New Open at Intel Podcast is up!
This episode with Intel Researcher and project maintainer, @terri, and Open Source Evangelist, @pixelgeek, explores an software vulnerability scanner called Binary Tool, which scans binaries and component lists in your project and reports back known vulnerabilities.
Listen here or in your favorite podcast player:

The new Open at Intel podcast is out! We picked up the conversation from last week to take a deep dive into the project, a LibOS that eases the path to running applications in trusted execution environments like Intel SGX. Enjoy!

"Securing Applications with Gramine"

Hey, I’m about to be on FLOSS Weekly with @dsearls taking about VanillaOS. We’re live at right now!

What is confidential computing? I talked to Dan Middleton and Dave Thaler recently on the Open at Intel to take a deep dive into technologies and their work with the Confidential Computing Consortium, a The Linux Foundation project.

I believe these data protection technologies will be critical to building the more secure world we want going forward.

"Security at Every Step: Why Software Supply Chains Are Critical" Read an excerpt from the Open at Intel podcast covering supply chain security and the project:

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Software supply chain security is a critical conversation for the community. I spoke with Marcela Melara and Bruno Domingues on the Open at Intel podcast about just that!

Today's release of the National Cybersecurity Strategy is a great reminder of the importance of learning about things like . I just happen to have a recommendation for that!

I understand why we keep citing the XKCD comic of one person holding up all modern infrastructure, but it also perpetuates the still-prevalent idea that is the stuff of hobbyists. “Even now, I run into those who think Linux and open source software is made by people living in their parents' basement and writing the code out of the goodness of their hearts. Wrong. So, so wrong.” Thanks @pixelgeek for the link.

If you are working with software, you should understand SBOMs (Software Bill of Materials). Hear from two leaders in the space on the Open At Intel podcast. @iamintel and Kate Stewart joined me for the latest episode, All About SBOMs.

Curious about threat modeling? I talked to John Whiteman and @pdxjohnny on the Open at Intel podcast about just that. Join us and have some fun diving deep into this very important topic!

I'm very excited to announce a brand-new exploring the most intriguing conversations in brought to you by Intel’s Open Ecosystem group.

The first season focuses on and features Christopher "CRob" Robinson, John Whiteman, and @pdxjohnny and is hosted by me, @katherined.
The first two episodes are out now, and there are more to come!

I just submitted a talk for Open Source Summit North America. Today is the deadline!

I was on the latest Talking Drupal with John, Nic, @mandclu and Anoop waxing nostalgic about tech publishing and other Drupally things.

New episode of Weekly is out. @dsearls and I talked to Dan Lorenc about supply chain security and the Sigstore project in particular.

I’ll be on Weekly in about 20 minutes talking , supply chain , and with @dsearls and Dan Lorenc of Chainguard. Join us on the livestream and in IRC!

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