I worked on my book all weekend. I finished the book layout in LaTeX and reviewed the 200-page digital "page proof" word by word, correcting any formatting mistakes and other errors. I finished my final tweaks to the index and this evening uploaded the completed and proofed PDF, designed the cover, and submitted all of the rest of the information.

The final step before I release "The Best of Hack and /: Linux Admin Crash Course" is printing and reviewing the finished physical product.

Some might find it interesting that all of the work to turn a bunch of disparate articles into a properly-formatted book, from the additional writing and formatting work (VIM + LaTeX plugin), digital page proof review (Evince), LaTeX research and integration with the self-publishing platform (Firefox), cover photo tweaks (GIMP), happened not only with FOSS tools, but all on my personal computer, which happens to be a Librem 5 phone attached to a lapdock.

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Or you could just run win and watch it crash without the course.

@kyle nice, am using latex with emacs and mupdf to preview output, >600 pages and still going :)

It's on my standard desktop machine not a librem 5 but still!

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