Except that it doesn't work. lol. I definitely set up the alias. What am I missing here? This should be pretty straightforward, and I have done it before... 🙁

@katherined looks like you're logged into reality2.social and not librem?

@katherined very strange... I only followed a few folks and only had a few followers and manually set up this account. I haven't looked at my librem account for quite some time...

@beckrd @katherined

noob question: did you followed the step on point 4?

@joao Yes, that's the alias. I set up the alias on the new account, which should allow me to migrate, but the current account doesn't see it.

@katherined sorry for the question again: the alias you set up in the new account was:


Domain included?

@joao I actually tried entering the alias incorrectly, and it will show a not found type error. It's weird. I have migrated another account before (not from librem.one), and it was pretty straightforward. I wonder why the alias isn't visible.

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