The case for my knitting machine clock is complete!

I could hang this on the wall now and start knitting this year's scarf, but I'm going to spend time on the software side. The fact that this has 22 hooks leaves me with imperfect options. Right now I do one stitch per hour, and half stitches at 0,6,12,18 to make one row per day. I *could* simply divide a full day's motion across 24 hrs, or do it in 12 hours (2 rows/day) to mimic a normal clock. Thoughts?

@kyle build a 2nd one that runs backwards at the same speed, and have a knitted scarf and unknitted spool of wool as buffers between them.

@kyle thats really cool is the knitting machine 3d printed todo?

@runtimeterror Thanks! The knitting machine is the inside mechanism from a Sentro 22-hook knitting machine.

@kyle i kinda wanted to try printing one of these, but i dont know if its just worth buying one

@runtimeterror It depends on what you want to do with it, I guess. The consumer metallic hook CSM the printables design mimics are hundreds of dollars, but also more capable than the inexpensive ($40-$70), plastic Sentro 22 and 48-hook machines like I used for this project.

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