The new @reality2cast is out! I talked to @dsearls @shawnp0wers and @kyle about the ups, downs, and how-tos of using Mastodon amid Twitter's recent instability.
The full episode “Mastodon Lifeboats for Twitter Users” is at or you can find it in your podcast app.

Here are some my favorite and telling it like it is on and . @mmasnick @briannawu @evangreer and @kashhill (who I hope will become more active here.) And obviously @dsearls

Since there are so many new people heading this way in the latest , I thought I’d share my again. I’m an Evangelist for and a nerdy podcaster on @reality2cast and FLOSS Weekly on @twitnews where my interests are expanding more and more into and . I am also a Journal alum and a huge fan of , the open web, user and privacy-respecting and , ceramics, and really good and .

Excellent analysis from the EFF.

"...hidden behind the false equivalencies and privacy gaslighting are a set of real technical proposals. Some are genuinely good ideas. Others could be unmitigated privacy disasters. This post will look at the specific proposals under Google’s new “Privacy Sandbox” umbrella and talk about what they would mean for the future of the web."

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