Except that it doesn't work. lol. I definitely set up the alias. What am I missing here? This should be pretty straightforward, and I have done it before... 🙁

New Open at Intel Podcast is up!
This episode with Intel Researcher and project maintainer, @terri, and Open Source Evangelist, @pixelgeek, explores an software vulnerability scanner called Binary Tool, which scans binaries and component lists in your project and reports back known vulnerabilities.
Listen here or in your favorite podcast player: openatintel.podbean.com/e/scan

Chag Sameach, ya’ll! Champagne counts for the wine part, right? 😁🥂

The new Open at Intel podcast is out! We picked up the conversation from last week to take a deep dive into the project, a LibOS that eases the path to running applications in trusted execution environments like Intel SGX. Enjoy!

"Securing Applications with Gramine"

What is confidential computing? I talked to Dan Middleton and Dave Thaler recently on the Open at Intel to take a deep dive into technologies and their work with the Confidential Computing Consortium, a The Linux Foundation project.

I believe these data protection technologies will be critical to building the more secure world we want going forward.


"Security at Every Step: Why Software Supply Chains Are Critical" Read an excerpt from the Open at Intel podcast covering supply chain security and the project: intel.com/content/www/us/en/de

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Hey wanna talk about podcasting, be on one of my podcasts, or get a neato sticker? Find me. I’m the one with @shawnp0wers ‘s !

Software supply chain security is a critical conversation for the community. I spoke with Marcela Melara and Bruno Domingues on the Open at Intel podcast about just that!

Today's release of the National Cybersecurity Strategy is a great reminder of the importance of learning about things like . I just happen to have a recommendation for that!


If you are working with software, you should understand SBOMs (Software Bill of Materials). Hear from two leaders in the space on the Open At Intel podcast. @iamintel and Kate Stewart joined me for the latest episode, All About SBOMs.


Curious about threat modeling? I talked to John Whiteman and @pdxjohnny on the Open at Intel podcast about just that. Join us and have some fun diving deep into this very important topic!


I'm very excited to announce a brand-new exploring the most intriguing conversations in brought to you by Intel’s Open Ecosystem group.


The first season focuses on and features Christopher "CRob" Robinson, John Whiteman, and @pdxjohnny and is hosted by me, @katherined.
The first two episodes are out now, and there are more to come!

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