I can't receive DMs because they are disabled on the instance I'm on, but if you send me one, there is no way for you to know this. SO, I'm NOT ignoring you. I just don't see them. :)

@katherined Might be for the best. My understanding is that DMs are not encrypted.

@bryanruby yep. I believe that’s why they are disabled on Librem.one. Privacy focus means avoiding a false sense of security.

@katherined One day you think everything is private, the next day you're on display at archive.org. 🙂


Hey I wanted to ask you, whatever happened to Phil Hughes?

I tried to locate him a few years back when I realized he was no longer heading up LJ and the only thing I was able to find was that maybe he had moved to Panama or Costa Rica and had established a rural techie camp/ retreat, or something like that.

Do you have any info on whatever became of him after LJ and why he left?




@tallship He left for Nicaragua, but I'm not sure what he's up to these days.



I was just listening to the horse pr0n episode of your podcast. That one guy (not librem's admin) was a little bit defeatist about Mastodon, and I don't think he quite comprehended that if you do a move to another server all of your followers actually do come with you.

Also, the latest Mastodon does support edits of your posts after publishing (the old way would break any threads with replies and orphan boosts), which also updates wherever they've been boosted too if those remote servers support that. #SoapBox also supports both of these features too, and #Friendica has supported the edit feature for a long time - including even updates on the boosts.

And Mastodon has done away with the "toot" button, thank goodness, lolz. It now just says "Publish".

There's also a brand new turnkey SaaS provider for fully managed SoapBox hosting here if you want to pass it along. A much better platform IMNSHO than mastodon performance and stability-wise on much less resources, unless your planning on an instance with over say, 20k user accounts.


Anyway, thank you for that info on Phil, I always wondered what became of him, and have a great day!

#tallship #FOSS #ActivityPub #DeSoc


@tallship I think Shawn has come around on Mastodon since then.

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