aka mode works fine on both for light tasks. But what is "light"? This is where they differ.

(left) smoothly plays two videos simultaneously (one of which is 60 fps), whereas is struggling with single 30 fps video.

Why? Librem 5 has 30% faster CPU clock speed, 140% faster RAM standard, roughly double the GPU performance. More details:

@ozmik I think you forgot to say that it also costs 5 times more :p Of course I knew that when I bought a PinePhone, it was more to see how far Linux on phone where and if it is possible to use it as a regular phone. Love the idea, but not quite there yet :)


Note that performance is probably not the main reason for the price difference:

And not five times more but just four 😉

@ozmik It is nothing more I would love than to be able to use a linux phone as a daily driver, and I would pay for it. At the moment it is lacking a bit too much and I'll stick to my Cosmo Communicator running Android (got Debian installed too, but not used it much)

@ozmik While all of that is true, Librem5 is more or less finalized product that is being sold, where PinePhone is still a prototype, as far as I recall in a beta right now without any clear plans to actually launch it as a product and it is also cost 4 times less than Librem5. I respect what both companies are doing let's cherish those efforts and investments rather than diminish other guy, otherwise we will be stuck to spying devices in our pockets.


Fully agree with you: and actually help each other and we need both to fight with the walled gardens of and :

However I often see people saying that they have almost the same specs: same CPU and same amount of RAM.

@ozmik I like this comparison series, thank you for posting it!

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