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The UK is planning a new attack on end-to-end encryption, with the Home Office set to spearhead efforts designed to discourage Facebook from further rolling out the technology to its messaging apps.

#encryption #privacy #uk

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A few days ago I had an idea for a simple e-ink project and found Inkplate - an Open Hardware design with ESP32 and recycled Kindle displays.

Programmed it to wake up daily at midnight to download a PGM image over WiFi ( from a server which checks some stuff like trash collection schedule. Should last years on a single battery charge.

Check it out if you look for a super approachable way to build some e-ink stuff!

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Video: CryptPad is an open source privacy based cloud collaboration suite

CryptPad is built to enable collaboration. It synchronizes changes to documents in real time. Because all data is encrypted, the service and its administrators have no way of seeing the content being edited and stored.
CryptPad provides a full-fledged office suite with all the tools necessary for productive collaboration. Applications include: Rich Text, Spreadsheets, Code/Markdown, Kanban, Slides, Whiteboard and Polls.
In this video I explain why you'd want to use it, what it's key features are, and I do a tour around its user interface.
Watch at CryptPad is an open source privacy based cloud collaboration suite

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The avatar in Geary nightly are now `HdyAvatar` 🎉

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Here comes libadwaita! Read about our plans to make GNOME apps and GTK 4 even better, and about the future of libhandy:

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omg. OMG. **OMG!!!**

Okay I know this sounds like nonsense but oh my god! Captp + handoffs on three *independent* peers over tor onion services, with everyone chatting over goblin-chat!

Each user has their own address on the p2p network! *No* central server!

This is HUGE!

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Kindness in the wild

This monkey was stranded on the way wrong side of the river for days, this elephant saw how this monkey was in distraught after the floods in South Africa, this elephant gave this monkey a ride to the other side where the family was still waiting.

📸 Frail Polo

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The Internet is About to Get A Lot Safer

On April 5, P2PB2B plans to list MaidSafeCoin. Trading for MAID will begin just as #MaidSafe prepares to launch the public shared testnet that demonstrates the remaining technical features necessary to prove the Safe Network’s viability.

The world’s first autonomous data network, The Safe Network is both a #decentralized internet and dApp platform.


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I added caching support to flatpak-github-actions today, it should reduce the CI time significantly. For example OBS Studio's Flatpak workflow went from ~30minutes to ~10minutes!

If you're using the action on your project: testing/feedback would be very much appreciated before the next release.

See for an example on how to set it up.

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The thirty-ninth edition of my weekly collection of Linux Phone news (@PINE64 #PinePhone, @purism #Librem5 and such), #LinBits, is out!

New #DanctNIX and #Fedora image releases,#GNOME40 on the #PinePhone, #PureOS Byzantium and more!

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aka mode works fine on both for light tasks. But what is "light"? This is where they differ.

(left) smoothly plays two videos simultaneously (one of which is 60 fps), whereas is struggling with single 30 fps video.

Why? Librem 5 has 30% faster CPU clock speed, 140% faster RAM standard, roughly double the GPU performance. More details:

@zwerg12 Amazing photo! I'm also in the process of discovering how to manage and process photos on Linux. Will have to checkout rawtherapee!

@reto That can be easily removed IF all you want to target is the mobile, but is a little more challenging if you want convergence: phone docked and used as a desktop. I have a few things I want to try with that:
- develop a plugin that lets the user manually turn off that bar on mobile
- perhaps make a smarter plugin that figures out when app is displaying on a mobile screen and automatically hide it but show on desktop
- plugin that lets flutter put native GNOME buttons on the native app bar

@linmob The only issue I ran into is that Librem5 has an older version of libgcrypt which still works but doesn't have a ".pc" file for it. I just manually created this file here: `/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/libgcrypt.pc`

@linmob It's a recent development made possible by a software engineer from Sony in this PR:

I just followed the official flutter linux install docs doing a manually install by cloning flutter directly from github master:

Can Librem 5 run Flutter linux desktop apps? Yep! I was able to successfully build and run my BodySculpting weightlifting workout app today on Librem 5 itself. Code once, build for Android, iOS, and Libremt5, how cool is that!

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