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It's time for a round of "Lunduke says obvious things about himself because a few people like to make up things about him."

Lunduke is not now, and has never been, a Nazi.

Lunduke is a proud Jewish man.

Lunduke believes in freedom. Free speech and Free Software are my jam.

Lunduke believes in and lives by the ideals of Bill & Ted: Be excellent to each other.

Lunduke has been fighting for basic civil rights for ALL (incl. same sex marriage) since he became a grown-up in the 90s.

In a couple hours, I'll be deleting a bunch of On-Line accounts. Including this Fediverse account.

There are two primary ways to follow my work and chat with me...

Locals (Social Media, Books, Videos):

Odysee (Videos):$/invite/@Lunduke:e

I'll be deleting my Fediverse account at the end of the weekend (along with Twitter and a few others).

If you want to hang out with me in a respectful, happy, nerdy atmosphere, do so at

Over 2,200 Members at

Plus over 24,000 subscriptions on Odysee.

And growing fast. Subscribe to one of these... I shant be on the Fediverse much longer.

Lunduke on Tech:

Lunduke on Politics:

In the coming days I will be deleting a few On-Line accounts (like this one).

Want to be sure to get my content (or chat with me)? Here's the places where I'll be:

Awesome Masculinity, Computers, & You.

This was originally released as an exclusive perk for subscribers. But the topic is incredibly important.

So it's now free for everyone.

Watch it for free on Odysee:

With "Linux Sucks 2021" fast approaching, now seems like a good time to see how Linux royally sucked in 2020!

Watch "Linux Sucks 2020" on Odysee:

Want to watch the 2021 edition when it first comes out? Subscribe right here:

Twitter is dying. I'm already off YouTube.

Want to be sure to stay up to date on what I'm doing -- and interact with me and the rest of the community?

You'll want to sign up at

Exclusive books, videos, and more await you.

"Mozilla gives $100k to fund Antifa email" - March, 2018

Hooooo-doggy. That one got me yelled at!

"Awesome Masculinity, Computers, & You" is now available for subscribers of The Lunduke Journal!

Not part of The Lunduke Journal family yet? Now seems like a pretty gosh darned good time to join!

A presentation rejected by every Tech conference from here to Timbuktu...

Is finally happening.

"Awesome Masculinity, Computers, & You."

Next Monday, December 28.

Only for subscribers of The Lunduke Journal:

Merry Christmas Eve y'all!

Because you've been a good nerd this year, here's a little gift:

Issue #2 of The Lunduke Journal is free to download!

Paper doll of Tux the Penguin. Color by number Bill Gates. Articles and comics about DOS. Nerdy & happy.

Give the gift of a digital subscription and membership to The Lunduke Journal this Christmas!

- Super nerdy (retro computing, Linux, nerdy crafts)
- Plus extra books and videos
- Instantly delivered (no shipping)

It's basically a great big virtual hug.

The back cover of the print edition of "The Lunduke Journal" reads:

"There are a lot of nerds in this world. But only one nerd as awesome as you."

I put those words there because it's true.

During Linux Sucks 2019, I dared an audience to hack into my Windows 3.11 PC or my DOS powered BBS.

Nobody ever did. ;)

If you haven't seen that show yet, you can get it over at as one of the (many) exclusive perks.

Magazines should have more screenshots of Haiku.

... The Lunduke Journal sure does. :)

Check out Issue #3 for a list of super awesome features that Linux could use to borrow from other Operating Systems.

Including Haiku / BeOS.

Core Dumps. They happen.

It's a fact of life.

Now that fact is immortalized on a T-Shirt. Grab yours over at The Lunduke Store.

The early responses for The Lunduke Journal issue 3 are pretty doggone positive!

"loved the first two issues but really, really liked this one"

"Another fantastic issue sir, very much enjoyed reading it. I can not wait until issue #4"

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