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@maximiliano & I did some work lately to port the search-provider crate to zbus and we also made sure the API is much nicer to use. You can find the docs of the "nightly " API at
and if you're looking for an example to look at we also ported Icon Library to make use of it, see

In other words, you can easily make your Rust app provide a GNOME Shell search provider :)

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...and here's the same thing using . Needs more work and polishing but just to give an idea. It works pretty well with thumb only too but that's hard to record.

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Learn how Qubes OS can bring extra to your Librem 14 or Mini. QubesOS is now fully supported on the Librem 14 and Librem Mini 🥂

Started using my own app for tracking weight lifting progress:

3x10 Barbell Lifts A:
- squat 85lbs
- bench press 85lbs
- deadlift 115lbs (1x10)

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Idea for a video tutorial (or blogpost): Setting up a new app from a Builder template, and submitting it to Flathub.

Some of the things that would be cool to cover:
- all the various places the app name and version number go
- appdata descriptions and screenshots
- making releases: git tags, release notes, etc.
- Managing two separate flatpak manifests
- Github submission flow
- Flathub builds dashboard

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Soooo cute 😄😅

Shot with a Canon EOS R5 and edited with ART (fork of Rawtherapee) on Manjaro Linux.

I love Linux as a photographer! I lately calibrated my monitor again and it is so easy with in combination with a Datacolor Spyder 5.

But I was not able to make the calibration via color settings. It always gave me an error... Has anyone managed to do this?

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I just tagged a new version of flatpak-github-actions. It can now do proper caching, uploading to a remote repository & more.
Details at

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If you want to #share information directly with anyone in a #secure way you can use #Bitwarden Send. Files are fully #encrypted so no need to worry. You can even set access limit and expire the links.

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Librem 14 Begins Shipping

"We set out on a multi-year journey to build our dream laptop—the Librem 14—and today that dream is reality and is shipping."

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Safe Network — The Journey To Digital Freedom

A blog post by Paul Green aka Traktion

'...there is a trembling beneath our feet, where ground breaking technology is about to surface. Welcome, the return of Maidsafe and their Safe Network...'

#safenetwork #maidsafe #decentralized

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0.10.1 is out 🚀 :

Other changes will take some more time so let's release and fixes, updated translations and automatic built-in display rotation.

See above release notes for the full list of changes and contributors.

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If you have a hard time calling me in the next days it's because we're reworking the way incoming calls are handled in / - so you can jump back and forth between locked and unlocked shell (please excuse the video quality). Now we need to fix make it look pretty.

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TIL there's a standard for bundles with markdown + linked images in a single file. It's such a slam dunk idea, why is this not more commonly supported by markdown apps?

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Fleming Testnet Release

The #safenetwork Fleming testnet has dropped! :🎉

It feels very much like a decade+ of research and development, trial and error, blood, sweat and tears has borne some fruit today.

Read this post to find out how you can participate the new testnet - including with test coins and rewards.

Still plenty to do, but this is a real milestone towards perpetual data and secure access for everyone.

#maidsafe #decentralized #privacy

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Librem 5 News Summary: March 2021

"We continued to ship Librem 5s throughout March all according to plan and also continue to hunt down CPUs"

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OpenEVSE provides open source EV charging stations ready to use, in kit form, or just parts

OpenEVSE supplies open source charging station hardware and software solutions to manufactures and individuals. OpenEVSE SAE J1772 compatible charging station controllers are available in quantities of 1 to 10,000+ for requirements big or small. OpenEVSE controllers allows manufactures to bring their products to market sooner at a lower cost than designing from scratch.
OpenEVSE features open standards based protocols, control your station... Automate your home... You control your station and your data:
* Energy Monitoring
* Setup and control over WiFi
* Automate with MQTT
* Real-time Solar Diversion
* Open APIs
Source Code for OpenEVSE hardware and firmware is available on Github.
See OpenEVSE - Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

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