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My first picture edited with my new workflow and 100% software!
As RAW converter was used and for selective editing was the programme of choice. My OS is of course πŸ˜„
I deleted Windows with all my products three months ago... And it was a good decision! πŸ˜…
Shot with my
20mm, F/1.8, 20 s, ISO-3200

Before and after editing πŸ“·

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plot_circle: I have added a new function to my minimalistic 3d plotting library πŸ˜„
❗I moved my project on Gitlab to another account name❗

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First test on the qemu image was successful. My first Linux app fits well :)
I also started to write a plot library based on Cairo to realise a virtual representation of the 3D data.

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Started programming my first app for the in C.
Hope to be ready with my first idea until Evergreen πŸ˜…
But I already love being able to chose which language you want to use!

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I am now on with my application designed for the (with ).
The Idea is to give photographers the possibility to calculate the position of the sun, moon and milky way to plan the perfect spot to take a picture.

I am not a programmer so please tell me if you would do something differently.
AND if you know how to make a 3D plot of a coordinate system in C (similar to matplotlib in python) please tell me! πŸ˜…

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In my old version I managed timezones through my own calculations. Now I switched to GDateTime from .
Furthermore it is now possible to change the timezone in the app settings. The default timezone is the one used by the system.
Next week I want to connect the calculations of the position of sun, moon and milky way to the user interface.

News from my app :
I worked a lot with libshumate which is GNOMEs map widget written for GTK 4. But I noticed that there was no signal emitted when a user changes the location of the map. It took me a lot of time and I haven't thought I could make it BUT I made my first merge request which adds this signal to . I hope it gets merged this would be awesome πŸ˜₯☺

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Did you know that one of the ways Android and IOS reduce energy consumption is by using a unified system-level notification provider?
UnifiedPush is FOSS implementation of the same idea that could help projects such as #pinephone and #linuxphones in general by providing both a framework to reduce battery consumption and a more unified interface to code notifications on.

If you follow FOSS, would you please boost?

In the end, only a few lines of code were necessary but to figure out how to connect to a map provider was not that easy. I didn't knew that there was a "load_defaults" option which is nice πŸ˜…

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I finally have a working map view in my app .

I used the new library which is the version of .
The ShumateSimpleMap widget is quite convenient to use!
The documentation however is nearly not existing and it was at least for me quite an effort to create a working widget. But now it looks nice πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

I made good progress today and added a lot of GUI related code to and much better I understand more how things work from day to day 😊

I managed to make a push every day for 7 days in a row now with most of the work done while traveling to work by train πŸ˜„

There is still a lot to do but I am quite happy with the progress and there are still some days left in the first month of 2022.

I just added the search bar. The next step will be to find how to correctly get the information from (Translate e.g. a city to coordinates). I already did this once but I think the way I did it would have been considered bad programming... πŸ˜…

BTW: My goal would be to have a working and by the end of the year.

Finally understood a little bit how to create my own GObjects! This will help developing the UI much faster from now on and furthermore the style is now much more like πŸ’ͺ
3 days in a row with a push! πŸ˜„
Starting my own πŸ˜‚

I tried for hours to add desktop icons and symbolic icons to my app but it didn't work.
It took me 4!!! hours to notice that there is a difference between really installing an app and running it with Builder.
Yes, afterwards it is obvious but for a newbie like me this wasn't.
So if you are new in the game: App icons only appear if you install the app so every file is at the right place on your system. Pressing play in GNOME Builder is not the same! πŸ˜„

Picplanner News:
I think I kind of understood how the ui works. is not that easy if you try to adopt the programming style as it is intended by gnome especially if you are a newbie as I am πŸ˜…
My repository is up to date again. The application however is still quite useless because the UI is still not connected to the backend. I am reading a lot of 'C' literature and also other source code to learn.
My for 2022: first stable release by the end of the year! πŸ’―

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dnglab 0.1 released! πŸŽ‰
Want to use your Canon R camera with #Linux? Here is an open-source app for you to convert CR3 RAW files into DNG to develop them with #darktable.

#dnglab #canon

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CCC meldet keine SicherheitslΓΌcken mehr an die CDU. Schwachstellen wurden verantwortungsbewusst den verantwortlichen CDU-Stellen gemeldet, dann: Shooting the Messenger

Picpanner News:
My Gitlab repository is a little bit outdated because I noticed some fundamental problems in my application structure. This is my first Linux application and I am not a programmer so I had no idea how an application should be structured. I looked at the source code of a view other GTK applications to learn how to do it better.
Long story short: I started to rewrite my application from scratch again and hope I do better this time πŸ˜…

I recently made a short study (number of samples = 1) which showed that the floor is much harder then the aluminum housing of a notebook.

Until now my notebook was powered by 100% open source software.
Now it is also open hardware.

Are there some photographers on you can recommend? Or are you active on Pixelfed?

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It's FOSS is 9 years old πŸ₯³

142 million pageviews
58,000+ comments
More than 300,000+ people on various social media channels

And the satisfaction of helping thousands (if not millions) of people with their Linux journey.

We are grateful to you all πŸ™


Covid-19....................Librem 5
.................Still waiting.............
......................for it....................

Soooo cute πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

Shot with a Canon EOS R5 and edited with ART (fork of Rawtherapee) on Manjaro Linux.

I love Linux as a photographer! I lately calibrated my monitor again and it is so easy with in combination with a Datacolor Spyder 5.

But I was not able to make the calibration via color settings. It always gave me an error... Has anyone managed to do this?

I recently bought a Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera. The RAW files are now in a new CR3 format which is still not very well supported in Linux. However a fork of the RAW converter RawTherapee called ART fully supports them. Furthermore ART is extremely intuitive. I think this will be my new favourite editing programme! Here some examples 100% processed on Linux 😍

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