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It's time for a round of "Lunduke says obvious things about himself because a few people like to make up things about him."

Lunduke is not now, and has never been, a Nazi.

Lunduke is a proud Jewish man.

Lunduke believes in freedom. Free speech and Free Software are my jam.

Lunduke believes in and lives by the ideals of Bill & Ted: Be excellent to each other.

Lunduke has been fighting for basic civil rights for ALL (incl. same sex marriage) since he became a grown-up in the 90s.

"Road-Sign Hank & The Aliens", the critically acclaimed comic book from yours truly, is coming back!

You can get the first 2 issues by:
- Subscribing via Locals
- Subscribing via Patreon
- Purchasing via LBRY

Subscribers get the new issues for free. ;)

Lunduke and Friends - July 4, 2020 - Part 1

With super-nerdy-guests: Chris Titus & Matt Hartley

Watch & Listen (via LBRY, Locals, and Podcast):

New weekly exclusive podcast is out! All my lovely, nerdy, attractive subscribers (via Patreon or Locals) can grab that bad mama-jama right now!



Lunduke and Friends - June 27, 2020 - Part 2

We talk about Amigas.
We talk about Gopher.
We talk about Transformers.
We talk about... Snarf.

There is much happiness.

LBRY, YouTube, & Podcast:

New comic strip out this morning! About installing Windows 10 updates and Office!

Subscribers (via Locals or Patreon) get it a week before the general public. *hint hint* ;)



Lunduke and Friends - June 27, 2020 - Part 1

Matt Hartley and I talk about Superheroes, Haiku, OpenShot, Microsoft Outlook (seriously), hosting static websites, ARM Macs, dad jokes, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff. It's awesome.

Book: Half a Decade of Linux-y Shenanigans

570 pages containing everything worth printing in the Linux world between 2012 and 2017.

If you're not currently a subscriber to The Lunduke Journal (via either Patreon or Locals) here's what you've missed out on over just the last week:

- 1 exclusive podcast
- 2 early comic strips
- 1 eBook

This next week? Even more. :)

The weekly, subscriber-exclusive podcast is out!

You can get it by subscribing to The Lunduke Journal one of two places:


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