@marcos thanks for the reply! Mine eventually worked after a day or so. I think it was a cache thing.

@marcos I see that you successfully moved to a new Mastodon instance from Librem.one after having issues. What made it finally work? (I'm also running into an error.) Thanks for any pointers!

@DiverDoc @katherined thanks! I’ll follow back if I ever figure out what’s holding up the move. 😂

@joao I actually tried entering the alias incorrectly, and it will show a not found type error. It's weird. I have migrated another account before (not from librem.one), and it was pretty straightforward. I wonder why the alias isn't visible.

@joao Yes, that's the alias. I set up the alias on the new account, which should allow me to migrate, but the current account doesn't see it.

Except that it doesn't work. lol. I definitely set up the alias. What am I missing here? This should be pretty straightforward, and I have done it before... 🙁

I'm about to move to a new Mastodon account that's on a server I manage (and can accept DMs), which has been my goal for a while. Yay for portability! If you are following me, you should automatically follow the new account, but it's @katherined just in case!

Ok, probably my last push. If you considered retweeting about my book, maybe this one makes sense. B&N has a GREAT deal on pre-orders, including mine. :) barnesandnoble.com/w/my-big-ro (Or signed copies are available, details here: snar.co/book1)

I host my own email, DNS, website, and many other services, so I figure I should probably host my own mastodon instance as well. Plus as @aral always says, it's good for the Fediverse to have more smaller instances.

So I'm going to attempt the Mastodon server migration now, which means if you follow me, it *should* automatically move you. If not, you can follow me @kyle.

But you know what's NOT poopy? My new book! It's out on Monday, and you can pre-order at B&N for 25% off! snar.co/book1

Remember when I drew a comic every day? Well, there were a lot of days of that. And today, a bunch of those @mybigroundworld comics became... A BOOK! (a discounted pre-order book even...)

Details are in my free newsletter: nerdlings.substack.com/p/my-li #book #comic

@hehemrin @kyle I agree! I start wondering if I have something to write. :)

Tune in to our new episode! @katherined and @dsearls talk to prolific tech author, @kyle, about how he recently self-published his latest book, and how that differs from his many experiences with traditional publishers.
Visit the following link for full episode - reality2cast.com/144

#Publishing #Technology #Privacy #Podcast #newEpisode

Thanks to the excellent suggestion from @agx, I have created a sample chapter for the book. A link is available on the product page for each version of the book, or you can check it out directly here:


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Wrote for Linux Journal and it was a gas
Every month, published Hack and /
Wrote for a decade only to find
LJ went bust, posts gone behind

Wrote for Linux Journal and it was divine
I wrote down everything on my mind
A lot of great tips that now you can't find
LJ went bust, posts gone behind

In between, I put the best columns in a book of mine
It is now self-published with hardcover spine
Paperback and ebook too, they all are good
I sell them on Lulu


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