Since there are so many new people heading this way in the latest , I thought I’d share my again. I’m an Evangelist for and a nerdy podcaster on @reality2cast and FLOSS Weekly on @twitnews where my interests are expanding more and more into and . I am also a Journal alum and a huge fan of , the open web, user and privacy-respecting and , ceramics, and really good and .

@katherined is there a way to follow your contacts or Twitter profile somehow or is it pretty much start from scratch?

@Human you can pick and choose manually or import in bulk.


I'm a #FLOSS Weekly fan. I find so many new things to look into from that podcast. Great to find you here in the #Fediverse.

@sttyerase I'm glad you found me! I love being part of FLOSS and talking to people about their projects. There are so many new things to learn and so little time. :) I'm on tomorrow too. I hope you'll join in, as it should be a fun one.

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