOffice runs on the Librem 5!


Saving files, opening files, typing... the UI is a bit cramped (it's a desktop app on a phone)... but hot-diggity! It works!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the most persistent, resourceful and difficult adversaries to secure against are kids behind parental/school controls and employees behind corporate firewalls:

Giving users the power to moderate their own feeds is the key. Centralized moderation will always be flawed--a company can never represent your sensitivities as well as you and your peers (and will likely bow to outside pressure to censor, whether it's China or groups of users).

This is among the reasons I never post pictures of my son. I understand and accept risks to my own identity, but I don't own his online identity--I'm merely a steward of it until he's an adult. I hope at that point I can hand it off to him untarnished and unexploited.

Step 1: Get in da choppah
Step 2: Get over da volcano
There is no step 3!

The very rare Goth sea turtle only visits beaches as black as its soul.

Yes, we know you're excited; Yes, you can see the anodized chassis we got into this Aspen batch; Yes, we are asking you to be patient as we incrementally ship through tens of thousands of Librem 5 phones over the next handful of months; Yes, you will get yours. Yes, you will be impressed. @purism

It's called because it's finally cold enough to walk around in a black hoodie.

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